Rep. Clyburn Explains How Gun Purchasing Loopholes Still Pose A 'Big Problem' | Velshi | MSNBC 1

Rep. Clyburn Explains How Gun Purchasing Loopholes Still Pose A ‘Big Problem’ | Velshi | MSNBC


Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) joins Ali Velshi to discuss voter suppression tactics and the need for increased gun reform. He says, “We wait 30 days to get something in the mail when we order it online. There's nothing about having a gun within ten days that's so important.”

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Rep. Clyburn Explains How Gun Purchasing Loopholes Still Pose A 'Big Problem' | Velshi | MSNBC


  1. If we handled gun ownership like driving before you could own a gun you would have to take a class then pass a test. Then you would renew your license ever few year. Get some kind of insurance would be need to be obtained for the gun to cover accidents.

    1. Most people need cars to improve their daily lives = No need for the automobile lobby to fight against common sense
      Literally no one needs semi-auto guns with high cap mags = Definite need for gun lobby to fight against common sense

  2. Rep Clyburn thank you for your tireless ,and selfless efforts to right a very flawed system used for gun sales in this country. Not to hinder gun ownership, but do all humanly possible to keep them out of the hands of the mentally ill .

  3. Idiots: “But criminals aren’t going to obey the law anyways.”
    Everyone: “So by that logic, we should make cocaine, heroin, and crack legal too.”
    Idiots: “**stares blankly** “But criminals aren’t….”
    Everyone: “Sigh.

    1. Look at Chicago. Some of the most restrictive gun laws and have the most gun deaths. Democrats want to take away guns from law-abiding citizens. The criminals will still have the guns. Just like you see in Chicago. You want more Crime? Vote Democrat and take away your Second Amendment rights.

    2. @FACTS ONLY But you can just drive 45 minutes to Indiana where the gun laws are much less strict, drive back to Chicago, and use them. There are 120 guns for every 100 people in America. Take away guns in America? SIGN ME UP!
      And the 2nd Amendment is about as relevant today as the horse would be as the primary mode of transportation in 2020. You really want to hook your buggy to that tired old out-dated horse?

    3. @Ro G every Republican city where you have concealed carry or open carry you have low crime and low gun deaths. So more guns by ‘law abiding’ citizens proves less deaths. But I’m all the Democrat cities with restrictive gun laws and you cannot legally carry a firearm on you & you have high deaths. I just proved my point.

  4. Everyone: “Why do you need a gun?”
    Idiots: “For protection.”
    Everyone: “Ok, then why do you need a gun that’s not registered or that you didn’t get after a background check?”
    Idiots: **stare back blankly** “For protection.”

    1. Movement (all over) …. you certainly don’t ! CCW Democrats will GOVERN…. ya might want to look that up ! Right wing trolls no nothing of governing, sooo

  5. *i personally do not want those people in my life* … because.. they are incomplete… they are the unholy… they have not completed their lesson in life…

  6. That does raise a question like why do people need to try to get it a gun so fast like in 3 days or whatever? That’s way too short to try to do background checks on somebody. They need to make people wait at least 30 days or something like that and do a very thorough search on that person’s history

    For those Republicans that are trying to not support the president on his efforts to control this gun situation I bet if those Republican had family that got shut up when one of their family members gets shot by someone with an assault weapon I bet they will change their tune

  7. Pass as many laws as you wish, but you will NEVER stop the criminal element from obtaining firearms…. PERIOD !!! These ridiculous laws that are penned by the ignorant will only pacify those who are also ignorant to believe them . By the laws of NATURE you yourself are responsible for your own safety and that of your love ones !!!!

  8. Point of fact: the 2nd Amendment says you have the right to keep and bear firearms. But it says NOTHING about your right to purchase ammunition. Not one single word. So if the gun nuts want to keep whining about gun control laws, then how about outlawing ammunition sales instead..?

    1. @Tessmage Tessera perhaps you’re grasping at straws the ammo and the firearms AR not going anywhere

    2. @Tessmage Tessera try and do a little research it’s in the Constitution we have right to bear arms they’re not going anywhere trust me

    3. LMAO… try prohibiting the purchase of ammo. Good lord you’re out of touch with reality. Drugs are prohibited. How’s that working out ? LMAO

  9. So what your saying if a woman needs a gun to protect her self and the background check goes from 3 days to 10 and her ex killers her in that time who should get charged

    1. If she gets a gun for protection from an abusive ex & she kills him, they will charge her with pre-meditated murder. This is what I was warned by law enforcement when they had come to my aid from my own life threatening ex.

    2. I love when u ppl make such silly arguments. If we follow ur argument, then there should be no wait time, even though 90 something % of background checks r completed w/in minutes and let’s not stop there, if a child needs a gun to protect themselves at school, they shouldn’t have to wait until their 18yr, ask anyone over 18 to buy a gun and then sell/give it to them, or burglarize a house or car where not so responsible gun owners store their guns w/in easy access. U act like guns r the only way one can protect themselves and that we don’t have law enforcement and courts. If a person has been a victim of domestic violence, stalking, and/or creditable death threats, they can get a restraining order against that person and get the ok from a judge to temporarily remove any firearms from the threatening person for as long as the threat persists. In addition, the woman can use objects other than guns to defend herself if necessary as well as temporarily changing their location. Anyone who has a restraining order against them who gets near the person who filed the restraining order will be arrested. There r also groups women can turn to to get help getting out of a domestic violence relationship. Let’s also look at the data, ppl use firearms for self-defense in something like 1% of shootings. The least likely use of a firearm. Considering most background checks r completed w/in 3 days, ur concern w/allowing up to 10 days for ur hypothetical situation which is very unlikely vs criminals or mentally ill ppl getting guns and committing a crime or committing suicide, which is much more likely, ur argument falls short.

  10. Will are we going to arrest Hunter for lying on his application because he said he wasn’t a drug user and he lied that’s a felony

  11. They shouldn’t just have to wait 30 days but also undergo a psychological evaluation. The Republicans claim gun violence is a mental health problem, so testing purchasers mental health is the only way to solve that.

    1. Well a butter knife is as dangerous in your hands as a kitana is in miyamoto musashis.
      Musashi because he knew what he was doing. You on the other because you have no clue what you’re doing

  12. Background checks don’t do anything to prevent anything.

    Mass shootings overwhelmingly involved hand guns and not “assault” weapons which nobody can define

  13. We live in a country that can’t even stop human trafficking…meaning, you can pass all the laws you want, at the end of the day, a man/woman who intends to do harm, can and will do harm with a gun or by other means.

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