Rep. Castro Reacts To Pelosi Blocking Jordan And Banks’ Confirmation 1

Rep. Castro Reacts To Pelosi Blocking Jordan And Banks’ Confirmation


The Democratic Congressman from Texas supports Speaker Pelosi’s decision to block two of Minority Leader McCarthy’s nominations, congressmen Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, for the special committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol riot because Castro believes both congressmen are “people who are in complete denial on what happened”
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  1. The sedition continues . Vote 2022 and Crush the Trump/Putin Chaos Machine and the Collaborator Republicans.

    1. @A T Every single one of issues you complain about happened on Trump’s watch. He didn’t accomplish anything in four years except tax cuts for the wealthy and plenty of golf outings while 600,000 died due to his negligence. He also owns that violent insurrection despite his feeble excuses of a love fest. The guy’s a lying loser who probably gave away our country’s deepest secrets to Putin. And so what again is the upside with this guy?

  2. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

    — Kevin Mccarthy

    1. @imj tapcir other than that that being a lie that has already been debunked, deflecting by changing the subject is an overt admission that you have no defense.

      Sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting gibberish is not a defense.

    2. I hope you all stop supporting a group of politicians trying to lead America into Socialism & communism, we already know that does not work..

      it’s good for everybody to have their personal opinions … but look closely for the future of our children and grandchildren.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. @imj tapcir reality is reality, regardless of the source. Just because it hurts your feeling, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    1. Of course they are they either want to shave the losing down to make it look like Biden barely won because they can’t rewrite history. Or they want to change what happened to January 6th to make it like a rowdy kegger. Neither one is working.

    2. They attacked the capitol to change the election results! Dems, Republicans, where are the Americans? Truth, justice and the American way!!

    3. Thank goodness the cult felt the need to record their criminal actions. Then they posted it on social media! The cult members in Congress needs to come forward and confess their deeds connected to the insurrection!

    1. They should have a button that is used when a person is talking. It is turned on when the questions are asked and then shut off while the witness replies. Randy Paul disregarded the Facts, the Truth and all Protocol when he wrongfully attacked Anthony Fauci, the other day! He was told to let Fauci answer and Randy Paul kept running with mouth with his Trolling and his Big LIES!

    1. My exact words i came here to say!!!! Lol gym the molester enabler is like a sideshow bob of washington. Quacker boy of the gerrymandered duck district. Im guessing the other guy wanted the position so he could become a toilet seat republican also.

    1. @Stephen Johnson If you can’t spot the grammar/spelling/punctuation flaws, and you’re comfortable communicating with poor language skills, you shouldn’t feel insulted. By all means, cavort with the semi-literate.

      But this is a format for writers,. i.e, this isn’t a spoken word domain. Visiting forums such as this, expecting to be taken seriously, despite having constructed a phrase like “…had none integrity to beginning with!!” is manifestly arrogant.

    2. @Rose X So I was right. Color my perceptive. BTW, I admire the multi-lingual. Pro tip: Use one punctuation mark at the end of every sentence.

    3. @Groucho Marxist I can see that you’re a narcissist ‼️A grammar/English teacher⁉️ I guess you didn’t see the exclamation point and question mark emojis⁉️

      It must be a difficult job for you to police everyone’s grammar on YouTube since there are thousands to hundreds of thousands YouTubers‼️ How much are you getting pay to do this grammar job⁉️

    4. Pretty sure their plan at this point is to delay and distract from the last failed coup attempt (keeping the organizers out of jail) just long enough for them to put together another attempt.

  3. Also she can’t have people on the committee that may have to be subpoenaed for evidence to the committee. Good on Pelosi. Whether there is 1 Republican or 5 on the committee, the truth will come out.

    1. @Max Power since she was in charge of the security measures that were obviously lacking on the day. Since she had intelligence suggesting that a riot would happen. Since she is withholding hours of security footage. If you dont want Jordan on the committee because he could be subpoenaed i would think the same applies to Pelosi. Because these guys have questions about her knowledge of events she kicks them off the committee…looks like she is hiding something but hey im just an outsider looking in from abroad.

    2. @Daniel Dos Santos oh, kind of like Hillary being in charge of Benghazi security?
      It is my understanding that her calling in the national guard isn’t her responsibility, or staffing and briefing the Capitol police, but nice try.

    3. @Daniel Dos Santos who says she is hiding “hours” of video footage? Do you understand what evidence is? Be patient, you’ll get all the footage you can handle by Christmas.

    4. @Daniel Dos Santos you know what else, Jordan will be called to testify at one point. He was in the 3 hour meeting with Trump discussing the plan in regard to overturning the election.
      Keep out of American politics if you don’t understand what it means to be an American citizen.

    1. @Jamie Jay The truth is you need psychiatric treatment, how can you imply that Trump followers
      feel anything?

    2. @Is Covidoveryet I was at home trying to understand what the incompetent phoney Biden was reading from the teleprompter.

    3. @John GodleyThe most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.

  4. Good ! I am the Speaker of house Nancy Pelosi have courage to kick them off the committee investigation. Republican members in the Senate and Congress are full of hypocrisy.

    1. The Democratic Party needs to be put down as well, both the Democratic and Republican political parties along with their leadership need to erased from political existence.

    2. @Unknown Variable way to jump on the hypocrite wagon,, we want immigrants just not Cubans,,, makes total sense!!!! BLM storms Oklahoma state capitol,, you need to adjust your blinders, your’e leaning so far you may fall completely in Denial!!!!!!!!!!

    3. How quickly the left forgets. 2 sham impeachments & a Russia Collusion Hoax and you speak of obstruction?
      You’re a special kind of stupid.

    1. Everyone in the medical industry understands the Dr. Fauci medical experiment in crowd. Political muscle, plane and simple. The demonic nature of political celebrity and Nancy Pelosi “I ready for my close up Mr. Devil” sanctimony. Yeah that rascal of a devil and all his criminal medical experiment Satanic in crowd activity. New pair of shoe shine good times good times.

    2. Exactly. The rioters are not sitting on their own juries either! Jordan will be answering to a subpoena! The GOP are just TROLLING America by putting the Conspirators on the Committee! They KNEW she would HAVE TO reject clowns like Gym Jordan! That’s on them!

  5. I’m surprised he didn’t try to put Lauren Blowbert and Margarine Trailer Queen on the committee. I really am.

    1. @Eldon Dye it really seems like crying trump along with clown kevin AND the rest of the republican clapping seals ARE the ones running the biggest, most beautiful circus as their stupid circus owner-trump would say.

    2. @Helen Smith If it wasn’t for that child you would have already been in a communist country. He was the one that was stepping on the dems toes and even rep that have their hands in the kitty. He was the one that Pelosi couldn’t control so she went after him along with all of the other crooked congressmen and women. Because he was disrupting their money and power flow

    1. This is exactly what McCarthy wanted. He never wanted this investigation to proceed. Since it is anyway he wants to plant the seed of doubt among the voters. So he and his GOP co-conspirators can claim this is a sham investigation once the truth comes out and they are implicated.

    2. @Anita Bruton So let’s hope enough Americans have the sense to see exactly what the Republicans are trying to hide.

  6. No one is fooled by McCarthy. Even those who agree with him aren’t fooled. You don’t let people who voted to overthrow democracy investigate their allies.

    1. The rioters are not sitting on their own juries either! Jordan will be answering to a subpoena! The GOP are just TROLLING America by putting the Conspirators on the Committee! They KNEW she would HAVE TO reject clowns like Gym Jordan! That’s on them!

    1. Amen. He’s not used to a woman who says, “no,” and means, “no.” But then, the whole insurrection was about entitled, spoiled, childish elites, refusing to take, “no,” for an answer. The whole GOP have reduced themselves to lame, complaining Karens, terrified of the TRUTH. ✌️👍

    2. @Ash Roskell The Left calls good evil and evil good and many of the idiots think they’re the good guys.

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