Rep. Colin Allred Discusses The Rapidly Changing Situation in Afghanistan 1

Rep. Colin Allred Discusses The Rapidly Changing Situation in Afghanistan

The U.S. military launched a drone strike on Friday against ISIS-K members after a terrorist attack killed 13 U.S. service members. Rep. Colin Allred joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rep. Colin Allred Discusses The Rapidly Changing Situation in Afghanistan


    1. Jesus H. Biden Our Savior
      And HERO! He’s Gonna Heal/Fix Everything! And bring us All together!
      Most Votes Ever!
      Most Popular President

  1. We all know that if the withdrawal had gone smoothly, none of you would be saying “Trump did it”. You’d be praising Biden for doing a great job.

    1. @Karen Rowland He has…this has been a very difficult situation. I am praying for a successful end. Over 100,00 people evacuated…no precedent in history, and this is the truth.

    2. We also know. The amount of money and arms president orange layed at thier feet.. Remember. He talked to the Taliban leader…who was probably NOT THE TALIBAN LEADER SINCE HE DOSENT SPEAK ENGLISH

    3. @N Q America first!! The Orange Man killed those people.. By releasing does terrorist before withdrawing. The KKK grab them by the p**** should be in jail.

    1. @N Q how many people were killed by Covid under trumps watch because of his arrogance and incompetence?

  2. Thanks to my husband Donald we are finally out of Afganiztaan because Sleepy Joe would have kept us there foever!

    1. @MNSportsFan3923 Cause msnbc has trained them so that any opposition to their narrative is a threat to democracy and that we’re nazis. When in reality they’re the one voting to have everyone’s rights restricted.

    2. @MNSportsFan3923 Obviously a cultist like you finds nothing wrong with a fellow cultist idolizing an incompetent serial draft dodger as some military genius like Napoleon. But hey, same crowd that sticks the spray tanned, combed over head of an obese con artist on top of Rambo or the Terminator. Extra rich considering Ahnuld is a Republican but _hates_ Baby Cheesus.

    3. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe Hahahahaha, you know so much about me don’t you? I actually didn’t vote, because voting doesn’t matter. It just amuses me how people pick sides when NONE of these politicians care about any of us. Your mind has been destroyed because Donald Trump exists on Earth. So fragile aren’t you? Leftists will complain about anything, and it is always Trump’s fault. Go put on 9 masks and climb into your plastic bubble in the basement. That is what Fauci recommended today. If you don’t do it, the boogie man invisible virus is coming for you. Go to your local Target & ask them if they have a functioning adult brain available for you.

  3. Seems Biden knew about the Kabul Afghanistan bombing
    but ignored threats. Now he
    tries to cover his tracks. Sad!
    So sad & Kamala says nothing

    1. @The Tweatles Wow!! Coming from Republican, that voted for touch them by the p****!! Disgraced Shameless, twice impeached one-term worst president.

    2. @wig cap Coming from the Demorats Who voted for Biden so he could cause the deaths of 13 of our service members. Oh and Trump was acquitted twice also.

  4. You know you have a failed foreign policy when France, Germany UK and Australia censor a US President and assume the international leadership role…

    1. @george butler What a weak, garbled response. Anyway, please don’t feel sorry for me. I do have one question for you: did you serve?

    2. @aurora_occidentalis yes 1976 to 1979 25th Infantry Division where we were taught honor and respect unlike this new Army

    3. @aurora_occidentalis I don’t want to be thanked for my service what I want is not to be a 62 year old homeless disabled veteran I found out the hard way because I paid my rent was not protected under the eviction moratorium how stupid was that


  5. A disaster in the beginning and an ongoing disaster for 20 years. The way in which it’s been handled by successive governments it was always obvious that it was never going to have anything but a disastrous end, no matter when, how or by who.

    1. We had 0 deaths over the past 18 months. That all changed after sleepy Joe’s disastrous pull out plan. Blood is on his hands and everyone who elected the buffoon.

    2. @Bryan 0 deaths is simply not true, which you would know if you bothered to look anywhere other than Instagram for your information on world affairs.

  6. What a disaster! 13 young American lives lost and many more abandoned. 62 billion worth of equipment left! And all this from the no 1 superpower! The world is now a much more dangerous place! Still you can always blame it on a past president! I’m waiting to see what else he is blamed for in the next 3 years!

  7. Jesus H. Biden Our Savior
    And HERO! He’s Gonna Heal/Fix Everything! And bring us All together!
    Most Votes Ever!
    Most Popular President

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