1. Frump, take the stand and spread the lie. Skip the stand admitting there is no fraud. He will have to choose, then there will be no doubt left.
      Tell your Senators that Frump’s conviction would prevent the Insurrection from ever happening again. https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact Regarding the Unconstitutional defense, it does not hold water. this is a CNN video about a Harvard Constitutional scholar explaining why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJmtXNHq6SE.

    2. @Lisette scared you. Lol Just like a demonic Democrat would respond. Showing intolerance and fear. Holy water probably bothers you too. The cross probably sends you into seizures.

    1. @S Lordd You’re ignorant AF! Him telling people to go PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE which is their constitutional right is NOTHING what Manson did!

    2. @Censored User I live in DC.   On Nov 14, 2020 tramp45’s proud boy terrorists burned property from 4 churches including 2 historic black churches. Yes, as a town we prefer the BLM crowd. People take their children to BLM Plaza. Children roller skate there. Agent provacateurs from alt-right groups are known to have committed violence and set fires in DC in 2020. We begged for something to be done about the Trump terror tourism in 2020. Before every maga rally, businesses boarded up and we begged DC PD to do arrest more magats and Qanons. We knew something bad would eventually happen. And it did.

    3. @Peter Wilson Peter. you realize that we’re still here.. Do you think we all sat there and followed what trump was saying, and this is why we feel the way we feel?

      I watched with my own eyes, and pursued my own knowledge. I didn’t need trump pointing anything out. I dare say there is a large gap between the intelligence of President Trump and myself.

      Apparently there is a large gap in intelligence between people who see the obviousness of this situation and the ones who don’t.

      This isn’t going away. It won’t.

  1. For the people that care about this country and our way of life, laws, constitution, bill of rights, we better get involved!!!

    1. Putin and Trump would love it if we destroyed our country from within by repeating January 6, 2021. We are better than that.

  2. It wouldn’t add a thing to listen to him personally since “under oath” 4 him is peculiarly different from what’s commonly asserted yet.

    1. @Jennifer Jaggers They have no clue what is happening..they are perfect for what ccp looks for…mindless cowards that are easily minulated

    2. Trump would not have ran a 3rd term. He is a law and order president that respects the Constitution, while Biden wants to pack the court.

    3. @明智吾郎 Trump did pack the court his last appointment was 1 month from the 2020 election, Republicans are such LIARS.

    4. @J Groovy If that were true, he would have silenced the media, hundreds of journalists, and the internet. Instead, the opposite happened, with a biased MSM and Parler being removed for no valid reason. Nice attempt to try to flip the script, though.

    5. @Bill Crowley You got “were” correct at least, even the KKK, white supremacy, proud boys ALL the DISGUSTING racist groups claim Trump as one of them RACIST are Republican. Trumps behavior as a adult and business owner in NY made him a known racist, if you want to do some research look up his court cases in SDNY before he was president.

    1. No.. that’s not bad ..it’s that when you believed it before you heard it and got convinced GOD SPOKE TO YOU…

  3. Um, you do realize that people are capable of saying ANYTHING with an accusational and angry tone. RIGHT ???? And with a self entitlement. It’s easy. Happens to me all the time.

  4. the judicial system of this nation is in jeopardy, just look at the kangaroo court of the senate as an example of what these supposed leaders call just treatment when most belong to the by partisan political party, something I feel should be considered not legal. how much is this costing the people right now, a distraction from the real needs of this nation.

  5. What incentive does Tucker Carlson have to stop what he’s doing? He’s making millions doing it, and while not having to walk amongst us and experience the turmoil he’s created. As long as there’s massive amounts of viewers who enjoy Tucker’s statements, and advertisers willing to pay him why would he stop? You see we are complaining about the wrong person in my opinion. The real story is, who are the folks and advertisers that’s enabling it? It is those folks we need to find a way to bring out of the shadows and before the audience. Which ever news broadcast has the balls to bring back a 1 hour live open forum that brings common folks off the streets with the allure of being on TV to discuss and defend their views amongst a group of their peers, WILL take over late-night television.

  6. I just seen a Canadian Flag at that take over of the WH, I must apologize for that crazy person, we are not like that.

  7. The Republican Party is Dead ! The Party of Deplorables is like watching the movie Human Centipede come to Life !

  8. Great idea. If he testifies he’ll incriminate himself, if he doesnt he lets down his base. Win win for sanity

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