Rep. Adam Kinzinger: We are playing with fire and it has to stop 1

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: We are playing with fire and it has to stop


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) talks to CNN's Anderson Cooper about the state of the Republican Party and the lies and conspiracy theories surrounding the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. CNN's Dana Bash reports that a former Trump adviser says the former president is so focused on the lie that the election was stolen from him that he's listening to "the bottom of the bottom of the crazies in the barrel."

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    1. @TOM Pastian Many owned by Rupert Murdoch. LOL You also can’t find bigger rags than in the UK. Australia media is OWNED lock, stock, and barrel by Murdoch.

      Hunter Biden? Seriously? Thats all the repubs have? Want me to start listing Donald? I’ll start with Stormy and his “foundation” being shut down because he made almost NO donations and funneled campaign funds through it. He’s using “campaign donations” now to pay legal bills.

      His “University” was closed for cheating people and he was fined. He was a shill for developers that bought his name to use, sent his kids to a couple of hard sell meet and greets, down payments in the hundreds of thousands were made and the development never happened and NO REFUNDS. Ivanka was lying about the number of units “sold” to gin up the buying. NOT a crime but very certainly slimy as far as the Trumps go. This was a development in Baja.

      I’d take up all of YouTube If I kept going so hey, enjoy Hunter. He’s still being investigated and if there IS a “there, there” we all will know it.

    1. Take any child, throw money at it, give it a “paid for” college degree, and ignore it. There you go.

    2. @Shirley Andrews I can tel you where Gaetz, MTG, Gym Jordan, Ron Johnson, Lindsey graham got there’s….. Trump university

  1. “If you have a plank in your eye, take care of that before a spot in someone else’s” well said sir.

    1. Republicans almost have a monopoly on ‘whatabout’ism backed by an unabashed and embraced hypocrisy.

    2. Anderson Cooper had a chance to win a bunch of people over if he would have reflected on that comment and agreed that it’s wisdom was worth thought or consideration. He missed a great opportunity.

    1. @Ms. Jackie biden rocks, said the 9 year old girl with berets in her hair, looking like she is 19 with her legs crossed.

    2. @Womack studios 90 million? I wanna see proof of that claim. Face it, your Glorious Orange God-King lost. Get over it. BONUS: Trumoy is gonna go to prison and drop the soap repeatedly. You’ll love it, especially when the guards get sick of his nonsense and turn thier backs when his fellow inmates decide to shut him up

  2. I like this guy as well, a very honourable man speaking the truth for the good of the USA! God bless him!

    1. @Scott M somebody has to worry about us, what if herr drumpf would have actually won and decided to take the maga trump organization global? People in other countries are right to be concerned.

  3. This guy is solid. Wise, putting country over party without abandoning his republican values. Wake up America. The world is watching. History is watching.

  4. Much respect to Kinzinger. This nation needs more principled politicians like him. This is NOT about party affiliation…its about the country’s survival.

    1. **Adam kinzinger it’s the kind of Republican that I would vote for….. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the bully…. That’s exactly what he has done.. LIKE THE GERMANS WHO STOOD UP TO HITLER!!!!! THEY ARE THE GREAT ONES!!!THANK YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE AND COMMITMENT TO OUR DEMOCRACY,,, ADAM KINZINGER!!**

    2. He’s trash. Congressman Adam Kinzinger has won praise for resisting President Trump’s efforts to undermine the election results, but he voted for Trump in November and voted overwhelmingly with the president in his first two years in office. (One Illinois/Ted Cox)

  5. Flynn has some scandulous, disgusting, unmentionable skeletons in his closet which TFG is blackmailing him with – the only rational explanation

    1. Except wasn’t Flynn the one that did some bizarre Qanon prayer thing the night of the election? Like around a fire bowl on his back patio. He’s a true believer nut-job.

    2. @Michael Flynn was losing it before that. He was Obama’s DNI. Pentagon leadership insisted that Obama fire him, because he had latched on to anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, after his service in Iraq. He tried to steer policy decisions based on his paranoia & things he saw online. It was creating chaos for his coworkers & he wouldn’t drop it. Obama let him resign, due to his prior honorable service. Then, he cozied up to dictators like Putin & Erdogan, even while working for Trump. The fact that Flynn received the highest level of classified briefings is terrifying. Unlike Trump, he probably remembers the information.

    3. @H K S Thank you. I couldn’t remember exactly why Obama fired him/ let him resign. I rememberd he did warn Trump about Flynn. Adam Kinzinger is a truth teller. We need to as voters, really, really vett who we vote for. I did political Opinion Polling 2016. The idolization of trump by his supporters, and why they loved him? I always heard the same thing; ” He tells it like it is”, and he’s a successful businessman. Tells it like it is, was the most revealing, and scary in my opinion.

    1. @Robert Hunt I think Dadurker’s point is that we are closer in ideologies than folks would have us believe.
      Center right and center left are pretty aligned as people, imo.
      Have a great day!

    2. @Dadurker that’s the problem… we have idiots on both sides that think it’s all or nothing. You can be against Trump and still be a right wing conservative. What are you talking about “welcome to the left!” I am a hard lefty but I can’t stand that kind of black and white demarcation. This guy is definitely a Republican conservative, just, he seems to have a brain. I know it’s rare these days but it does exist. And I think you can even be against Trump and still be a freakin’ idiot.

    3. I agree with Kinzinger in all of his statements. especially about telling the truth. I loved this clip.


  6. I also expect to fly to Mars on August too. Expectations, and reality is too different things.

    1. I expect to find a million dollars in my toilet, but every time I look there’s nothing but crap.

  7. It’s refreshing to here sanity in the White House. I voted for Adam and would do so again, absolutely!

    1. Hear* Also, if what you call what’s going on in the White House sane, I really don’t want to be around when it actually gets insane. I really hope the thousands of cartel members and all of their fentanyl, and sex workers get bused to your neighborhood to live. Since it’s so sane. You can even put them up in your house if they don’t have a place to live.

    2. Technically he isn’t from the WH.. he’s a member of Congress.. But yea I’m totally with you on the sanity point.. This guy is someone all GOP members should aspire to be..

    1. Yes, Mary, trumps niece, is absolutely correct! Through the years, I have worked and studied with many mental challenges and as this nightmare continues, trump will just become more and more delusional because he does not know how to accept truth and rejection! His mindset is not our reality! He lives in his own reality, of himself!

    2. Michael Cohen came out as pretty prophetic,too. It was about a year before he said djt wouldn’t leave peacefully.

  8. Time to stop fetishizing violence and fetishizing the idea of overthrowing the govt… This guy is also really smart

  9. He had me rolling when he said a coup isn’t just sitting around with your buddies drinking PBR’s


    2. Well we have all three racsist groups in my state and trust me they don’t get reality they think it is a video game..

  10. The fact he suggests “learn someone’s fears” in order to discern their political will is telling of the conservative mindset. Not learn their hopes or principles…

  11. “If people are willing, at a young age, to put their life on the line for this country, and we can’t put our careers on the line for the same thing, what’s it worth?”
    Adam Kinzinger, referring to the armed forces. Powerful words.

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