Remembering The Victims Of The Pulse Nightclub Shooting 1

Remembering The Victims Of The Pulse Nightclub Shooting


As we celebrate Pride month and on the fifth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, MSNBC’s Kendis Gibson traveled to Orlando, Florida to speak to a survivor and the owner of the club about their journeys to heal from that awful day.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Remembering The Victims Of The Pulse Nightclub Shooting


    1. @William H One gets the distinct feeling that msm has a political bias and agenda.

  1. So heartbreaking. And yet america does NOTHING! Oh wait, they made this a memorial now like that helps.

    1. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid Your comment and questionable mentality has successfully lived down to my expectations.

    2. @Howard Counts Nobody asked what your expectations were, and nobody cares. But since you brought it up, if you think I have a questionable mentality then I *must* be on the right track. You’re in a cult. There’s still a chance to recover. There’s still hope. Good luck.

    3. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid And I’m sure that the information you provide is highly desirable and valuable coming from a less-than-reputable YT account that was only created nine days ago??

    4. @Howard Counts I don’t need to provide information about the cult you’re in – you do that just fine on your own. I’m just simply calling you out for being in the cult. Everyone knows what you’re going to say after Trump is convicted…

    5. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid You don’t need to,……..because you haven’t any to confirm. I truly possess a healthy admiration for those who have never crossed paths with you.

    1. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! Something stupid is coming… A round of Orange Cult Kool-Aid for EVERYONE! Drink up!

    2. @Louis Tully How come you guys always carp about the disgusting liberal media and its 100% pro-Biden agenda, yet brag about Fox’s fabulous ratings, and how it’s blowing away the Communist Party of CN & MSNDC? How Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham and the MAGAt gang get 10X the eyeballs than any of these shows you trolls patrol and post witty ripostes on?

    3. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid DONALD TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

  2. I remember that day. Tragically, one lone shooter was shooting wildly in the night club. But, honestly, it’s a damned shame that here we are in America and we have so many …massacres in this country… that we have too many guns, and…more than the US population. I understand why The Pulse night club in Orlando has not reopened. Tragic story. Anger …perhaps led to the unthinkable that night.

    1. @The Trans decepticon oops, now you’re being a racist and an Islamaphobe you deplorable Cro-Magnon!

    2. And the reason it never re-opened might be due to the fact that the building was already closed for three years since 2013 (according to the deeds office in N.C. that holds the title to the property) D.H.S. had the building painted black (which was originally white), then re-badged as ‘The Pulse”, where D.H.S. produced an active shooter drill in which nobody died…..Ya gotta love propaganda.

    1. So,…you call a building that was already closed for three years (according to the deeds office in N.C. that holds the title to the property) where an active shooter drill took place in which nobody died,……’heartbreaking’????

    2. @Deanna Let me put this in a language that even you can understand. THE PULSE EVENT WAS A DRILL,…NOBODY DIED.

  3. The weapons used were a SIG Sauer MGX semi-automatic rifle and a Glock 17 semi-automatic handgun. Over 200 rounds were fired that night. And both purchased legally. But sure, America. You don’t have a gun problem, nope, not at all.
    And not like there wasn’t another mass shooting in Austin Texas either last night too.
    Again, no gun problem, nope, not at all.

  4. There should be some kind of shrine for all the babies murdered by their mothers. Abortion is murder.

    1. That’s a completely different issue. Instead of disrespecting victims of a shooting by whining about another issue entirely, how about you think about why you act like this, and honor them.

  5. So to honor the fake men with extended holes, I left a little puddle in yellow next to the Pulse Nightclub

  6. Glad u think so called gun control works. Silly people. This want work in the midterms. Give it up. Trump 2024 EASILY, 2022 house senate back to patriots

  7. This was a tragic moment. R.I.P to all of my brothers and sisters who lost their lives on that night. You will be remembered

  8. Amend the Republic of America Constitution. Christianity should come before State’s. Do not seperate Church and State’s. A flaw in the Constitution should be fixed to strengthen the Constitution. It is up to this generation and the next generation to fix the wholes in thee Constitution so, next generations have freedom under God.
    Amend seperation of Church and State. Christianity should always come before States..

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