Rep. Aguilar: Jan 6 Committee Is Starting Work Right Now

Democratic California Congressman and member of the select committee investigating the events of the Jan 6th Capitol Hill riot, Pete Aguilar, is excited to discover more information about what happened on and led up to the Jan 6th insurrection
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  1. Humpty Drumpfy fell off his wall. Humpty Drumpfy had a great fall. POOP is all he is now :)) :)) :))

    1. Humpty was poop before gaining occupancy in the White House, poop during, and poop after, and will be poop in jail. The authorities will have to give him a special place so he doesn’t stink out of the rest of the inmates. Oh! He’ll probably charge the US taxpayer for his diapers. I hope the prison authorities get him the cheapest one available and he gets an awful rash, if he doesn’t have one now.

  2. Please nail all those GOPers who walked rioters through the halls in the week/day before.

    1. Youngstown529…IT was BOBERT, and they thought they were all too slick for anyone to notice that they were scoping out the layout of where offices are and who’s office was where. Really, not too Smart are they? After everything was over, they ALL posted pictures, their faces, names, and pretty much everything! That’s why they are sitting in jail awaiting FEDERAL OFFENSES. All of this, for someone who had no intention to be with you. He is a F**KING snake, a poisonous one, and you all knew who and what he is!!!! Now, he is playing golf and eating steak and you sheep are in jail, waiting for Prison!!!

    1. Why are republicans refusing to investigate? My guess is some of them are in some way responsible for the January 6th riots and criminal behaviors.

    1. What insurrectionist?No weapons were recovered and Biden said it would take someone owning fighter jets to take on the government .

    2. @David Parker Parker Bringing a hammer to the insurrection makes it a weapon. Google insurrectionist seems like you don’t the definition.

    3. @David Parker Parker You poor thang. It must be stressful watching poopy pants donnie disaster getting kicked to the curb.

  3. Liz Cheney recognize that it just might be some Traitors in her republican party and she don’t want no part of that.🤔

    1. @Skip Fantry What I’m saying is she don’t want to be a part of those Traitor Republicans.

  4. Nothing says “I’m afraid of what you will find…” like mcarthy threatening Liz Cheny. She’s got bigger balls than he does

    1. @Vin Unleaded Probably a pickle jar or a leftover plastic mayonnaise jar. Maybe with vinegar as a preservative?

  5. Congresswoman Chaney has more grit and backbone than McCarthy and McConnell combined. She is a REAL AMERICAN, who places the well being of her country over her party. It is refreshing.

    1. I wouldn’t go that far, but at least she recognizes the threat that the republicans in office are to our republic

    2. @Kimi Geez it was only on every major news channel a measly 12 days ago …so how come everyone forgot about that now ..this is the problem in the United States of All things Stupid … many millions of idiots can’t seem to retain knowledge after a day or so ….
      Speaking of retaining present day knowledge … Liz Cheney signed her name of that letter to end the ACA (Obamacare) has openly said Global Warming is a hoax and supported everything Donald Trump did including locking kids up in cages and taking them away from their parents …and total halfwits like you think someone like Liz Cheney who wants to take away poor children’s healthcare thinks the republicans should calm it down a bit ….

    3. @Kimi The definition of a act of bravery is when you take a stance against sedition and you lose your leadership position. McCarthy and McConnell are Trump bootlickers. His mob endangered their lives and our democracy.

    1. Yeah! Like Dwight on Office Space. Knock, knock. Who’s there? FBI. FBI who? Agent slaps him and says WE ask the questions.

    1. I dislike her political views but her loyalty to her country is beyond question unlike the others who pass on Russian misinformation

    2. @Mephistopheles Count Caliostro Thank you for your comment. That shows you’re able to accept her even though you don’t always agree with her. That’s great! Maybe some day she’ll win all of your support, policies included.

    3. @Connie Wojahn No that will never happen as I am to the left of Karl Marx

  6. Lets get to it! they should start with who funded it, they should speak to Justice Thomas’ wife who funded buses to Washington.

    1. Did you know Ginni Thomas actually classifies BLM as a terrorist organization? She had a town in Georgia shut down a BLM protest because BLM doesn’t hold Christian values!! I guess her Christian’s know something the rest of us don’t about Jesus. Unbelievable, Ignorance coming from her white “Karen” priviledge, and she’s married to a black Supreme Court Justice!! But, I hear Justice Thomas hates black people too, so there’s that. SMH. Only in America.

  7. If it was in the public sector what McCarthy is doing would be considered blackmail. If members of the Rethuglican party are not complicit in what happened why are they so afraid of letting the American people know the extent to what their involvement was or wasn’t.

  8. Make sure Trump and Republicans get indicted for their role they were the main reason this happened to start with

  9. The Capitol Insurrection Must be investigated. You can’t just bury this like nothing happened, otherwise it will happen over and over again. Can’t believe the numbers of GOP who want this to just go away. The world is watching and we all know who is responsible!

    1. They’re afraid of what will come out. Want to bet they’ll say ‘fake news’ and it’s all politically motivated and made up?

    2. @kenth jones What? When? The US has always said Slavery existed. And the US at one point had slaves. Please elaborate on your comment. More confused then any thing with this comment.

    3. @kenth jones Yes so much went on hidden in the darkness of night for centuries. I just read the Dredd Scott decision. You might find that interesting pertaining to slavery’s cruelties.

  10. Republicans: “It wasn’t Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol! It was BLM and Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters!”
    Democrats: “Ok. Well, we’re going to investigate and find out the truth and punish those responsible.”
    Republicans: “No, no. It’s ok. We don’t want to punish BLM and Antifa. No need to investigate.”

  11. “We want to be guided by the oath we took to the Constitution” is music to my ears. How refreshing for a change!

  12. Liz Cheney totally shamed McCarthy and the other Repubs with her statement and placed in sharp relief what exactly is wrong with leadership.

  13. politically speaking I am far against Liz Chaney, but she has integrity. She recognizes that Trump is so very bad for the nation, and has the courage to say so

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