Rep. Bonnie Coleman Tests Positive For Covid-19 After Capitol Riots | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Rep. Bonnie Coleman Tests Positive For Covid-19 After Capitol Riots | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) tests positive for coronavirus after the Capitol Hill riots. Aired on 01/11/2021.
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Rep. Bonnie Coleman Tests Positive For Covid-19 After Capitol Riots | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Of course. Stuck in the capital under siege by a bunch of mouth breathers with no masks. Im sure many people caught covid. Maga I guess…as dumb as the day is long.

    1. @American Avenger Why risk it? Reputable studies show the risks are reduced by people wearing masks, PLUS social distancing and washing hands. I guess you’re against them too?

    2. @Jay Roy Sims I’m guessing handwashing is useless too, unless it’s with essential oils or followed by a shot of bleach.

    1. @# 1 Oh you’re right, you’re a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist too.

      I’ve looked at all the things you’re mentioning and your theories don’t hold any merit. You hear buzzwords and assume they mean something, but they don’t. There is no New World Order. The 5th dimensional Venusian Chakra aliens won’t save you from the imagined treat of the Antarctic lizard people.

    1. @Francisco Leon no no no, of course not. At the current rate of deployment, the U.S. can come out of covid restrictions sometime in 2025.

    2. @SV Nyon please no the pandemic has already bankrupt people and more people and around trillions of people will die from covid before 2030

  2. Our country has ground to a halt. How is it we are not doing EVERYTHING to distribute and administer that vaccine? They need to get on this so we can get back to it. Use everything at your disposal. 700+ billion spent on defense. Use some of those resources. How trained do you have to be to give someone a shot? In the military 18 year olds do it. There is absolutely no excuse. This looks like purposeful sabatage.

  3. GOP congressmen refused to wear masks while hiding from the mob in a crowded room for hours. Woodshed time.

    1. Cool story. Let me guess the GOP took off the Democrats mask. Wake the F up. All politicians are evil and your either to stupid to see it or to far gone

  4. Still,republicans are deaf ear when it comes to Safety precaution.Republican leadership isn’t that nice.

  5. Vaccine rollout is going to take years if it continues at the current rate.
    Texas is especially behind, they are also allowing WEALTHY Texans to jump the line ahead of the people who are supposed to get vaccinated first. Shame on Texas GOVERNOR ABBOTT for allowing this to happen, as he sits back and allows EVICTIONS to happen throwing the poorer citizens into the streets with nowhere to go.

    1. Oregon is skipping over it’s most vulnerable senior population, ages 65 to 75 and accomidating healthy adults, aside from the healthcare facilities.

    2. Democrats states are giving their seniors fake vaccines. Their governors are laughing. I got this story from the same source you got yours

  6. I very much look forward to listen to your report everyday. This keeps me well informed about current affairs. Thank you

    1. It was obviously done & used as a crowd weapon to gain access to our Capital.
      As soon as they approached the Capital police they pulled them all down & started yelling ‘open-mouthed’ at the officers, thus forcing them to have to keep moving backwards in order to keep a safe distance.


  8. Maybe American Media.. need to call it a “global pandemic”.. as it is.. to remind yanks that it’s fn global n not a hoax

    1. Although I’m sure there’s quite a few non-believers, this insurrection wasn’t about the coronavirus. They were trying to keep a failed president in office who they felt the election was stolen from. The crowd did however use the coronavirus as a weapon to gain access to our Capital building by pulling down their masks as they approached the Capital police. Those individuals are all being rounded up now as we speak, so we expect several more multiple felony arrests to be made here shortly.

    2. @Tom Drake
      Lol almost sounds polite as to what these local US insurrectionist did … “they were try to.. “keep” in office” blah..,
      I can only imagine the their forebears that fought here in the Pacific knew which was up n down , right n wrong
      thanks to our American saviours in Ww2
      Unfortunately for all their fight, suffering… their fn grand kids are confused n lost

    3. @Tiger Tiger Seems like every generation runs into their own unique set of challenges along their way. This one’s no different, although I seriously doubt they’ll be singing any folk-songs about this Capital incident. I see nothing honorable, or historic about this incident. It’s actually quite sad to me that THAT many disenfranchised Americans could be so easily misled & incited into acts of extreme civil disobedience by someone they’re suppose to trust above all others. Democracy weeps for those who lost their lives. A price must be paid. Our leader knew exactly what he was doing, and that there was a good chance things could quickly get out of hand. In fact, I believe he was counting on it. I’m sure he was watching it live the whole time. There’s absolutely no excuse for not having acted sooner to put a stop to it. That was HIS ‘duty’ in return for the office he swore to uphold. I view this as a betrayal to his oath of office on a magnitude only seen in America once before, and if he wasn’t already getting the boot here in a few short days, I’d wholeheartedly support the Dem’s impeachment efforts. Even criminal prosecution, and mind you, I’m a republican.

  9. Whenever Chuck Todd speaks. . .he’s several levels lower than anyone he introduces or followers.
    C’mon MSNBC . . .work on your so7nd system.

  10. I’m not surprised. The rioters willingly hugged each other, saying mockingly that it’s a “super spreader event.”

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