Rent prices skyrocket in Toronto rise by ‘fastest pace on record’ | Real estate in Canada

Rent prices skyrocket in Toronto rise by 'fastest pace on record' | Real estate in Canada 1


    1. Hey genius. It was Doug Ford who got rid of rent controls and increased the amount even torn old untits

  1. I’m no longer in Search for Financial Assistance from the Government because I earn $29,700 every 14 days recently

    1. @Jenny Fragrance Hot as hell though. Or cold as hell, I’m not exactly sure what the state of hell is these days.

  2. …why do folks need to bid on various rental units, or provide “1 year” rent money in advance. If someone has the ability to pay…let say $25K+ in advance….my question is, WHY????

  3. Even my job doesn’t pay me enough in restaurants like $600 every two weeks for working 4 days a week which is pretty low for my bills and car gas

    1. Stop, just stop. Do you not think the costs of owning rentals have gone up bozo? Utilities, mortgages.

    2. @Kenth Hamner Landlords should have their finances in order BEFORE renting. Poor planning by landlords does not constitute an emergency on tenants.

  4. So move, I did, bought a three bedroom bungalow for $95,000 a year ago, thats right ninety five thousand, not 950k, prices have gone up, now pretty much move in ready in town will cost you about 120,000. Plenty of work here, if you have a trade youll make a mint. No traffic no crime, Ive yet to hear a siren, no shooting stabbings muggings, neep help knock on any door. we have yield signs instead ot stop signs and a roundabout for the main intersection. Fresh air, rivers and lakes, landscapes and panoramas thatll take your breath away. If one cant see beyond ones own nose life is going to stink. Yeah dont tell me you cant move. Climate? Yesterday was 26 and a light breeze.

  5. Time for workers to leave big cities and move to smaller towns. The incomes maybe high but so are living costs , landlords are fully aware of what they can charge. The tenant reaction will be walk away from the job it’s not financially viable.

  6. Whoever voted for Trudeau, I hope their rent in Ontario goes up even more. Bring on the pain! 😆

    1. Hey genius. It was Doug Ford who got rid of rent controls and increased the amount even torn old untits

    1. Doug Ford and his buddies. He got rid of rent control on new units and increased the amount that can go up even on old units

  7. Legislation on rentals is long overdue. Families should only be allowed 1 rental property. Foreign investment needs to be prohibited. And rent prices capped. What is happening is wrong. Young families have no chance. Oh and this is coming from a landlord of one property who is disgusted by how high rents have gotten.

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