1. Wife was addicted to booze, husband was addicted to crack, brother addicted to pretending to have an invisible friend that he claims is real, all 3 of them addicted to wanting to be in control over other peoples lives.
    Interesting isn’t that?

  2. Hahahahahahah! Another one of the Ford crime family of enablers running for a political seat. Bernier is obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel in Ontario, just as he did in BC. Like come on dude. This is how you want to build your party? smh.

    1. Yup, Laura-Lynn Tyler (bottom of the barrel candidate) who failed at every election bid in lower mainland has now decided that she would run in my riding in central Alberta. Wished British Columbians would of kept her. She still has BC plates on her vehicle, so there’s still hope she will go back!! Lol

    1. Muhammad Ahmed rather ironic criticizing others on their schooling yet you can’t string 18 words together in a coherent sentence with proper grammar.

  3. PPC is the only party concerned with freedom of speech and tackling issues with sense and logic and not special interest mumbo jumbo. Glad to see this party growing.

    1. Muhammad Ahmed nope that’s not what she means, that’s your bias ignorant take on it, your camel is that way 👉🏻

    2. @pyrobooby smith ya there are. Maybe not in auto and stuff, but with max he wants to give up our dairy, our grain and ever other thing we have left. He doesn’t think we need tarifs. Strike one, you are out

  4. The PPC sounds EXACTLY the same as the OPC. Their rhetoric means NOTHING. What does “for the people” actually mean to these people? With the Ontario PC government it is literally the people who pay you… not your constituents.. unless they are “stakeholders”… i live in this province.. doesn’t that make me a stakeholder? What about stakeholders of the future? Do all of THESE PEOPLE not count as stakeholders? People need to wake up to the crisis at our door step. Throughing money at things will NOT do anything. GROENGINEERING HAS ALREADY BEEN PUT INTO PLAY MANY YEARS AGO.. IT WILL DO NOTHING BUT QUICKENS THE PACE AND MAKE THE SITUATION EXPONENTIALLY WORSE. WE SHOULD ALL BE EXTREMELY CONCERNED AND VERY DISGUSTED BY THE DECEPTION AND COVER UP OF THE LARGEST CRISIS THAT ANYONE HAS EVER FACED. WE HAVE BUSTED THROUGH THE GUARD RAIL, PLUNGING TO OR DEMISE , WHILE WE FIGHT OVER WHAT RADIO STATION TO LISTEN TO. ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO IGNORE AND DENY THIS, WILL HAVE A RUDE AWAKENING, IN THE VERY NEAR, SHORT-TERM FUTURE.


  5. Go ahead GTA invite another drunk junkie into your house.
    Don’t forget to count your silverware.

  6. PPC is a useless party that will get nowhere. Max only started this party because he didn’t win like the big baby he is.

  7. I wonder how many people here rely on universal healthcare. The CCF/NDP was the first party to introduce universal healthcare to Canada. Why do you people support a libertarian party, let alone call it a party of the people? Poor and middle-income people aren’t suffering from taxes. People are suffering from high rent costs brought on by speculators and the answer of far-right conservatives is ‘reduce immigration,’ even though so many properties are just left unoccupied.
    People are suffering from the cost of prescription drugs, and student loan debt. If anything, the answer to peoples problems isn’t less government, even lower taxes, and no carbon taxes. The answer would be to increase taxes on everyone, mostly the rich and largest corporations, and pay to have better services and infrastructure for everyone. Vote NDP, or we’re all fucked by another Liberal or Conservative government.

  8. Well that just made my mind up .cannot not vote for a party that would run a candidate that is a selfish people user.

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