Rep. Chip Roy warns McCarthy about a major, looming negotiation in the House

CNN's Jake Tapper asks Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) about upcoming debt ceiling negotiations that could cause the US to default on its debt if an agreement is not reached. #CNN #News


  1. Kevin Mccarthy will be the weakest speaker in the history.  He can be kicked out anytime by one congressman. It never happens before.

  2. As soon as SSI raised the monthly payments amounts significantly the government allowed the electric company in Florida to take it by immensely raising their rates… when people are down, keep them down, that’s their motto.

    1. @Faux Que I blame the greedy power company and the government that allows skyrocketing prices for something that’s been in place for years, nothing is upgraded except the price. Oil serves a purpose within Earth’s ecosystem, because so much profit is being made from it all around the world no one will ever tell us the actual purpose of it but I guarantee it’s not the purpose we use it for or the pollution we turn it into

    2. @Yeah ok they only way to go forward is to exploit every mineral deposit that is in the US to the fullest. We must match Indian and Chinese capacity if we want to thrive.

  3. I love the Republican talking point ‘Look how broken government is’ after actively breaking government.

    1. What are you talking about your party has been in charge of all three chambers for the past two years and they have spent 100% of their focus and attention not on legislating and getting things done that they promised their voters but actually focusing on the 2024 election and making sure that Trump is not on the ballot. That’s literally the only thing Democrats have done with control of all three Chambers which means they could’ve literally gotten anything they want it passed and done but the only thing they’ve cared about is Donald Trump which is awfully suspicious for a party that absolutely annihilated him with the week is candidate in US history in the last election which was supposedly the most fair and secure election of all time so what are they so afraid of? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤡

  4. In other words, a lesson in how to get absolutely nothing done for two years straight. Two years of wasted time and utter inaction. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 So all we sane Americans can do in response to this ongoing insanity is to continue to vote blue in all future elections. It is the only meaningful solution to this obvious problem. 💙🇺🇸

  5. The 2017 Tax Cut needs to be rolled back to at least 2016 level. Stop unlimited money to the military industrial complex. The actual branches of military and veterans organizations need more money. Social Security and Medicare keep getting threatened to be axed. Rick Scott, Ron Johnson, Lindsay Graham have said it out loud.

    1. @6 H That would be a great plan, if we were not 33 trillion in debt.
      So we are going to prop up SSI with unsecured funds? Because that won’t harm anything.
      Perfect idea.

      The best idea is to hold a fire sale. Slash the the Federal work force of many of the alphabet soup by 80%.
      Slash Federal property and equipment, sales to the public
      Sell all publicly held land not currently a national park or military insulation.
      Lease mineral right to private companies.

      Once the debt is paid off we can refill SSI.

    2. @Steve Stoll Just forget about tax cuts for the rich, and unlimited military spending for a few years. Problem solved. Social security contributors didn’t create this debt, incompetent government did. Pay up. If we had the 2.6 trillion in the treasury that trumps tax cuts cost it in lost revenues, we could have almost paid the 2.9 trillion back that the government owes the fund.

    3. @6 H why would we cut taxes on one group when in reality taxation if theft.

      Let’s talk about military spending, We should cut spending. That includes the US withdrawal from every military insulation outside of the US. In addition the US exiting the UN and NATO. The US can not be the world police.

    4. @TheChopf26 
      “Fund them “,Republicans had no problem funding the rich with a 1.4 trillion tax cut.
      Making tax laws so lax the rich pay no tax but get a tax refund from other tax payers as Trump did .
      Give the military industrial complex billions when already they spend more tan 5x of the amount the next five biggest military spending countries spend.
      Or the billions on subsidies ( handouts )to big corporations .
      But funding every day Americans oh cannot afford it .
      GET REAL .

    5. @Steve Stoll When you’re 33 trillion in debt, nobody should get a tax cut. Income tax however should be eliminated, right along with all of the deductions and loopholes that go with it. Replace it with a flat percentage sales tax paid at point of sale by everyone in this country, from the lowest income people to the highest, along with corporate America. Military spending could be cut right in half, and we’d still have the largest and most effective force on earth by far. Getting out of The UN and NATO though, will never happen.

  6. Let me get this straight, I, a citizen, have to go through a fairly stringent and arduous process to get an amendment suggestion put into the hopper because such frivolity has the ability to derail vital governance, but now this barrel of lunk heads has carte blanche to do it whenever they want … and most of them have never been a lawyer or written any kind of legislative article? Wonderful …. im so over joyed. I’ll give you my opinion, Washington isnt the problem …. the people in Washington are the problem.

    1. Our Representatives don’t write legislation. They rely on corporations, lobbyists and other entities to write the legislation for them with one hand while giving the money with the other.

    2. How about more of you actually vote? That’s your issue right there. As long as the crazies are more motivated to for crazies, and over a third of your population won’t vote, then Chip Roy and his terrorists hold you all hostage and the entire world watches, and learns. Look at Brazil at the moment. That’s down to January 6. When will you learn? The entire planet needs the US to be a healthy, strong democracy, we need it. Instead, we get this … and Chip Roy is an architect of chaos. These next couple of years are going to. be dreadful, if life wasn’t hard enough already.

    3. @OP: Don’t be an idiot. The “GOP” are the problem. There’s no equivalence at this point. They’re fascists.

  7. Chip Roy is gonna fix what’s broken. And at that same time talks about breaking glass as a necessity. Priceless

    1. @MyOpinion these people aren’t serious just showmanship. While all this was going on they was fundraising. It’s just another grift

    2. @Darnell Hill For majority of politicians, I would agree with you. However, Chip Roy has actually been speaking out and working on getting these policies changed for a long time. Nobody that pays attention to what’s been happening in congress were surprised to hear about what they were asking for. Some of these congressmen have actually fought both parties in order to get more transparency for the people.

  8. It’s dysfunctional to physically attack someone you disagree with…there is way too much of that going on currently and Chip Roy should not have used the example of Matt gaetz almost being attacked physically (would have been if the other congressman hasn’t restrained the attacker) as “something we need right now”

    1. I saw the video — Mike Rogers was far from any kind of physical attack on Gaetz, Rogers was restrained and pulled away from speaking, not pulled away from any kind of physical action

    2. @Marianne Greg i saw it as well and republicans have said that he was “going after him” but were making the usual excuses and justification about it being late, people bring tired and stressed and the question posed was as itvrekated to a physical attack so..

    1. Most of the GOP base of seniors rely on social security to have any income, cutting it is suicide, but then the rich can bargain for lower taxes yet again.

    2. Dude the GOP has literally never ever proposed cutting Social Security what are you talking about? Even if they wanted to, they know that his political suicide so nobody has ever even proposed that so the closest thing they have proposed to making any changes to Social Security is to allow young people the ability to opt out if they choose to which would be a blessing because none of us in our 20s and teens or even 30s are ever going to get Social Security as it’s been bankrupt for decades but conservatives argue that it’s also not fair for people who have paid into it their whole lives so those people should absolutely receive their benefits but what issue do you have with an opt out plan? It’s protecting those who have paid into the system their whole lives to be guaranteed the security and giving young people who will not get Social Security anyways the ability to opt out of it and invest in their own future with that money. The amount of money we would be putting into Social Security could literally be put into anything like the worst possible investment returns for 60 years and it will yield incredible results compared to Social Security! Imagine the money you put into it was thrown literally anywhere in the stock market, gold, silver, land or real estate etc. Let alone some high risk high reward assets but instead you pay your entire life into Social Security to get the most absolute minimum to get by monthly back for a couple of years before you pass away or you may not even make it to it 🤡🤦🏾‍♀️ it’s a shitty bankrupt system and you need to stop defending it and again not for people who are owed their money back because it’s not fair for government to get out of that contract but young people should absolutely get the opportunity to opt out

    3. @Nera Kar there were multiple Republicans over the past few years who talked about it as an “entitlement” they want to slash because social security is a huge part of the federal budget. And you half brained “opt out” BS is just that, a steaming pile of BS to people who rely on social security for retirement so stop lying you coward.

      Sen Ron Johnson has proposed subjecting Social Security and Medicare to annual congressional spending bills making it more difficult for retirees to count on a steady stream of benefits.

      Sen Lindsay Graham’s pledge: If Republicans regain control of the Senate following the midterms, the current Senate Budget ranking member is laying the groundwork: “Entitlement reform is a must…”

      In 2020, failed Senate candidate Don Bolduc advocated for cutting $1.2 trillion for Medicare and in 2022 he called for ‘getting government out’ of Medicare. In 2022, Bolduc advocated that future retirees transition from Social Security to private saving accounts.

      In a June primary debate, Arizona’s Republican Senate nominee, Blake Masters, floated the idea of privatizing Social Security.

      Axios reported “The proposed budget of the Republican Study Committee, an influential group of House Republicans, includes proposals like raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67 to align with Social Security, and converting Medicare to a ‘premium support’ system where seniors received a subsidy they could use on private plans competing against traditional Medicare.”

      Forbes reported: “Key Republicans say they will cut Social Security and Medicare if their party gains power. Some Republicans are considering raising the full retirement age to 70. These long-promised Republican policies threaten millions of older Americans, and all those who will grow old — and they will only make current economic stresses even worse.”

    4. Thank-you! Glad someone else picked up on that little “mistake” Mr. Roy made. That money belongs to retired tax payers, end of discussion!

    1. They always talk about cutting spending – but also always always always cut revenue from the biggest sources by giving tax cuts to those who absolutely do not need it, thereby reducing federal government revenue. If any of these people actually understood economics maybe we’d make progress.

  9. Respectfully, Mr. Roy, a reason these bills were so-called ‘jammed down your throats without debate’ is that the many times the Democrats in good faith tried to open these bills up for any discussion, the right immediately voted them down or delayed or just said ‘no’ and then the bill died. So yeah, sometimes ya gotta push through where you can to get something done for the citizenry or that chance is lost. The right does this all the time and then claims foul when it’s done to them. Ya can’t have it both ways, sir. Blessings to you and your family in 2023.

    1. @Big Earl The Federal Government is running a huge debt hurting the people.
      You have no idea whether she’s pushing it or not or someone on her behalf.
      I would say the same thing if there was a trail named after Laura Bush.
      Let Bush & Laura pay for it.
      Do some research to see all the unnecessary spending in the bill.
      $200 million dollars is going to a gender equity & equality action fund in Pakistan.
      This is actually from CNN, not some right-wing website.
      How is any of this helping Americans who are struggling with inflation, etc.

    2. @AT 1984 I’m not saying that such things are right, but most bills that go through our government have things that would make you scratch your head. I was remember in the early 1980’s when a study was funded on the effect of elephant farts on the ozone layer. I can’t make stuff like that up. I’m saying this is nothing new.

    3. That is a damn lie and you either know it or CNN has you brainwashed but either way, I pray for you 🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. The problem is that people say, “Spending within our means” when they really mean, “I want to destroy all the programs that help regular people.”

    1. @Joe Biden made me a republican – Sure, we’ve heard that before and when the other party is in power they raised the debt ceiling even more. It’s just a campaign slogan you’ve decided to get behind but they will never enact.

    2. @Joe Biden made me a republican Just curious, were you complaining when the national debt increased by 8 trillion dollars while Trump was in office? He personally signed every one of those bills, and his tax cut for big corporations and the ultra wealthy blew a recurring 2 trillion dollar hole in our deficit. Democrats actually cut the deficit last year.

    3. Regular people who pay the bulk of taxes in this country. Time to start firing some of these people in the House.

    1. @The Majority Speaks Ya know cause corporations are people according to the SCOTUS, and their in the USA so he’s actually not a liar! Kinda…..OK, he’s a liar.

    2. Appeal to special interest by cutting wasteful spending? Please stop talking and making a fool of yourself 🤡🤡🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. “spend within means’ was all he wanted to repeat with no mention to their tax breaks to buddies that kept those means shrink so that they could afford their mega yachts and rocket rides

    1. The power of this economy could explode in ways not seen ever and counteract inflation, however two things need to happen.
      Fossil fuels need to be embraced.
      Cut the personal Federal income tax to 1%.

  12. It’s crazy that these people still don’t understand the difference between debt and deficit and they’re in charge of these things…

    1. @Joe Biden made me a republican Under the Trump administration the debt rose 7.8 TRILLION dollars, and almost half of that was tax cuts for the rich. So far under Biden, 3 Trillion, most of which goes to Infrastructure.

    2. @GreenEyedLady They love claiming that inflation is caused by government spending, when every economist on the planet says otherwise. Inflation is caused by CONSUMER spending and supply and demand. I guess in a roundabout way you could claim that the stimulus packages created the inflation, so it’s the government’s fault, but that would just be blame-shifting.

  13. Dear Chip, does limiting spending also include limiting tax cuts for the ultra wealthy? Throughout your rant, you kept talking about “what the American people want”, yet you never mentioned this. 🧐

  14. It’s hard for me to take the Republican concerns over the debt limit/spending seriously when they only talk about it if a Democrat is in the White House.

    1. During Trumps term before Covid due to Trumps policies of one being tax cuts for the rich caused soaring debt .

    2. Their own record puts the lie to the myth of GOP fiscal responsibility. They spend as much or more than any Democrat, while cutting taxes, creating more and more debt.

  15. When Roy says he “doesn’t want” something … he actually wants something. If he weren’t thinking about it, not wanting it, he wouldn’t mention it. And the way he mentions not wanting something, you can tell it’s foremost on his mind.

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