Removing Barriers Is Key To Getting Vaccine To Underserved Communities | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Removing Barriers Is Key To Getting Vaccine To Underserved Communities | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Dr. Jerry Abraham of the Kedren Health clinic in South Los Angeles, talks about how his team has been successful administering the Covid vaccine to people in underserved communities by helping patients work around barriers like access to the internet or a car. Aired on 2/6/2021.
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Removing Barriers Is Key To Getting Vaccine To Underserved Communities | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. The rate of Covid deaths in LA County low-income neighborhoods is four times higher than in high-income neighborhoods. This Doctor is a generous life-saving soul.

    1. And the gun and violent deaths are higher also.
      That speaks more about the mentality in the different communities more than anything.

  2. And yet, I am over 70 with 2 or 3 preexisting conditions, live in a city, am a member of a large health center, have internet, an i-phone, access to a car, and cannot even get on a waiting list anywhere within 30 miles.

    1. So true. It’s not the people’s fault but the people administer them. We are eager to get them. How can it be shortage when the # being sent to states are more than 1/2 of the # go to people’s arms. It’s another lie.

  3. Here in Scotland the NHS makes the appointment. We just turn up. Takes 30mins approx which includes a 15min wait after vaccine is administered to monitor for adverse reaction. Very well organised. Stay safe, wear a mask.

    1. Lose the mask lemming. Here’s what to do – lose the dumb mask, go out and have a party you dumb lemming. A cold virus isn’t “scary” at all nitwit.

    2. @King Parsons you go without a mask. Maybe you won’t be infected but maybe you will. I never wish anyone harm but it would serve you right to get really sick…on ventilation burning lungs, fever, no energy and when you recover(?),
      Left with scarred lungs. Moron.

    3. @Karen Gouthro Dear lemming,
      The Chinese Flu is transmissable, that means contagious, so masks, “social distancing”, plastic barriers, etc. are pointless. They can NOT prevent the spread. Pass it on lemming.

  4. Thank you sir you’re serving your community well I wish other communities would do the same.
    There are problems in other communities also where elderly people with pre-existing conditions will have access to computers and cars still can’t get an appointment to get a shot! Maybe they could take a lesson from you

  5. Here in Greece, expiring vaccine doses from missed Senior citizens appointments we straight away call police officers that are near by, or fire fighters and we give it to them. they are always near by patrolling etc..

  6. Don’t forget to reach all of the homeless folks in the tents all over the city. You can find them they are forced to be in public All of the time, they are the ones in the tents, the police know where they are, you can see them from the freeway.

  7. There’s an economic barrier for people of all races. In Florida, you can’t even get a vaccine without proof of residency, which homeless people are unlikely to have.

  8. Im 69 and i can’t get a vaccine. i was told in march. And i have other health issues. I was also told that it doesn’t matter if i have other health issues. So ill wait. They said it was my age group. What they ment it was for nursing homes still. They we out in one day. in idaho and i also live in town. We all just have to wait im white and that it doesn’t matter we’re all the same. Will get tham soon.

  9. Maybe the people who built those space lasers can work on some sort of way to hit everyone with a vaccine….FROM SPACE!

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