Rep. Colin Allred On Jan. 6 Investigation, Voting Rights 1

Rep. Colin Allred On Jan. 6 Investigation, Voting Rights


Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX) joins Ayman to comment on the investigation of Jan. 6th, voting rights, infrastructure, and more.

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  1. When it was the governments of other nations being removed the leaders of those nations their family’s their children this government was just as pleased as pudding at the chaos you had unleashed?

    1. You do know there’s a woman that is now working for a non-profit with ties to BLM that was pardoned by Bill Clinton for her role in planting bombs at the Capitol in the 1980’s? There’s nothing squeaky clean about your side at all.

    2. @SuperThumpasaurus Wrong. BLM protests and Antifa protests were mostly peaceful. Most of the damage was by street gangs and white nationalists trying to start their boogaloo race war.

    3. @Mr. White You do know that Trump tried to install himself as dictator when he tried to get Pence not to certify the results right? GTFO you cultist.


  2. Note : If you’re voting by mail, you must send in a copy of your valid federal pic ID card with current status with your voter ballot or vote will be VOID !!

    1. I show my ID when I get my fishing license. I don’t have to show it every time I pull a fish out of the lake.

    2. @Emsley Wyatt Actually, if a Park Ranger wants to see your license while fishing, you better have that license.

    3. @Emsley Wyatt Again, it depends on which state one lives in. I, fortunately, live in a state where I don’t have to provide each piece of ID, my ssn dns and anything else up to the present moment I vote.

  3. We need so much work throughout our country for infrastructure, can’t the Republicans see this and a lot of it it’s in their own states , how can they not agree on this.

    1. They DO see it. They just don’t agree with HOW MUCH should be spent on it. The vast majority of infrastructure is provided by the States. With the exception of interstate highways, the federal government isn’t supposed to be responsible for most of the State’s infrastructure. It’s just a way to get a massive spending bill passed and increase the power of the federal government, all while sneaking billions of non-infrastructure spending into the bill.

    2. @Reason Bingo. Places like New York City that charge people $20.00 to cross a bridge should be saving that money for future bridges and not spending it on B.S. like they usually do.

  4. I totally agree… It’s about time we started getting some new voting laws to cut out all the cheating

    1. You do know that most of the cheating has been by Republicans. Last November there was very little cheating, but Republican legislatures are putting in the measure to allow themselves to throw out all the ballots they don’t like, so without some pretty stiff federal laws there will be a lot of cheating in 2022.

    2. Ok prove it. Prove that there is systematic election fraud, and that Trump is the real president. I’m waiting cultist.

    3. Trump was a charismatic psychopath with a massive platform. The problem with that is the charismatic part. It produces tons of non charismatic psychopath followers. He brought out and will continue to bring out the very worst in people on both sides of the “aisle”.

    4. @Minute Meditations yeah, every time I hear the false prophet baby cheesus I want to throw the phone as far as possible. So it’s easier just to avoid.

  5. As a conservative it’s my duty to say…

    If we want to ensure everyone’s right to vote, adopt a 28th Amendment that vests each citizen’s right to vote upon turning 18. If the government can automatically make you eligible for military service, you should have the right to vote, period. Just provide photo id and walla, your vote is secure.

    1. People that are registered are too lazy to vote most of the time, what makes you think there’s some magical force stopping lazy people from registering to vote? I bet if you promised people $1,000 to register to vote, they’d find a way. We really need to stop making excuses for sh**ty, no ambition-having people.

    2. @Mr. White: I didn’t say there was some magical force stopping lazy people from registering. I was simply asking someone ELSE a question.

    3. @Reason I wasn’t responding to you and liked your comment. I agree with voter registration. The OP is making excuses for those that say its too hard to register to vote.

    4. @Mr. White: Oh, I see. I got a notification for your comment so I assumed you were talking to me. My bad.

  6. Trump appointed FBI director wray should explain himself again and Why they didn’t send a team for back up? Hour’s went by Sir.

    1. 3 hours and 25 minutes between the time they were called, and receiving approval to deploy the National guard! Where was General Miller and what was he doing all that time? The Traitors are at the top!

  7. So New York isn’t going to prosecute looters from over the summer?
    So if I go to New York I can get some free stuff?
    Oh well… My moral fiber wouldn’t allow me to do anything like looting. So I will have to work for what I want.

  8. I don’t remember the media talking about the bombers that tried blowing up the Capitol in the 1980’s for months and months? Is that one bomber that shot a State Trooper still in Cuba?

    1. The bomber wasn’t backed by the GOP, the president, and millions of neo nazis, white christians, and cultists. Try again.

    2. @Billy Scenic I would agree with you if anything you said were remotely true. And it was “bomber’s” and they planted bombs all across the country. A certain President pardoned one of those bombers I might add. Anyway, you’d have to be blind to not see that “January 6th” is being milked by the DNC for all that it is worth. It was one day. Have extra security at the Capitol next time. End the dog-and-pony show. Prosecute those there that day that deserve it. Carry on.

  9. STATES HAVE RIGHTS.. we don’t want the federal government involved in STATES RIGHTS.. that’s the CONSTITUTION STUPID


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