Rep. Auchincloss On Biden's Handling Of Afghanistan 1

Rep. Auchincloss On Biden’s Handling Of Afghanistan


Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA), a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan, discusses the Taliban's takeover and President Biden's decision to withdraw troops from the country earlier this year. "He made the high integrity decision that he was not going to hand off this boondoggle to yet another administration," he tells Stephanie Ruhle.

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Rep. Auchincloss On Biden's Handling Of Afghanistan


  1. Whatever the interventionists will argue, two decades of “nation-building” and counterinsurgency have been defined by corruption, incompetence and self-delusion. As we have seen in recent days, confronting that truth was always going to be ugly. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

  2. Could it be the reason that the Taliban won so quickly is because they were the Afghan Army, US trained? There was no “BATTLE,” just a quick change of uniforms .

    1. @Suzannah Irwin
      “If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.” –George Carlin

    2. @Suzannah Irwin
      Honesty may be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination,
      dishonesty is the second-best policy. –George Carlin

  3. 20 years of fighting, all those lives lost and destroyed….for nothing. What a waste of men and women, equipment and money.

    1. Big Pharma got rich…. from the opium they stole. Why do you think we have an opiate addiction epidemic right now? Did that epidemic exist prior to the Afghan war..? No, of course it didn’t. That’s what this war was really all about: stealing opium and natural gas from Afghanistan.

  4. The only battles that took place were Afghan Army soldiers fighting to change into their Taliban uniforms.

    1. “GET OUT !…GET OUT !….
      SAVE YOURSELF !!!!!!”….

      “trump, trump, trump, trump, tr….
      What’s that ‘smoke’ ?..
      trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, t

    2. Wow !…

      I hear there is “tuition assistance”
      (bail money) available to many
      “underpriveleged arsonists”
      through the programs of the
      “kam harris/blm/barrel-o-monkeys”
      organization !…

  5. It’s hard to see how the Taliban could so easily take the country if ordinary Afghans would stand against them. It looks like they just handed it to them.

    1. Ordinary Afghans are civilians, untrained people. The Taliban were trained by the US. How can a civilian group go against that successfully? It’s easy to judge because we as Americans have never been in a situation at that scale. When one is in a hopeless situation, between the sword and the wall, it can be hard to organize and fight when there is no strong leadership within a government or military, whose job is to protect the people.

    1. @David Gray, you are absolutely correct, I kinda meant get out of the war against all the multitudes of terrorist.

    1. That may be happening here in America. The leadership in this country is turning the other cheek as Biden did with respect to the Afghans.

    2. @Tamme Brown Funny how Trump did not pardoned any of those rioters yet he pardoned “Steve Bannon” who stole from Trump Supporters

    1. Your nation actually cares more
      about candace owens, because
      she will save many black infants
      from their “loving” mamas who
      want them “dismembered “…...

    2. Your nation actually cares more
      about candace owens, because
      she will save many black infants
      from their “loving” mamas who
      want them “dismembered “…...

    3. Women in the United States make less money than the men do, and minority women make less than that. Take care of home. Fix home

    1. Biden is President this was his evacuation plan that failed..Trumps plan was nixed by Biden, no need to talk about trump. This falls on Biden

    2. It’s Biden’s team that bungled the withdrawal and it’s Biden’s team that is bungling the evacuation. TDS much, psycho?

  6. Bad exit strategy but right decision to leave. After twenty years of planning, funding and training the Afghan army, they don’t even put up a semblance of a fight. Better equipped , better trained but when the Taliban appear, they just mingle into the crowd. This country has been a graveyard for foreign armies and to believe you can win is sheer folly.

  7. I know everyone is glad they are not Biden but I’m glad he finally pulled the plug. There was no easy way to pull it. It was going to be bad no matter how you sliced it.

    1. That’s not true. And Biden knew better than doing it this way. I’m all for getting out of there. But Biden saw first hand how to not leave a country Bc of Iraq. And now they have our equipment, intel, the backing from China and Russia. And harms our relationships with our allies. This is bad.

    2. That’s just a lie. He could of at least waited till winter when the Taliban can’t easily concentrate forces. He could of started pulling out our allies sooner. He could of bothered to make the evacuations sooner. People are falling out of the sky because of Biden’s idiocy. There are almost 10k Americans stuck there right now. This could of gone better.

  8. 20 years starting with Bush Administration and Coalition forces invasion with no strategy of how to exit.

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