Rep. Bass Believes Gen. Austin Will Bring The Type Of Leadership & Stability Needed To The Military 1

Rep. Bass Believes Gen. Austin Will Bring The Type Of Leadership & Stability Needed To The Military


Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss General Lloyd Austin as Biden's pick for Defense Secretary and whether she would serve in the Biden administration or the Senate if called upon as Kamala Harris's replacement. Rep. Bass says "I am willing to serve in whatever capacity. I have a great job now. If I'm tapped or asked to do something else, I will be happy to consider it. I think it would be a tremendous loss for the entire state of California and the country to have no black women in the U.S. Senate at all.” Aired on 12/08/2020.
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Rep. Bass Believes Gen. Austin Will Bring The Type Of Leadership & Stability Needed To The Military


    1. Biden will never be president so it doesn’t matter. The massive voter irregularities and voter fraud are overwhelming.

    2. He does not need to convince you or anyone else with a speech.. His 40 year career serving this country speaks for itself.

  1. _”.,,type of Leadership & Stability Needed…)”_ – *In short, he won’t fire the SecDef*
    (unless, of course the MSM and this Black Caucus lady think there’s a difference between the races…)

  2. Imagine working your whole life and getting ahead based on your performance only to be hired to office based on your skin color.

    1. @Love Wins True then stop picking inadequate white men based on their skin color. Check history, filled with so many mediocre or incompetent white men. How come no uproar then? Amazing how this FACT is overlooked!

    2. @Grace Grazie Yes Grace, I totally agree with you, how many years have very intelligent, highly competent men of color been looked over for these positions, when the jobs were just basically handed over to mediocre white men. I believe that is why we are all dumbfounded about the current Senate. But, some times it is useless to try to explain what has been happening right in our faces, for so many years, to these trolls.

    3. @Romona Jenkins Maybe there wasn’t someone of african descent that was a qualified as everyone else around at the time. There are more white people than blacks in The USA so it might just be a numerical thing.

  3. Got what you wanted. Happy? Biden was forced to pick him. This just shows that they far far left dont see him as president. They see Kamala as president. He is just a puppet to them.

  4. “Identity Politics is who we are.”—Stacey Abrams (former Georgia Senator), regarding the Democrat party.


    1) Congratulations Vice President Biden.

    2) Trump lost,  just accept it.

    3) What Fraud?

    4) The fraud was not widespread.

    5) The widespread fraud was not enough to change the results.

    6) Trump lost in the lower courts.

    7) SCOTUS stole the election from Biden.

    1. You can have *all the evidence in the world* … but Democrats will NEVER believe it. They’ve been brainwashed HARDCORE by the Liberal media, and they don’t even realize it…

    2. That is actually spot on no kidding. And people need to remember it is not all 50 states were rigged it was like four

    3. @Salemchevy Gaming who knows it might have been all around the country but you just don’t know about it like the senate races that happened for example

  6. Another worthless American MSM that will be gone when the American public catches on. They cater to 1 specific group and will regret it at some point soon

  7. Why do they always treat affirmatively here on MSNBC, and never challenge, you really don’t see that the other way around.

    1. @Salemchevy Gaming yeah that’s true.. it seems like everyone is in on it except for the regular people

    2. @Joshua Merwine my opinion on this matter based off what you said is. It is the regular people that will pay for the idiots that want it. Like with uncle joe Biden. The man said he would like to get ride of the middle class and have a two class system. Do you know what that is

    3. @Salemchevy Gaming dang that is not good…… let’s make the wealth gap wide as possible and force 99% of Americans into poverty . I just don’t understand the point of all of it or what they’re trying to accomplish exactly .. and everyone is in on it every leader around the world and every major company such as master card, JP Morgan and many other.. 2 republicans and 2 democrats are on the WEF board with Klaus at the highest level

    4. @Joshua Merwine I did not know that but the thing is with what I said about having two classes is. Communism there are those that are the richest rich and those that are poor that work to make the rich richer and never themselves

  8. She loved Castor too which includes his military leadership.
    We need to know what deals she’s making behind closed doors.
    If they are found to be treasonist in a court of law, she must suffer the full extent of that law.

  9. so where’s the first place biden is gonna send troops to??? he’s gonna have to make up for trump not starting new wars or expanding old ones.

  10. A board member of Raytheon as Secretary of Defense. More endless war. How about a 1200.00 dollar stimulus Rep. Bass?

  11. One doesn’t own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it’s a reflection of one’s belief that one owns them

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