Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back At Rep. Ted Yoho’s Sexist Slur – Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. @RoadRage Don’t because you don’t like AOC and what she says doesn’t mean you are right. It just means you either don’t like strong woman, or are afraid of them. And I have seen no lies in what she has said.

    2. @Red Man Why would any rational person hate a politician they don’t even. Someone who has not injured in in any way. Maybe that means you are not “rational”?

    3. @M John lmao really just ignore them? That’s your best attempt at calling me “evolved” you should take your evolved self and follow the other sheep. I will stay here with the free thinkers. Don’t forget to drink the Kool aid 😁

    4. @M John wow you are on a binge but here is the reality not everyone likes her and her ideas, which means on a political ideological POV. This ain’t grade school or did you forget about that sticks and stones cliche or never heard of it?

    1. @Susan Sullivan I’m no fool there is no wool over my eyes and I am certainly not intimidated by you her or anyone and stating my opinion is my right to free speech not crying so to you I as a Canadian am laughing at you all both sides of your so called democracy lol

    2. @Ray L not liking the woman does not make anyone fragile it actually means I have my own opinion and couldn’t care less about you

    3. I doubt when ted yoho throws disagreement temper tantrums (as he did with AOC) he doesn’t call male representatives a F-ing Bitc#

    4. I tell you she will be in politics for decades, she will be Senator one day, and she will run for president when it is time.

  1. Like an undersea earthquake triggering a tsunami which is travelling outward and Republicans are building sand castles on the beach.

  2. She’s right. You’d never hear a man using offensive language to insult another man. Just doesn’t happen.

    1. @Matt Phillips Oh so context matters now? I thought that generally insulting women for any reason is violent sexism. Thanks, i’ve learned now. You have educated me.

    1. @RayMerrell68 all I see in New York are my brothers and sisters everyday trying to paint over BLM now if it was CBLM they probably would leave it alone you know the commonsense certain black LIFES matter and black Americans are tried of AOC as you see the morons who think there white privilege more in these riots and at first it was funny but not know more as black man I don’t want no pandering and race baiting as AOC is definitely a racist so is demented Bunker Boy Biden

    2. @Zk “your probably about as smart as AOC telling Americans and the world this is for food and Goerge Floyd you think Americans and the world are as stupid as you to follow a radical marxist nazi moron using Gestapo SS tactics to a dictatorship wake up as that moron needs to go”
      No. No. Dude. You’re just repeating yourself and its not helping. You need to explain yourself, not just drop random ‘facts’.
      You’re rambling nonsense atm.
      Seriously, read what you write before pressing send. You might just realise how stupid it is for you, of all people, to be calling people idiots and morons.

    3. @RayMerrell68 Catholic Nancy Pelosi preaching democracy and immorality you dont have to look no father than her districts she keeps Americans of color suffering and not proficient in education she is so evil and care less about black babies and black children gunned down in the streets

    4. @Zk “Catholic Nancy Pelosi preaching democracy and immorality…”
      How is she doing that? What is she saying that you summerise like that?
      How does she keep Americans of colour suffering?
      How does she hurt their education. (did you go to school in her district?…)
      Are you talking about gang violence with this constant repetition of the black babies being gunned down in the street? I’d like to ask you what policies you would like Nancy, the none-president, to implement in order to tackle said violence and what you think shes doing at the moment to encourage it…?

  3. This is sweet justice, this is not his first rodeo. He is part of that “macho” culture. But, he picked on the wrong woman. Bet he’ll watch his filthy mouth now.

    1. @philosophicalreason well you believe in 16 genders, open borders, defunding the police ,think that latinos are black, sabotages other people by their ploitical opinion like Goya and believe that renovable energy in US is going to gave a great advantage to US industries against China so…also you praise that amazon leave NY and 16000 jobs. That woman is dangerous.

    2. @Carlos Roldan Oh you know what I believe do you.and you call me paranoid LOL look at a mirror sheep.

    3. @Carlos Roldan What does it make you knowing Trump believes communist Putin over his own intelligence.Your a bigger fool or like your messiah a traitor.

    4. @philosophicalreason
      Hahaha you fail 2 impeachments one of them on Rusia accept it ,be mature about that.
      Biden sold US to China, Russia has no better economy than Texas but China…China started this mess…and stole our jobs and tech !!! With a little help of their 👹 friends, look what they done to hong kong…Trump fights for us. Not perfect but democrats are happy seeing US cities burned. Defunding police💩.

    1. What Yoho said was to nice. Pathetic, dangerous, wreckless, out of your mind, and a f**king b**th are only a few ways to describe this woman. AOC is disgusting and constantly plays the victim

    2. @Phinneas Bluster “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” – Be proud of your president, he has the best brain!

    3. @Diane Hooper Catholic Nancy Pelosi district is a sick districts matter a fact the DEMOCRATIC sanctuary city I live in as a black man is tried of AOC Nazi’s thugs and criminals destroying our black businesses and allowing Marxism to have our little brothers and sisters being gunned down in the streets and finally the DEMOCRATIC mayor is asking Trump for help as we need it because even our DEMOCRATIC maryor knows AOC is a moron baby killer

    4. @Diane Hooper I’ll bet your of of those morons who think there white privilege we laugh at and stop pandering as that is sickening and stop the division race baiting trying to overthrow a presidency and economy for power as we need help my babies are sleeping in the bathtub because of AOC and black babies and black children are being gunned down in the streets because of AOC and stop trying to defund the police stop lessening to a radical marxist nazi moron AOC as she thinks poeple are doing this because of Goerge Floyd and poeple hungry what does that moron think where thug life gets you trying to teach my children as justice is being served and AOC thinks Americans of color are stupid and I would like to see the hungry eat TVs clothes and sneakers as that moron is destroying the black community

  4. sad example of what GOP stands for:calling names encouraged by their”president”.In my country he was fired!!!!

    1. Sad? Did you ignore your Pelosi? Waters? Schumer? OAC who insults and calls Trump names? The other 3 OAC clones who call Trump names? All you liberals who call Trump names? But, it’s only the GOP calling name. You can ‘t be that stupid.

    2. @Chuck Taylor dear Chuck, you have a point :both party ‘ s are very rude. It started in 2016, so draw your conclusion. I wish you good health and better times. Love from Friesland.

  5. soho by his words also insulted his wife and 2 daughters
    how are they handling finding out he’s not a “real” man after all
    fake man fake man

    1. @Veronica Deras-Roiz and you would know? Please. Quit the victim bs. She is a big girl now and admitted to throwing people out of bars. She can’t handle this? Boo hoo.

    2. @Shirley Smith No Shirley, Im not the one crying and who is a victim of everything. Im good! But thanks!

  6. It’s small men that think they can treat women this way. It’s amazing that AOC could take the high ground and point out that as women we go through this abuse daily.

    1. KCs Funhouse
      he didn’t treat her anyway. He specifically compared her to a female dog. So you are called a female dog daily?

  7. How disgusting….

    To see a slimeball like that poke fun at a young,powerful,aspiring, and amazing young woman take a stand. This is the kind of thing I support. Men aren’t above woman and woman aren’t above men. They were made equally. They were made to be equals. So that’s how they should treat each other. Not like this.

  8. “I won’t apologize for loving America and I won’t apologize for loving God.” Ted Yoho is pure comedy gold.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Who would even ask such a thing? I hear Republicans project creepy ideas like that and wonder what is in their own hearts.

    2. Jason Thompson yo yo is like his king a goof ther all the same who cares if he was on food stamps but cuts food stamps he’s a clown

    3. God gave him permission to speak to AOC in that disgraceful manner??? Only an incompetant uses religion as a shield for their hate.

  9. I wonder what his wife and daughters had to say about the whole thing. Who knows how he treats them behind closed doors.

    1. @newmove NIV Timothy 2 12 do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. CEV 12 They should be silent and not be allowed to teach or to tell men what to do.

    2. MsMdip
      they probably think she is also. How does this question how he is with them? Kind of silly assumption. It is about AOC and
      no one else .

    1. @Zk Where to start? . . . Firstly, your inability to communicate using the standard grammar, spelling & syntax of your own language would seem to suggest that your education was either lacking (in which case you have my sympathy for having been let down by an inadequate education system) or you failed to take advantage of it due to you own indolence (for which I would therefore apologise to your educators).
      For your information; the poor tend to stay poor, because the wealthy prefer it that way and rig the system to make sure that it stays that way.
      I note that both you and your fellow Trumpists here seem to be confused as to whether AOC is a Nazi or a Commie – you don’t seem to be able to decide which side of a diametrically opposed argument you want to alight upon. I would suggest that it’s yet another manifestation of your poor education and probably why Trump gets the majority of his support from the “less well educated”.
      The Romans were correct in their instincts to quell the masses – “Give them bread and games”, but you probably won’t know that, since you probably didn’t study history and I suspect the inference of this fact will travel harmlessly through your brain without making contact. ;o)
      If you took the time to spell check your musings and write with the correct punctuation; you might find that your arguments have greater traction with others . . . or you can simply carry on ranting and confirm what we already suspect regarding your general level of intelligence.

    2. @John O That is so true ,they must get good pay. They are prostitutes of misinformation and the republicans are their pimps.

    3. @Zk Heroin is in every nook and cranny around the country and has been for many decades. You are a wanker ,troll.

    1. T.E.
      I doubt it. It is hard to believe that anyone on this planet acts like AOC Unless it is some troubled 6 year old.

    2. @Alex Hamilton I bet you won’t go too far in life. I presume, that’s not your real name. I can see why.

    1. Kinda like “unemployment is down because people are working two jobs”

      Or “I demand while.on the podium that people boycott goya for a comment that merely supported the president and wi deny 200kg of food donations to make my point”

      You people are a joke.

  10. Just another coward that thumps his chest and then curls up in a ball after being confronted about his slur!

    1. Really Doug? She’s the victim of everything. Boo hooo. Give me a break. You might want to read her green new deal proposal. Yep, she’s the dummy.

    2. @Marcus Guzman According to whom? You? Am I required to live by your rules or else Marcus? Or is it Tough guy?

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