Rep. Bacon: Suburban Voters Saw ‘Civility And Decency’ Lacking In GOP In 2020 Election | MTP Daily


    1. @X2 GI please don’t try rationalize the ignorance of closed minded parrots. They only regurgitate the Republicans rhetoric and garbage. Nothing they say have any truth, proof, or substance. Parrots!

    2. @X2 GI and 93% of the capital hill protest was peaceful. So what. Yet it’s ok for you to criticize the 7% that wasn’t. But you don’t hold yourself to that same standard ?
      So miss me with your two faced stupidity

    3. @David Hale The 93% that were peaceful were better that the 100% Trump Supporters that entered the Capitol Building yelling out death threats to politicians, I believe you know what I meant.

    1. Action Soy, I got hairy legs,that,that,that,that,that turn blonde in the sun and kids would rub my legs and jump on my lap and that taught me about roaches! 🙂🙂🙂

  1. I don’t see GOP having any of these qualities. You know in the 80s, Republican party was way way more inclusive than now. And this party really did strive to show decency, integrity and party philosophy. None of those. Current GOP doesn’t even pretend to be a good guy any more. It’s bad enough to drive somebody like me, a staunch Republican voter, to the other side of spectrum, voting for first liberal president, and senator in my district.

    1. In the 1980s, maybe it wasn’t obvious, but the GOP was busy pushing out the liberal and moderate Republicans and welcoming the most conservative. Go back and look at who advised Reagan and the policies he adopted. As to GOP values “winning” with Americans, yes, if those include lies, conspiracies, “religious freedom” for ring-wing, fanatical “Christians”, the worship of guns, ignoring science when the science is inconvenient or not compatible with someone’s “feelings” or faith or pursuit of profit. No thanks!!

    1. @Rural Village Yeah I am not clicking on that. I get my economic data from publicly accessible government websites. I don’t need some youtuber to tell me which party is better for the economy. Ten of the last eleven recessions caused by Republican Presidents.
      Democratic presidents create more than twice as many jobs per year as Republican Presidents. Republican presidents’ deficits are 54% larger than Democrats’ and 65% higher as a percent of GDP. GDP grows 75% faster under Democratic Presidents. Business investment has grown twice as fast under Democratic Presidents than under Republican Presidents.

    2. @Ben Parker omg thank you for sharing facts! Gives me a bit of hope in humanity… I’m so tired of people pushing Republicans just because their grandparents voted for them.

  2. GOP not only condones but rewards violence, lies and attempted insurrection as long as it may result in more votes.
    Win at all costs. Party before country.

    1. @B. T. remember when thee msnbc reporter stood in front of a burning building that was looted and burned and black men in the background running around. And he said it was peaceful protest.
      That was hilarious.
      Didn’t you think so too ?

    2. What the GOP (Group of Psychos) doesn’t get is that it is doing the exact opposite hahaha, true Republicans are leaving the GOP in droves.

    3. Have you been sleeping for the past 10 months? You’re now aware of how our cities have been destroyed and billions of dollars worth of damage caused by the left? The riots? The fires? The looting? The attacks on people?

  3. You have to be “self aware” to recognize civility. Gop have zero self awareness, not even enough to be embarrassed.

    1. So do you have self awareness about the months of rioting looting and destroying innocent people’s businesses ?

  4. Did he vote against Rep. Greene?
    Did he vote against the election results certification?
    Does he tell the truth about Trump?

    1. Of course not. His “values” are just a dog whistle for being quiet about bigotry, but he’ll never stand up to it because he believes in what the Trump party believes. He just doesn’t want that out in the open

  5. Civility, decency, rational thought, interest in even an iota of productive plans to help this country as 400,000 died already. All lacking.

    1. @emmdee castro scream these words to THE LINCOLN PROJECT, MEIDAS TOUCH, RVAT AND NOW THIS. Words excellent for a COMMERCIAL.

    2. @Esther Okello Words meant for a commercial are no less powerful. If the quote turned out to be from Martin Luther King Jr, you’d fell really stupid right now. So try to be a little less petty, sweetie.

    3. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Baseless claims the NWO , MSM puppets are baseless. liars….. do you guys kiss your mother with that lying mouth …….. massive 2020 election fraud evidence the entire world saw it all. ha ha

    1. Rich investors actually, they just COURT the trailer park voters, the ones who don’t know how to vote in their own best interests. And I lived in a trailer for years, so I know them pretty well.

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