Rep. Cicilline: We’ll Present Overwhelming Evidence Trump Incited Insurrection | MSNBC

Rep. Cicilline: We’ll Present Overwhelming Evidence Trump Incited Insurrection | MSNBC 1

Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is elucidated by Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), a House impeachment manager, in conversation with Jonathan Capehart.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rep. Cicilline: We’ll Present Overwhelming Evidence Trump Incited Insurrection | MSNBC

73 Comments on "Rep. Cicilline: We’ll Present Overwhelming Evidence Trump Incited Insurrection | MSNBC"

  1. It’s all on video!

    • @Susan Kay The same can be said for every single book ever written by any politician ever in history. Even people who are good people often refer to themselves as good people and don’t consider themselves bad people. While what you’re saying works in fiction and stories, That does not work in real life. Otherwise you wouldn’t have the groveling celebrities do when they say some thing that people disagree with… Criminals most often consider themselves victims, not heroes.

    • Remember when he told them to PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY make their voices heard?

    • @Ryan Harding That’s what I heard.Not exactly terrorism. But hey, the dishonesty got these guys riled up so… Can’t say they didn’t gain anything from it

    • It is what it is , America full of Idiots .

    • Breaking News: Antifa have arrived in Tacoma Wash with rifles, bats and explosives and are vowing to murder police after a police cruiser ran over a group of Antifa blocking a street, after they jumped on the police car. Police are requesting national guard with lethal clearance. So I guess this is Biden’s America…

  2. Indict,prosecute,convict,imprison

  3. Dont forget to have Lindsey Grahm testify about his role in the Georgia fraud

  4. Exactly so True

  5. the impeachment was done prior to the 20th, the trial must convict or there is no justice. and he must be barred from public office, no pension or perks paid by us (which could be $3 – 4 million yearly!

  6. Look where his choices got him.

    • Show me in Trump’s own words, where the crime is. Have not seen it yet.

    • @Matt Fayne I’m sure glad you came back from your recent coma. The last president preached for weeks before and after the election that there was fraud and he was going to march with his supporters to the Capitol. He preached strength not weakness to change the results of the election. 🤡

  7. Yes Americans saw exactly what happened, Republikkklans saw nothing.

  8. An impeachment trial is a platform to engage those who have NOT gotten the same narrative. It will be ineffective if just “preaching to the choir”.  
    Perhaps invite the Lincoln Project to advise and help prepare videos and props? They know the intended audience and how to reach them better than anyone….

    • Max the maltipoo | January 24, 2021 at 7:18 PM | Reply

      Really well said. The Democrats always fail because of their appeal to altruistic or enlightened ideals. The GOP plays dirty and mean, and appeals to basic instincts. Hopefully your advice is heeded, and 74 million Americans get to see how rotten Trump is to their interests.

    • @Max the maltipoo Thanks 🙂 I hope they consider and seek advice from those who can speak on the language of the republican jurors. Simply “being outraged” will go nowhere fast…

    • Pocket Fluff Productions | January 24, 2021 at 10:09 PM | Reply

      As much as I admire the Lincoln Project’s fervor (their attack ads were way more cutting than Biden’s and even Bloomberg’s were), I haven’t gotten the impression that they were effective at reaching Republicans or even making it clear that they themselves are a Republican group.

  9. Repub’s will refuse to back the Democrats. It’ll be the same thing all over again. Face it, gov’t is broken.

    • @ayoungethan I’d disagree, it would just show that the Republicans are a failed party. The fact that we can even have this trial to hold our president to account shows that the state is still functioning.

    • And they SHOULD refuse to back them, this is all personal and political. They still have not gotten over the fact that Trump won in 2016. Dems are the biggest cry baby losers in the world.

    • @Matt Fayne The “biggest cry baby losers” would definitely be the mob that was so upset they lost the election that they tried to overthrow our government and instate Trump as a dictator. That’s takes being a “cry baby loser” to the level of sedition and treason.

    • @Matt It was less than 1% of the total who were there and many were BLM and ANTIFA who had it planned days prior to the event. Hundreds of rally’s were done by Trump over 4yrs and not one resulted in a riot prior to Jan 6th. By contrast, EVERY BLM protest has resulted in riots, yet they get rewarded with a mural on the streets. How would Democrats feel if we demand a MAGA mural on the street in D.C.?

      Their hypocrisy and double standards is mind bending. Also, we have never viewed Trump as a ”dictator”. Social media has silenced him. Dictators are not silenced, they do the silencing. The true dictators are the Democrats. They’re doing the silencing, banning, shaming and attacking free speech. That is a true dictator.

    • @Matt Fayne …. FOR THE RECORD… No members of BLM, or ANTIFA were there. Don’t get it twisted. If you believe that, you have allowed yourself to be brainwashed by all the false narratives, and conspiracy theories that QAnon has been spewing. You need to check all that bogus baggage, and get with the FACTS. Enough with all this ultra right winged cult mentality. The people that violently stormed the US capitol on 01/06/2021 were 100% Trump supporters and QAnon members. These are the FACTS.

  10. Accountability

  11. I would bring everyone charged at the insurection into testify about why and who sent them. Should be a hoot.

  12. Put him in jail

  13. Lock Him Up !

  14. Weeping Willow | January 24, 2021 at 4:55 PM | Reply

    There is evidence through every word Trump speaks.

  15. Weeping Willow | January 24, 2021 at 4:59 PM | Reply

    As they say the best evidence is video, well there are 4 years worth of it.

    • We have 47yrs worth of video on Biden. PLUS…a laptop.

    • @Matt Fayne Biden didn’t incite a mob to ATTACK the capitol leaving 5 people dead. Biden didn’t try to pressure a foreign country to help gather info on a political ally.

      You have a brain. USE IT!

      Should change your name to Matt NoBrain

    • Mister Tambourine | January 24, 2021 at 11:00 PM | Reply

      Yeah but that’s a dangerous game to play. You really wanna say that a bunch of random moments over a 4 year period caused one incident to happen. You could just as easily flip it around then and show videos of Trumps opposers on the democratic side. That wouldn’t be evidence either.

      You’re right though idea is the best evidence. The video of Trump at Capitol Hill is him talking about peacefully and patriotically making your voices heard and cheering on congressmen/women.

  16. Just bring those proud boys to testify they were just doing what Trump told them hahah would be the ultimate irony to get convicted by their own MOB

  17. I love this man’s choice of words. He says it as it is.

  18. Convict him then indict him. While you’re at it expel everyone in congress that tried to overturn the election. Those that helped the mob are criminals.

  19. There won’t be justice until he’s convicted.

    • @gswombat
      Dont try to hide the fact that he was bought up a socialist and so was his father…and what about Pol Pot..???
      He murdered thousands in the name of socialism and liberalism…😀

    • @Sun Dial The National Socialist party had that name before Hitler joined. He himself hated the left, and as soon as he came to power ordered communists, socialists and humanists rounded up, imprisoned and killed as his first order of business, and outlawed socialist organizations. He only kept the name of the party he now led because it had become a known brand. This is all well known to anyone who has bothered to educate themselves, which is clearly not you.

    • @Sun Dial another conspiracy just like the baseless claims of Voter-Fraud lies

    • @Sun Dial brainwashed

    • @kimonobeads
      Then why are Liberals trying to shutdown any fraud investigations..are they afraid that Biden and Harris would be frogmarched out of the WH at the hands of FBI agents…?????….🤔

  20. This is an excellent opportunity for Republicans to waste.

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