Rep. Bennie Thompson On The Jan. 6 Select Committee 1

Rep. Bennie Thompson On The Jan. 6 Select Committee


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Rep. Bennie Thompson On The Jan. 6 Select Committee


    1. Exactly he will be remembered and written about in American political history books for standing on the side of Truth and Justice forever…

    2. Truth matters – right matters, Adam Kinzinger sees things as they really happened on Jan. 6.

    3. Pelosi should invite “George W. Bush” to sit in the committee as a civilian observer, since there are 4 vacancies!

    4. He has been outspoken throughout and always been straight forward.
      I will remember Kinzinger before Cheney.
      I’m glad he has accepted the seat.

  1. Good choices. The American voters see the truth despite distractions they gonna see with our vote.

    1. Pelosi should invite “George W. Bush” to sit in the committee as a civilian observer, since there are 4 vacancies!

    1. @Heritage Karma Lol… You fools are so funny. Is that all you got? Trump University, the Trump Foundation in New York, the Trump Inaugural Committee, Ivanka’s Chinese patents, the Kushner money for visas program in China, the INDITED Trump organization, Ivanka and Jared’s personal email servers, Jared’s SECURITY CLREARANC OVVERRIDE… The list goes on and on. You wanna go? Let’s go.

    2. @Heritage Karma : You were slapped down by 10 true Americans and no Republicans came to your rescue a la Donald Trump to the insurrectionists.

    1. Pelosi should invite “George W. Bush” to sit in the committee as a civilian observer, since there are 4 vacancies!

  2. American DEMOCRACY was “HELD HOSTAGE FOR HOURS” before it was SET FREE, while trump watched TV. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    1. Pelosi should invite “George W. Bush” to sit in the committee as a civilian observer, since there are 4 vacancies!

    2. Republicans make a mess… Democrats clean it up… It’s time to take a newspaper to these filthy dogs.

  3. Any Republican that protects American democracy from everything Trump, enablers and collaborators is welcome on the investigating committee.

  4. McCarthy and McConnell must be subpoenaed and held to account for their back tracking on their January 6 speeches in the House and Senate. Also McCarthy regarding his phone call to Trump during the uprising.

    1. There is literally NO PLAUSIBLE EXPLANATION for why republicans didn’t want an unbias 3rd party investigation of Jan 6. Of course we all know why, with an investigation led by democrats, republicans can claim that all the (horrible) findings are made up, not true and partisan. McCarthy knew from the beginning that the investigation NEEDS to be led by the democrats in order to mudder the results. That’s why republicans blocked a bipartisan investigation

  5. If the United States allow Donald Trump escape January 6th, well the United States need to lower their flag to half staff until the end

  6. We must not allow Republicans to make this about House security or other distractions. This is ONLY about the Un Patriotic, Criminal, Insurrection and who was involved.
    Trump and his Violent Criminal supporters must face Justice.

    1. BLM is the only domestic terrorist group that needs to be prosecuted for over 200 days of burning looting and murdering last summer

  7. Quit while we’re ahead. If you found two truly open/minded republicans in the house, much less senate, start your investigation now. They’ve maxed out on integrity.

  8. McCarthy took his orders from Trump, whose main objective is stay relevant. The Republican party for some unfathomable reason doesn’t seem to care who decided it was patriotic to overturn the results of a legitimate election. That is one of the most undemocratic things l can think of.

  9. This whole thing disgusts me. It’s so obvious what happened……it’s all on tape. On video. The whole thing is being treated like some big mystery…when it’s clearly not.

  10. When the whole world witnessed the atrocities of January 6th, it is utterly shameful that the cowardly and hypocritical Republicans should try to whitewash and deny the insurrection and their complicity in it.

  11. Kevin McCarthy should one of the FIRST people to be subpoenaed by the committee.

    1. We need to stop pretending there was any level of separation between the GOP and Trump in planning the 1/6 insurrection. They won’t prosecute their patsy president because he will flip on them and spill the plot.

      Any deniability on their part is utter hogwash. They were in it up to their eyeballs as much as their Messiah.

  12. Kinzinger will be a good addition to this bipartisan committee. McCarthy can complain as much as he likes, he was offered equal representation and subpoena powers and turned it down.
    Now we have a bipartisan committee with Democrats having sole subpoena powers and two solid Republicans who want to get to the truth.

    Glad to see Democrats putting their foot down and doing the right thing.

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