Rep. Colin Allred: ‘Politicians Are Trying To Pick Their Voters’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Rep. Colin Allred: ‘Politicians Are Trying To Pick Their Voters’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


State lawmakers have introduced over 250 voting restrictive bills in 43 states. Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX), a former voting rights attorney, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the “most severe restrictions put on the right to vote since the days of Jim Crow.” Aired on 03/01/2021.
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Rep. Colin Allred: ‘Politicians Are Trying To Pick Their Voters’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Keep going my brother.. I am the former tour coordinator for Rock The Vote and I can tell you some great stories about voting rights

    1. Alisha Moore – I rather get black people informed on which party really cares about them, but maybe I will, thank you.

    2. Alisha Moore – just a quick question, do you know of any circumstances where black people were unable to vote because of their skin color? I keep seeing and hearing that the black vote is being suppressed without any evidence of what the actual suppression is.
      I’m genuinely curious.

    3. @Crimdor I’ve never heard of anyone saying that black people cant vote because of their skin color. I’ve heard of instances especially in the south more rural areas where the DMV where people can register to vote was closed down leaving that area that is heavily populated by black Americans without a way to register to vote unless they drove over 20 miles to the next town. Also in other heavy populated black areas people were left with no option but to drive miles to vote because there was no place close and convenient. So no black people can vote but in some areas of America they make it extremely difficult. We also have to remember that some people don’t have access to the internet and a lot of people don’t have cars. That goes for poor people in general.

    4. Alisha Moore – can’t people vote by mail in those communities that have to travel longer distances?

    5. Alisha Moore – I would also argue that there are plenty of ways to get access to the internet for anyone, but I’m sure their are outliers out there.
      I’ll have to look into the DMV scenario you outlined, that’s the first time I’ve heard that.

    1. @Yourdeadmeat69 state legislators set the rules for elections. Not governors, not secretaries of state, not massive donations from silicon Valley billionaires.

    2. @zoomskiller read the Voting Rights Act of 1965 admittedly emasculated by the Supreme Court 2013. That’s why HR one is floating through Congress now to give strength to a minimum set of Standards all states must rise to. Each state has the right to send it to own rules but when all states are involved the federal government has the mandate set minimum standards that fights disenfranchisement. You know like Arizona floating a rule that no matter what people vote on the state legislature can overrule and send whatever electors they want? Or that gerrymandered voting districts with predominantly black people don’t get to vote on Sunday after church or don’t have enough drop boxes in their area? 54% of America is other category. That includes brown people and white Suburban women. I recommend you don’t stand in the way of the majority.

    3. @Yourdeadmeat69 read the constitution of 1787. It’s very, very clear on this. And basic protections like voter ID do not disenfranchise anyone.

    4. @Yourdeadmeat69 exactly. Show me voter ID in the constitution.

      What it DOES say is that state legislatures write election law.

  2. America needs an independent Federal Election Commission that governs and oversees all Federal elections as we have in Australia . Our state elections are overseen by electoral commissions as well ,they ensure elections are conducted properly and recounts are conducted fairly and usually everything goes ok . Seems rather sad and anti democratic for Republican/Conservatives to be attempting to curtail peoples voting rights especially in a country that champions democracy and the right to vote in other countries around the world . Democracy is a wonderful thing ,it is not perfect but its preferable to the alternative and it is something we should all care about where ever we live .

    1. No id, and the electoral Commission is non-partisan. Unfortunately we have mandatory voting which would not fly there.

    2. @Julie Gaffney You are right ! I actually like the fact we have compulsory voting here in Australia having come from the UK 40 years ago where voting is not compulsory .We cant really complain about who gets elected but I get your point .

    3. We have a 6 member federal election commission that is designed to enforce federal election laws such as campaign finance. It needs 4 members to convene. The Trump administration offered another position to the 4th member during the past election while refusing to fill vacancies.

  3. I have to show ID when I need to buy a lighter — for my scented candles— yet we think it is too difficult to require Id for voting???

    1. @zoomskiller ID is required to register to vote in every state except North Dakota. Requiring people to present an ID each and every time they vote, when said ID is not provided free of charge, is indeed a poll tax.

    2. @Julie Gaffney actually that’s not true if your a convicted felon.
      Rights can’t be taken away but privileges can

    3. @zoomskiller wrong, UK doesn’t require voter id to vote. You turn up with your ballot card (posted to your house) or you post in your ballot card with no BS about signature verification,, they tick your name off the electoral register and you go vote. You only need ID if you DON’T have your ballot card. Also, UK sends out electoral register update forms to every house in the district once/year so they have an accurate register and ensure EVERYONE gets a ballot card for elections (it’s an offence to not register although I’m pretty sure very few people ever get prosecuted for it).

    4. If we require ID for voting?. Those they let in illegally, would not be able to vote for them, If Democrats had to not cheat in an election, they would never win an election. giving away what a society puts back to help it’s own citizens with, to any one that comes along an asks for it from other countries?…Pretty soon nobody has the money we put back for OURSELVES!. Not the WORLD.

  4. Democrats already destroyed democracy to win an election…2020 ring any bells for you. I do not want people that are not here legally nor with our nations best interests at heart voting in our elections. who would?. those running that only care about vote numbers with no care of who voted.

    1. @Julie Gaffney Vote? after the last election no I do not want people that should not even be in our country/nation whatever to vote. they are not paying their share of the taxes, collecting welfare and working off the books or worst yet?…under a US Citizens identity. why would any sane person want those sponging off our society and not contributing vote for things they should not be getting. We got our own to worry about we do not need Venezuela’s problems to.

    1. Rayyyyyycizms is the only card the left has. They’ll play it until the end of time and keep pushing race bait narratives to keep the axe sharpened.

    2. @zoomskiller ya true they kind of killed the transphobe and me too thing too quickly so racism is their go to… oh ya they sucked the life out of Nazi too … did these morons never read the boy who cried wolf ? Oh I forgot it’s the boy who identifies as a girl who cried wolf who identifies as a dog

  5. I don’t think we’ll ever be the same knowing Donald Trump is walking around a free man.. the sooner we can get him behind bars the better

  6. I hope you all are not going to just sit there and watch them change the rule book and make it easier for Republicans to be the president

  7. How often have I heard recently “this is not who we are as a country”. I think you all need to take an honest look at who you are as a country and agree that this is what half of your country wants it to be.

  8. The 60 courts should take legal action against Trump, he said they didn’t look at the cases on the election, let him go to court and prove that. Trump would then shut up because he knows how courts work, as he has been to enough.

  9. This is so important!!! I work the polls in Az & the crap going on here to supress the vote is JUST DISGUSTING!!! These people are such hypocrites.

  10. I was born into a strongly Republican family. The Republican Party moved away from me, my morals and my gender. Who knew that a white, middle-class, American woman would be rejected by the current Republican Party. However, their current “golden calf” does not like women or anything other than bobble headed yes men. I am grateful to not be a part of their club because it appears to require some level of mental impairment. However, they go too far when they extend their adulation of their golden calf to interfering with my personal right to vote. Different segments of our population have fought and died to obtain that right over the last few hundred years. Republicans have become so used to believing that they can have anything by lying, stealing, cheating, gerrymandering, voter suppression, lynching or any other form of lawless behavior. It doesn’t work that way. One, people have the right to move away from oppression. Two, people have the right to boycott goods and services made by questionable sources. Three, the Federal government has the ability to pass election laws that cover all State elections and protect against both voter suppression and data hacking. It’s time to give up and just move to Russia now if you still feel so abused. I’m certain that Putin has a prison cell for all of you.

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