1. @Izzy S. Who is scared of the GODLESS and evil sanders? He can’t even get the GODLESS and evil demoncrat party to back him.

  1. They feel the weight of the backlash that’s about to happen.
    It’s historical alright. Historically pathetic.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Tessmage Tessera Your beautiful surname (tessera, pl.tesserae) is a term from art mosaic terminology referring to mosaic cut ‘ a pezzi’ from natural stone as opposed to glass or shell. Very distinctive. Ti saluto, Gherhardo

    1. @G Crenshaw LOL Millions voted for Trump. They are all troll to right lmao Wakeup CNN is taking you for a ride of fakery.

    2. @ eman bro you should see the other CNN video where parnas says trump lied crazy numbers there you’ll like it.

  2. “The framers” would hate politicians enriching themselves with millions based on their position and holding onto power for 30 years. They’d be disgusted at how everything is about winning re-election and playing politics rather than helping their respective states, districts, and the nation. They’d be disgusted that there’s Americans in need while we focus on and aid foreign countries.

    1. @David Patton You forgot him being a fact witness then immediately getting up to question the next witness lol that had me ROTFL

    2. And democrats have been getting elected on lies that they are working for you. No, they are working for themselves. Looks at every democrat when they first came to DC and when they left. They all go as paupers and leave millionaires.

    3. Only corrupt Zionist bankers whose Jekyll Island legacy stuck us w/ a perpetual debt monetary system leaders are afraid to criticize for fear of assassination; A. Jackson, Z. Taylor, J. Buchanan, A. Lincoln, J. Garfield, Wm. McKinley, L. McFadden, JFK. A corrupt system that isn’t even allowed discussed in schools.

  3. “Why wasn’t the evidence of documents given to the House before the trial in senate?” Duh! Because of OBSTRUCTION OF CONGRESS. One of the articles of impeachment, Susan Collins!

    1. lenzyBluz There is no such thing as obstruction of Congress. Democrats made that up when bribery didn’t stick. Trump has the right to keep information and people from testifying when he was not given a right to Counsel by Schiff. Schiff violated Trump’s civil rights. Than drummed up faulty terms.

    2. Per U.S. Constitution: Subpoenas. Congressional rules empower all its standing committees with the authority to compel witnesses to produce testimony and documents for subjects under its jurisdiction.

  4. So, the dems want to use the framers of the constitution for the impeachment, but ignore the same framers when it comes to the 2A! The framers are only good enough when it benefits the dems!

  5. Cool, calm and collected. Adam Schiff is solid and probably so is the rest of the team Nancy Pelosi put together.

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