Rep. Cheney Criticizes McCarthy Over Pulling Committee Picks 1

Rep. Cheney Criticizes McCarthy Over Pulling Committee Picks


Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wy., criticized House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week over his decision to pull Republicans from the select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

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Rep. Cheney Criticizes McCarthy Over Pulling Committee Picks


  1. The committee should call Jim Jordan first to interview at the investigations … show it on TV live

    1. @Otis Goodwin ..where did you get that? Do you just make up what’s in people’s minds.. Nancy Pelosi had set the pace of a light hand on any demonstrators all that summer. You remember Portland Seattle and just about everywhere stores and property was burned, federal courthouses taken and a few blocks in Seattle were confiscated (called Chaz) … but she and Harris said they didnt know why there wasnt more people demonstrating while Harris was bailing people out . …….To come down on these people (400) who trespassed would have made her look one sided and hypocritical. We know what happened. a radical fringe group took advantage of the peaceful demonstration of farmers and older people and country folk , as often happens.

    2. @Ray Bin Speaker of the house and senate majority leader has the sole responsibility of protecting the Capitol building. Under cover FBI slept with the key figures of the radical fringe element that took advantage of the peaceful demonstration by over 150,000 solid Americans. The event was known about 3 weeks in advance.

    3. @piertinence Delusions …what kind of a coup has not a firearm with it. What kind of a coup has Capital; police let them in the back door. What kind of Coup has the president offer the nat guard to “stop it” What kind of a coup has the only person killed a a woman who had nothing but a flag pole and shot dead by a body guard of a high ranking DEM congressperson.
      You dont know what a real coup looks like if you think this was a coup. This is why CNN lost 75% of watchers and was sold to Discover channel ..

    4. @Sarah F. 4.2 If not, (I hear differently) , It is her sole responsibility with the senate majority leader to summon the protection needed.She has all options. 500 fringe radicals who took advantage of the peaceful demonstration would have been an easy block. the other 150,000 had nothing of the sort on their mind

    1. @Joanne DENIOUS Republican Congressmen didn’t want Trump to run, the people demanded it.

    2. @Cary Smith I don’t really like Pelosi, but McTurdy sent Reps who voted against the election results. She did what was best from a military standpoint.

  2. McCarthy demanded ‘this is the People’s house not Pelosi’s House’. Shouldn”t he also recognize the Senate is the People’s Senate, not McConnell’s Senate?. All swore to uphold the Constitution and represent the People.

    1. Disagree with the thing about Hunter Biden I read all the everything I could find them on that and I found that he didn’t do anything that was as egregious As Trump and yet Trump’s running around free in spite of the fact that he committed crimes right in front of us all if Democrats are sheep that Republicans are lemmings

    2. @Marcea Susanna Becerras my cyber friend, be patient, all around Trump are falling, it may not be fast enough but Trump’s time is coming.

    3. @Big Smoke Guitar your response to whomever you were lashing out to was a bit offensive
      May I ask? Have you read, studied and understand the Constitution?

    4. @tigaboo I feel so very sorry for all the chaos and undoong of America that Biden and Harris inherited by election. Not to mention all the brainless Republicans they have to deal with. I believe Biden/Harris truly brave.

  3. Well, he should know all about egregious abuse of power. His lips are so chapped from kissing Donnie’s derriere!

    1. @Holly Stuart hahahaha that’s hilarious, are you writing comments from your cell in the psych ward?

    2. @mike briganti Probably from trying to tell Trump supporters, they’re wrong to support him.

  4. McCarthy: Not better prepared? How often has the capital been under threat of attack for the purpose of a coup?

    1. @Sacha Vasiliev Are you even comprehending what I wrote?

      Did I ever say this wasn’t done by leftist? No.

      But, you’re doing a good job of arguing my point part of my point.

      However, since you quoted the dictionary definition, I have to ask why they weren’t at the rally attacking President Trump?

      The leftist who were involved on January 6th are idiots. Plain and simple. (John Sullivan is a good example.) As to a violent uprising on January 6th in an attempt to overthrow the sitting president, I don’t see how that can even be considered since they weren’t armed. Just a bunch of idiots trying to get on TV to make President Trump look bad.

    2. @Truth Holder where has it ever been defined that an insurrection must include weaponry? That said, the summer of 2020 attacks on the WH and federal courthouse in Portland did in fact involve the use of Molotov cocktails, bricks, lasers to the eyes of law enforcement, frozen water bottles, and arson of a church, synagogue, police cars, chain saws to fencing, and countless examples of physical assault against police, and supporters of Trump – which is political violence akin to an insurrection.

      Now do you want to retract your laughable ‘1814’ comment or will you be just deleting your YT account in shame? Which one?

    3. @Sacha Vasiliev

      Okay. I’ll buy that about weaponry if you can show me in modern history an unarmed insurrection.

      Other than that, to troll someone else.

    4. @Truth Holder show me where in the English lexicon that a violent insurrection must necessarily involve weapons. You can’t do it. Funnier than that … you can’t just admit that you haven’t a clue what an insurrection truly is. It need not involve a successful overthrow of a government and it need not involve weapons per se … all that’s needed is (a) violence and (b) a government or government entity as your aim. Both of these prongs were met throughout the summer of 2020 insofar as attacks on federal enclaves and property is concerned. You’re not very good at this are you?

    1. He’s speaking to his base. “Fake news, fake committee, no bipartisanship, American government is busted, GOP now and forever”

    2. Nor I – it seems strong, capable, and rational. McCarthy was given several chances to have the Republican faction openly participate – but he spit on the American people and turned his back on all of us – and the Constitution. Kevvie is a coward – a deeply flawed, sleazy, disingenuous individual – reminds of Grima Wormtongue, from the LOtR trilogy.

    1. @Deborah Freedman: That’s what I’m seeing too. They met, but there’s nothing about “planning a coup”. Thanks Deborah.

    2. @Reason When convicting a murderer, you don’t have to wait for the murderer to say ” I Killed them” to know the truth. There’s enough evidence to suggest they were doing everything in their power to convince Americans that Biden stole the election, that kind of rhetoric is the kind of propaganda that will turn normal citizens into terrorists. Did anyone think Trump supporters would be peaceful and just let Biden steal the election?

    3. @Janet French: It’s a vote. That’s literally their job; to vote on things. Are you saying they committed a crime by HOW they chose to vote as Representatives?

  5. It’s sad that Liz Cheney stands out so much for being a Republican telling the truth. The Republicans have multiple personalities and mostly bad.

    1. Which is why the democrat party refuses to hold committee hearings over the left wing riots and insurrection during the summer of 2020, huh dummy?

    2. @Sacha Vasiliev Far Left riots, sure. I’d like to know how BLM would let the scum hangers-on join in . Insurrection? Oh please, Sacha. You would be good material for fluoride in the water research.

    1. Can’t help but referring back to their new term “Alternative Facts”. Only straight liars would come up with something like this.

    2. Thank you, you are very CORRECT!. TELL OTHERS NOT TO VOTE FOR THEM. IS ABOUT AMERICA NOT POLITICAL. donald trump said that the insurrection is just d beginning. PLAY AND LISTEN TO HIS SPEECH WHEN HE SAID WE ARE GOING TO MATCH INTO THE CAPITAL WHICH HE & SONS RANAWAY WATCHING OUR POLICEMEN STRUGGLING & DEATHS OCCURED WHICH HE DOESN’T CARE UPTILL DATE. donald trump should received his well designed orange suit by now.

    3. S Starkey, this fundamental fact seems forgotten nowadays. The truth is not an arguable concept, despite what Kellyanne Conway and her ilk may think.

    1. @melek twelve I usually don’t agree with Joe manchin but he has a spine unlike the rest of the DNC and the Democrats

    2. @Shane Alan Like it or not, you’re witnessing the pathetic last cries of the Republican Party. You can thank the imposter Trump and the fools that supported him.

  6. I am so proud of Speaker Pelosi, finally to show her shield for democracy.

    We’ve got to Quit Playing!!!

    1. can’t cover up enough of pelosi’s BS. it’s all going to come out. she is likely bound for gitmo!

    2. @Crycloset Composting Yeah Right!!!! Just like Hillary Clinton, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, were all going to jail with Bill Barr in charge of the DOJ, right? I know he tried, but, the Grand jury rejected his cases telling him to come back with some actual evidence.

    1. @Wrecking Vi Those same democrats you speak of are now republicans. They left the democratic party in droves after the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were passed in the 1960s. They proclaimed themselves to be “dixiecrats” first before eventually switching over to the republican party. Do your research.

    2. @Wrecking Vi **looks like nobody’s buying your PROPAGANDA… We all know which party the k k k SUPPORTS… AND IT’S NOT THE DEMOCRATS!!!! NICE TRY!! BUT NOBODY’S BUYING YOUR PROPAGANDA….

    3. @Wrecking Vi
      The KKK WERE Democrats. Correct.
      Show me a current member of the KKK who has voted for a Democrat in a national election in the last three decades.
      Just one.
      I’ll wait.
      Today’s white supremacists, white seperatists, and racists are all RepubliKKKons.

  7. McCarthy is a deplorable turncoat. He stated: “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,”

    1. “Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”
      Donald Trump Nov 8, 2013.

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