Rep. Bush Urges The White House To Buy Congress Time On An Moratorium 1

Rep. Bush Urges The White House To Buy Congress Time On An Moratorium


Andrea Mitchell is joined by Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO), who has been sleeping on the steps of the Capitol to protest the end of the pandemic eviction moratorium. “I have to speak up and speak out,” says Rep. Bush. “This is us being inconvenienced temporarily, but we are talking about people who will have to live this way if we don’t do better.” Rep. Bush urges the White House to extend the extend the moratorium through executive action, even if it get struck down, to buy Congress time as millions face imminent eviction.

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Rep. Bush Urges The White House To Buy Congress Time On An Moratorium


    1. Dems feed off of their emotions. Now they want taxpayers to throw more money at their failed policies… yet again.

    1. How wonderful it is that an elected official can relate with this poorest among us, and takes her job seriously and had the ability and time to do what it took to get something done!!!! I’m a single mother who has experienced homelessness as well, and cares enough to also sleep on the steps of the capital as long as it would have taken to get something done; but like you, I cannot afford to take that time to protest because I have rent to pay and must provide for my own. Cori Bush did it! Just announced Biden is taking action.

  1. They let it expire so people will go back to work. There are millions of jobs available right now.
    Anyone who thinks they are above working for a living is in for a hard life.

    1. Oh dont be stupid, if people work and start making money they realize that its their victim mindset that is holding them from prospering in America, They will want to keep the money they earned and not let the government have a big chunk of it and probably want to make more money and invest in businesses. More money would let people invest more on themselves and improve their confidence and self image. This is a conservative mindset right here. The democrats will loose their voter base if people go to work and make money.

    1. Some people have mortgages, you dont think people who had actual homeownership wont be losing their homes. It happened in 08 boy, it can happen to current homeowners too

    1. @Victor Reyes then you’ve made poor life choices. Minimum wage jobs were NOT meant to be permanent careers. Better yourself and work your way up like we ALL had to do. Nobody owes you a living, you have to reach out and grab it. Good luck.

    2. Many have them and are back to work, but if they got behind and work a low wage job to begin with they will never catch up with rent or mortgages. This will also leave many of the owners of those apartments with months of unpaid rent and many will end up losing their life savings. Once they lose the roof over their head it won’t be long before they also lose the job they are working. Unemployment is at 6 %, and they are estimating around 20 million are behind on rent and mortgages. If you think unemployment is bad now, just wait till all of those evictions hit.

  2. Maybe Congress should have been working on this for the past month when the Supreme court said they would extend it until the end of the month. You slept on it and showed the average person that you failed due to your own shortcomings.

  3. I’m beginning to think Cory Bush isn’t paying her rent and is worried about herself getting evicted.

  4. Seriously, what is the White House supposed to do? The courts have already said anything else has to go through congress. Stop passing the blame and come to a consensus with your other coworkers.

    1. @Lynne D. Joined Feb 25, 2021, dont feed the Bot/troll or aunts from FB who just figured how to make a yt account

  5. They should build gaming console stations, like they do for Tesla charging. Then the new homeless can still play with all the toys they bought with their stimulus.

  6. “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Last line, 5th Amendment. Every dime illegally confiscated from every landlord must be repaid in full, not by the tax payer, but by every public official that violated the landlords civil property rights. With interest.

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