Rep. Adam Schiff: There Is No Rehabilitation For Bill Barr 1

Rep. Adam Schiff: There Is No Rehabilitation For Bill Barr


Former Attorney General William Barr is critiqued by Rep. Adam Schiff who tells Joy Reid, ‘I don't think there's anyone in the modern history of the Justice Department who has done more damage to that institution.’
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  1. I agree. I’m an attorney so I fully understand how extreme and indefensible some of Barr’s actions were. You can’t just walk this stuff back, and once reputations end up in the gutter it’s virtually impossible to retrieve them. What’s the old saying? Those who lie with dogs rise with fleas . . .

    1. @Brian McK it’s not funny. It is illegal. There is no whataboutism to change it. People get punished doing illegal stuff period.

    2. @Brian McK people go to jail for looting and burning. You’ve made absolutely no point and no reason you can run from justice. There is no double standard. Now the law has to come for Trump.

    3. @Alfred Basurto I’m not running from anything and I guarantee Trump won’t spend one minute in Jail and that’s a fact!! You should buy a tv because you missed months and months of riots last summer!! Or like the liberals like to call it peaceful protests!!

    4. @warpedjaffas1 Indeed. I am a bit of cynic, so I just don’t see the country’s leaders rising to this crisis.

  2. Barr’s cowardice has cost lives.
    He should have said this before January 6th.

    More proof that republicans suffer from a debilitating deficiency of intestinal fortitude.

    1. You mean Ashley Babbitt who was unarmed just like George Floyd who was gunned down by a racist black cop on Jan.6 ??

    1. There is hole bunch strating from trump and the R party not all but just the yahoos who lies and are educated fools ans you guys the good people that not wicked pays these people to repusent the people not good

    2. Sorry but American justice is so corrupt that it is impossible to tell if anyone is telling the truth. Sad.

    3. Another January 6th would suffice. This time letting Deep State hacks like Barr and Schiff and the MSDNC journalists no place to hide.

  3. barr (undeserving of proper nomenclature) is more despicable than the devil described in medieval books. What a disgrace to the American people and to the world. Hopefully that minion doesn’t get a pass for what he did. 🤮

    1. @musiclover9361 You still fail to prove that most politicians are not corrupt. Once you can provide facts that prove your point, you simply have your opinion. Your opinion means nothing when you have no facts to back up your point. Keep talking but you’ll get nowhere with it

    2. @Hunter Roberts Again, I’m interested in seeing where you reached the assumption that Schiff didn’t make up the transcript

    3. @Jimmy MacKinnon Let’s see proof he did? the burden of proof is on the accuser, when prosecutors build a case they have facts to back up the prosecution. He was a proffesional prosecutor that knows you build cases on facts and evidence, your right wing narrative is a failure.

  4. Bill Barr is too old to be rehabilitated, anyway. Besides, Barr conducted himself the same way as the AG for 2 different presidents, so there’s absolutely no hope for him.

    1. “Too old”. I thought you were mentioning the current President there for a moment. That guy’s way too old also

    2. So he behaved the same for two presidents and so he will not behave the same next time? Or, he will not be called to behave the same next time? Yes it has some strange logic to it… 🤔😄😄 Of course given the opportunity he will be called again and he will behave the same. It all depends on Putin.

  5. Kraven McCarthy will put whoever Trump tells to put on the select Committee.
    p.s. I want Pelosi to have the committee meet in person for at least eight hours a day every Saturday, Sunday, and recess day until it is done. Religious leaders can be brought in an hour before the session starts for those who request them.

  6. I just don’t understand why these people are not being held accountable for what they’ve done!!!!! Talk talk talk and no action!!!!!!

    1. @MX Racer Trump the biggest, greatest liar. Multiple studies proving the election and you. I’ll take the rest of the intelligent world and leave you to your delusional world.

    2. @bo peep as usual not accepting or asking for proof. Thanks for the higher gas prices and the illegals on my property.

    3. @MX Racer I have been given proof by numerous courts and government agencies. As well as Wm. Barr. Gas prices aren’t determined by the government. You don’t know enough to know you know very little. Talk to someone stupid.

    1. @Uyi Osa Probably sees himself behind bars. He thought, like everyone else, that Trump would last forever, so he didn’t care. Now that protection has been snatched away and he, like everyone else, is afraid.

    2. @Fred A : My first guess, as well. It’s both sad and dangerous to realise that there’s no shortage of Americans who are willing to sacrifice justice, democracy and national cohesion at the altar of Trump, doing so without a care for the consequences either on the nation or upon themselves all because they thought they successfully thrashed the institutions and watchdogs of democracy to install Trump as president-for-life, like you’ve alluded to.

      Looking back at the Trump administration, I sometimes wonder if there was anyone official who wasn’t tapped by Trump for the actualisation of his own narrow, selfish and ultimately ruinous ambitions. My conclusion is that Trump was never about America – whatever Trump did, he did for Trump, and if any good came out of it for the ordinary American, it was never intended – just a mere coincidence of fortunes.

  7. Barr is just trying to save himself now. He was the most egregious violator of democracy. No forgiveness for him.

    1. @Jimmy MacKinnon No admittance that you got the bit about NOT being a democracy wrong then?
      Sorry for the dummy comment,. You see, it isn’t hard to admit when you are wrong!
      Oh and presuming I am a liberal is probably not your best assumption either bud. I am going to presume you are an adult, if you are, behave like one my friend.

    2. @Natster Jam We aren’t a democracy bud. We are a republic. They are two different types of government. You should take a civics course to learn about that

    3. @Jimmy MacKinnon I literally posted the official explanation of the definition of a Democratic Republic and you just ignore it and claim I need to be educated!!! LMAO

    4. @Jimmy MacKinnon Just shut up. All you Republicans think you have to claim we aren’t a democracy, because you hate Democrats. Grow up, learn English, study AMERICAN HISTORY. But do it somewhere else.

  8. I would like to see the Democrats put actual teeth into this investigation and stand together willing to go the whole nine yards. Rep. Adam Schiff called maccarthy a political animal, the Democrats have those as well… Please don’t disappoint, the times require a tough stance.

  9. Barr is trying to escape his responsibilty for polluting the justice Department by selling out deal!!!

  10. And nothing was done to him. He doesn’t care about his legacy. He just loved the power the government gave him.

    1. Every single one of them, even Chaney, they all voted to keep him office when they had opportunity to remove him but failed America and the 6th of Jan was the result!

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