Rep. Adam Schiff: We feel the weight of history with impeachment

Rep. Adam Schiff: We feel the weight of history with impeachment 1


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer he feels Congress is carrying out the will of the framers of the Constitution by moving forward with impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.
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42 Comments on "Rep. Adam Schiff: We feel the weight of history with impeachment"

  1. He ought to feel the weight of all the lies he has told.

  2. Pride comes before the fall… of the Democratic Party

  3. Muh impeachment!! You guys took some time off of smearing Bernie?

  4. They feel the weight of the backlash that’s about to happen.
    It’s historical alright. Historically pathetic.

  5. :impeach everything:

  6. Bro im so proud of this community. The dislike to like ratio is amazing

  7. Rossell Arriola | January 15, 2020 at 8:16 PM | Reply

    I had a really good time. I was impressed with the amount of people attending the show.

  8. DNC: “We all live in a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine………..a Yellow Submarine”.

  9. Adam Schiff 👏👏👏

  10. Bermuda Schwartz | January 15, 2020 at 8:27 PM | Reply

    How come nobody else feels the weight? They look stupid.

  11. “The framers” would hate politicians enriching themselves with millions based on their position and holding onto power for 30 years. They’d be disgusted at how everything is about winning re-election and playing politics rather than helping their respective states, districts, and the nation. They’d be disgusted that there’s Americans in need while we focus on and aid foreign countries.

  12. “Why wasn’t the evidence of documents given to the House before the trial in senate?” Duh! Because of OBSTRUCTION OF CONGRESS. One of the articles of impeachment, Susan Collins!

    • lenzyBluz There is no such thing as obstruction of Congress. Democrats made that up when bribery didn’t stick. Trump has the right to keep information and people from testifying when he was not given a right to Counsel by Schiff. Schiff violated Trump’s civil rights. Than drummed up faulty terms.

    • Maybe they were in Pelosis purse.

    • Per U.S. Constitution: Subpoenas. Congressional rules empower all its standing committees with the authority to compel witnesses to produce testimony and documents for subjects under its jurisdiction.

    • Because white house want give them the docs can you understand that

  13. Paulette Maximun | January 15, 2020 at 8:31 PM | Reply

    Happy Birthday dr. M. L. K.

  14. Domestic enemies looking Americans right in the face playing gamesx

  15. Doppler Overrun | January 15, 2020 at 8:34 PM | Reply

    Has schiff presented his evidence of collusion? 👀

  16. He felt so much weight he made up a fake story during his reading.

  17. ForsakenConstitution | January 15, 2020 at 8:43 PM | Reply

    So, the dems want to use the framers of the constitution for the impeachment, but ignore the same framers when it comes to the 2A! The framers are only good enough when it benefits the dems!

  18. We will finally get to hear from the whistle blower.

  19. Schiff looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks

  20. Cool, calm and collected. Adam Schiff is solid and probably so is the rest of the team Nancy Pelosi put together.

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