Rep. Adam Kinzinger Grows Emotional At Jan. 6 Committee Hearing 1

Rep. Adam Kinzinger Grows Emotional At Jan. 6 Committee Hearing


Rep. Adam Kinzinger grew emotional at the House Select Committee’s hearing after hearing testimony from four officers who served during the Capitol riot, and thanked them for their service on January 6.

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger Grows Emotional At Jan. 6 Committee Hearing


    1. This guy is no conservative he’s a Democrat posing as a Republican just like Liz Cheney. Tell me how hundreds of people can be held for months on end without due process. This is the type of stuff that happens in Communist countries.

    2. As a Republican i can truly say that this moron will be the last person i aspire to be…. A total wus RINO. Almost as bad as incompetent joe! Bwahahahaha

  1. Good job ….Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Hey there… we still need the former President Trump comments …..subpoenaed!!

    1. @Cris Wow, I didn’t know that such a thing existed. I come from the Netherlands and we have more political parties than you can even imagine. We are free to vote on whatever party we wish to and change our mind the next time around. It makes the parties work hard to come up with ever new lies to convince the gullible voters to vote for them. But at least they have to work for it. The US system is a sick system, and combined with the gerrymandering and voter suppression it seems to be rotten to the core.

    2. @Bhagavati Dasi The U.S. is not about multiple choices. It is all about money. Multiple choice means too much studying. We gotta work to get that cash bag. No time to do actual research.

    3. I disagree- register republican to eliminate the trump trash treasonous insurrectionist, the “ try -to -over -throw- an -election” republicans as an option.
      Then vote any way you want.

  2. I never thought I’d meet a republican that did the right thing. Thanks Adam. Thank you.

    1. They are SO FEW & far between these days. They shouldn’t be, but 95% are seemingly afraid to tick off rump voters.

  3. Gutsy Kinzinger …….. It’s over for the GOP (Grifting Old Party). Thank you Rep Kinzinger.

    1. @Jack Blank republicans decided to turn into a lunatic cult and attempted to overthrow democracy- they’re done buddy

  4. ‘There is a difference between breaking the law and rejecting the rule of law’. That is the truth

    1. @Brian Garcia If you believed in the Constitution, you wouldn’t support a party who helped gut the 4th and 6th amendments, want to limit the 1st and 2nd amendments, and abolish the 12th amendment. Also, Democrats invaded the Capitol during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, vandalized property, assaulted police, harassed politicians, and shut down Congress for a few days. Worse than 1/6. I’m sorry veterans like you are brainwashed pawns for a government which lies to you daily and considered your life as expendable in support of immoral wars for profit.

    2. @Life Is Pain No, I meant what I said. Truths. If you want propaganda, I’ll direct you to Faux & Friends.

    3. @Life Is Pain No… but they have been charged with domestic terrorism, conspiracy, trespass, assault and battery, unlawful possession of firearms, and more. Hey, maybe they can all share a prison ward with Mango Mussolini as their king of the incarcerated caucus.

    1. Adam a democrat that ran under the R just like Bernie Sanders is and Independent that ran under a D democrat

  5. One’s oath to the Constitution is for life. It doesn’t end when you’re discharged or defeated for office.

    1. @Life Is Pain Where in the world are you getting your information? It seems to me that the only limitations are those imposed by Republicans against nonwhite voters.

    2. @Gen. Ripper I It seems that way to you because you don’t know what you’re talking about. Obama suspended habeas corpus (4th/6th amendments). Biden is strengthening the surveillance state and suspending due process by marking those who question the government as “domestic terrorists”. Democrats open censor and ban speech they do not like; Jen Psaki admitted the WH was telling Facebook what free speech it wants censored (1st Amendment). Obviously Dems hate the 2nd Amendment. 12th amendment is Electoral College, which Dems want to abolish. And Republicans wanting voter ID isn’t racist; every other country in the West does so.

    3. @Life Is Pain Don’t blame Obama on me. I was a Hillary guy. Still am. I don’t see anything wrong with abolishing the Electoral College. It will never happen, of course, because Republican states will never relinquish their small-ish advantage in the scheme.

      If one plants pipe bombs in WDC on January 6, one might reasonably be viewed as a “terrorist.” And if one wishes to secede from the United States, I say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

      Unless you’re Joe Biden, you can’t really claim to speak for the Democratic Party and I don’t know who you’ve been listening to. I’m guessing you didn’t get this information from Democrats.

  6. Now this man has a big heart and is standing up for the constitution!! Not because he’s a republican because he knows he wants to know the truth about the insurection

    1. news flash, intel came in 3 weeks prior to this event informing capital leaders that extremist groups were planning on rioting at the capital. yet multiple requests for additional forces and gear were REJECTED. that falls on pelosi and her fanboy head of capital security. odd that the head of capital security has been replaced.
      why was he replaced…. why are all video’s of this event sealed and classified?

    2. @Lynn Schmitt It didn’t succeed but not for lack of trying. What do you think were trying do while beating their way through the line of defending officers?

    3. @Lynn Schmitt an insurection is an uprising against a government and that’s what this was!!! You can’t sugar coat it facts speak for there self!!

    4. He’s not a Republican. He’s a socialist in Republican clothing. He’s never been for republican issues. Republicans have much more spine than this actor.

    5. @srvblueslvr well he is a leader and is not a follower knows how to think for himself!!! And he knows trump is full of himself he is the biggest lier a narcissistic con man!!

  7. Rep. Kinzinger thank you for your continued service to our country, and thank you for representing my home state so well. While I have never been on your side of the aisle, I knew you would make a great addition to the select committee. History will remember your courage.

  8. Yes… Is what I remember Republican standing for!
    Truth, honesty, openness, character, and determination to do right where they see the right (no pun intended). Don’t fool yourself for one second… America is in a cross roads… Democracy hangs in the balance… On one side corrupt trumpets blind to truth and on the other side the might of the right although they be left.

  9. Thank You Mr.Kinzinger for your leadership,direction and vision. Democracy cannot survive and endure without truth.

    1. It really is a battle over TRUTH. We can’t even agree on a foundation of facts because one side is delusional. That is not hyperbole.

  10. Sgt. Joe “Just the facts, Mam!” Elected representatives, elected to speak out for their constituents, are sworn by their own oaths to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States(not to Party or constituents), in a dignified, honorable manner!

    1. @JohnnyBGood11 Yep yell squirrel >>> Antifa and BLM
      That’s all TROLLS do is come out with that

    2. @joyce roberts Every weekend in a democratic city near you shootings lootings and the democrats turn their little heads and blame guns when the democrats made theft in the inner cities legal…and say crime is going down.

    3. @joyce roberts It’s usually a bad sign if the words “What about…” could be inserted into their sentences.

    4. @Tom Sinsky No kidding !!!
      It’s all aboutwhatisms. They can’t come up with anything else, maybe use their gray matter between their ears, and come up with THEIR own thoughts. Drives me nuts.

  11. I’ve been a registered Democrat since my 18th birthday, I’m going to be 47 in October. I always vote Democratic but I have to admit, I don’t agree with his policies but he’s admirable and has principles, I wish there were more Republicans of his ilk.

  12. So glad he is on that committee, representing the little good Republicans in Govenment have left.

  13. I like the simple truth “There is a difference between breaking the law and rejecting the rule of law’.

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