1. The richest country on Earth can surely support the following proposition: anyone who works a full time job should be able to afford at least a working class life, and at less than $15 an hour that’s impossible.

    1. The minimum wage really should be pegged to the consumer price index rather than being set in stone.

  2. I think that this gutless dithering on spending is mislead…Do something while you have control.

    1. Dems are about 80 controversies behind, and they are silent for weeks on end. Get it moving.

  3. I just watched National Report and they were giving their opinions about Qualified Immunity. We currently have Qualified Immunity and it has led to nothing but unequal treatment of the people by the law. The U.S. Supreme Court first introduced the qualified immunity doctrine in Pierson v. Ray (1967). So it’s only been a precedent for 53 years. So let’s think about that for a moment. Hmmm that’s about the same time our problems with unjust treatment by the Justice system started. So what makes it fair to the people being policed to not be allowed to hold law enforcement accountable to us. Qualified Immunity WILL NOT stop good Cops from enforcing the law. Qualified Immunity only gives bad Cops a license to abuse the people they police without fear of accountability. Get rid of Qualified Immunity and the problems we now have will disappear. I’m a Republican and I’m hoping that the Democrats are successful on this issue. Do not stop do not back down on the issue. Qualified Immunity is bad for ALL Americans.

  4. “If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.” – Thomas Sowell

    1. I would say the opposite mr Kor. I would say they are in touch with the American people. We need childcare. We need a $15 minimum wage! It’s an investment

  5. Go Stephanie! She’s the first to say it! It’s the freaking measly, absurdly low pay!!!

  6. “Long term”?? If the Biden administration doesn’t start paying attention and addressing what’s going on outside the USA there will be no need for ANY long term planning for American families. This administrations focus on domestic policies is commendable but at a completely inappropriate time considering the current global chaos.

  7. Small businesses need to offer things that Amazon and other large companies can’t or won’t. That’s how it always is with small companies trying to compete with big ones. Basically, don’t try to compete so much as do something different enough that you’ll still draw customers. I think the brick and mortar experience by itself has a lot to offer, especially when there isn’t a pandemic going on. Work with that.

  8. Federal Unemployment Benefits coming to a end time to get back to work !! President Biden says that anyone offered a suitable job who is collecting unemployment has to accept the job or they will lose their benefits.

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