Remembrance Day 2022 | WATCH: Moment of silence at National War Memorial


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  2. Very disturbing that a disrepectful person (s) began screaming during the Moment of silence. Great coverage & turn out on such a beautiful day, a wonderful service. 🥀

  3. Lest we forget. The 11th month, on the 11th day at the 11th hour we have a moment of silence as a sign of respect for our soldiers past, present and future.
    Disrespectful of Mr. Trudeau to not be in attendance.

  4. Well it’s depressing to consider how our freedoms are being eroded. Some of our veterans are probably rolling over in their graves.

  5. That so called prime minister we are paying for isn’t here for Veterans Day didn’t want to talk to the convoy protesters has been throwing working Canadians under the bus for two years! And where is he right now on some ridiculous blah blah blah in Cambodia? I mean really? He’s beyond embarrassing and I think he just doesn’t give a sit about Canadians real Canadians

  6. To the ones yelling during the moment of silence-sad that is all you can contribute to society. You want some fame but you can’t do anything clever, contribute in a meaninful way, stand out for excellence or duty…so you do that. How sad!

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