Rep. Adam Schiff On The Goal Of January 6 Select Committee 1

Rep. Adam Schiff On The Goal Of January 6 Select Committee


Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., weighs in on the formation of a select committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection. NYT reporter Michael Schmidt also joins the discussion.

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  1. Dig in deep Congressman.
    All we need is evidence and actual facts.
    That’s not too much to ask.

    1. @Mike Morrel “the Benghazi investigation that found nothing?”
      Correction: TEN Benghazi investigations that found nothing. 😁

  2. Got a feeling Liz Cheney is going to settle a few scores in the most humiliating way possible…

    1. exactly — mccarthy = ignorant of how much a fool he looks asking questions at the same time denying the relevance of the committee = the new stereotypical republican

    2. @Jacob Olness Who are these “many Democrats” you say are like Republicans you correctly described as going along with a monstrous lie because keeping a hold on power is more important to them than doing what’s right or best for the country?
      I have the feeling you wanted to show your criticism of repubs wasn’t knee jerk or partisan, but a fair assessment of behaviour according to standards that apply to Democrats, too. After all, Democrats aren’t immune to corruption and have to guard against it like anyone else. What’s needed now is an example to prove all that. The problem is, there isn’t anyone on the Democratic “side” that comes close to the amoral selfishness typical of all but a very few Republicans. Even Joe Manchin, as infuriating as he is, sincerely believes in what he says and, in the end, casts his vote for what’s right.
      I hope you reconsider your comment about these hypothetical evil Democrats. Right wingers seize on things like that to set us against each other and encourage despair.
      We only have one political party now, full of admirable, brave and very clever people from Nancy Pelosi to Adam Schiff to Hakeem Jeffries and on and on. And thank God for that because the Democratic party has been our most effective weapon against a powerful enemy we absolutely must defeat to save our country.

    1. @Anthony Craig oh yeah some bloke who works for Trump has been indicted, which is nothing. You think it’s all gonna unravel now and Trump will be exposed, just like the last 50 times they’ve gone after Trump with stuff that turns out to be nothing. Fact!

    2. @Chaos
      Those of us who have watched Trump’s career for decades know what kind of man he is, and the chances of him getting through the next few years of investigations unscathed is pretty low.

    3. @Chaos He wasn’t just some guy that cut the lawn, he is the CFO but I wouldn’t be surprised that you don’t know what that means or how serious it is for Trump.

  3. I get a kick out of watching all these elected Republicans jockey for position. Position for what? I’m glad you asked. They all want to be #2 in a Trump-led human centipede.

  4. Adam has held true through all the Trump presidency of lies and stupidity..the GOP must be held accountable

    1. @Chaos actually, withholding military aid to strong arm a foreign government to open up an investigation so you can gain leverage over a political opponent is very much impeachable
      But hey, what do I expect from someone’s house thinks Biden lied about his sons business partners but thinks it was a-ok for trump to lie about knowing lev Parnas and Igor Fruman despite being in many pictures with them

    2. @Chaos fake impeachment’s? Lmao. Still crying huh? Trump lost and will never be president again.

    3. @Chaos I almost forgot that you were the guy who give his opinion and then screams fact. What a nincompoop.

  5. Why bother with repugs participation. If McCarthy is going to threaten the rest of the repugs fine, just makes it more apparent they are hiding something. Let the Democrats go it without the fools. They didn’t vote for the commission so why bother. Play the same game
    . Gotta play by the same rules, snooze or loose.

    1. Staunt Democrat here who understands & respects your valued opinion. I do, however, have to disagree. I believe having > 1 Republican on this committee is paramount to giving it more credence & credibility.

    1. You made me laugh out loud. Schiff is the most corrupt politician in the country. What a liar! Where’s that proof of Russian collusion he assured us he had? For 2 years! Where is it?

    2. @Rod In the classified sections of the Muller Report lie the redacted portions Bill Barr lied about.

  6. Great Congress support so far. Prayers and thank you for serving. We need answers with or without McCarthy support. No one is surprised at his behavior 👍

  7. Jan 6th an example of what can happen when you tell an irreversible lie and people actually believe you.

  8. hopefully the committee will be stern with any members attempting to undermine its purpose

    1. Please spell the Congressman’s surname correctly. It is ‘Schiff.’ (No relation.)

  9. Everybody knows why it happened. Even the people who pretend it didn’t happen. Trump wanted it to happen. So, it did. That’s a no-brainer. Very much like his cult followers.

    1. Talk about a cult! You’ve been successfully indoctrinated by the media. Not one ounce of truth to what you said.

    2. good thing there’s videos to prove Trump did it. Faux noise are the real fake news. they won’t even cover Trump org indictments brother. they did report Obama’s tan suit and that was a big deal lol

      Wake up

    3. @Rod you’re speaking of yourself, there is complete TRUTH in what they’re saying; you’re the brainwashed, Trump indoctrinated fool here, there was an insurrection, instigated by illegitimate president CHUMP, has going down and will never sit in the oval office again….

  10. Prevention is the goal .
    The trump adm. took steps to do away with checks and balances . Safeguarding those in the future is key .

  11. I worked in the Capitol and it is enormous. The halls are never ending, the stairwells are numerous, and I wouldn’t have been able to find the Speakers office without help. They not only had inside help, they had a plan.

    1. Great point. I worked in Bank Security behind cameras, monitoring employees at a bank headquarters in 80s. From my point of view, every camera would be monitored and any breach would be reported immediately. I can see zero reason that help from police and National Guard were not immediately authorized on basis of stand by measures. It’s all unbelievable that the chain of command was not infiltrated by another conspirators. @Deja Voodoo

    2. @Jed Heart Military chain interfered by Charles Flynn. VP had no military pull. IS THAT NORMAL?

    3. @Mary Ann M no I don’t think it’s normal. I do think that DJT normalized corruption by conspiracy.

    4. Yes senators congressman from the republican party . Reason Michel mcdouche and gop
      doesn’t want to do it .

  12. The GOAL of the January 6th Select Committee should be to determine what needs to be done to protect our country moving forward . . . BY CREATING A DETERRENT TO PREVENT ANY FUTURE INSURRECTION. A strong deterrent would be to INCARCERATE all the guilty parties for long prison sentences. 😏

  13. The goal is Complete Transparency.
    Every detail no matter who looks bad.
    The Truth. All of it.
    History Demands this.
    Opponents don’t matter.

  14. Run them down Mr Schiff! Find out which of these worms are Complicit and hold them accountable.

  15. And the republicans who were behind the attack are doing all that they can to stop the investigation! They need to call employees from facebook who let the attackers use FB to plan the attack!!!

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