Rep. Concerned That Taliban May Seize Weapons Procured Through U.S. 1

Rep. Concerned That Taliban May Seize Weapons Procured Through U.S.


The crisis in Afghanistan, where many are desperately trying to leave the country, is gripping international attention. Evacuations resumed overnight after being halted earlier due to the chaotic scenes of Afghans rushing U.S. Military planes and trying desperately to climb on board. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan and Richard Stengel, former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, join Joy Reid to discuss.
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  1. Anyone remember the “trained” Iraqi Brigade primed with new US hardware? They saw Toyota’s manned by dudes with black flags and promptly stripped down to BVDs as they headed into the sunset. Anyone surprised how a puppet force is a real asset ignores the reality of recent history.

  2. And then sell it to the new “USSR” where they will pull apart our advanced aircraft to find weaknesses.

    1. America took back all the planes and helicopters! The Afghanistan army had absolutely NO air support, no food or water and weren’t getting paid. In the end that was why they surrendered to the Taliban. The Taliban offered to protect them and gave them money. The Afghan government had no idea what they were doing when it came to war. They only wanted a life of corruption and for America to protect them while they did it. They didn’t believe that America would really leave. It wasn’t the U.S. that fumbled this, it was the Afghan people for not believing we would really leave.

  3. Those US weapons left behind by the US military are already in the Taliban’s hands. Too late to raised these dumb questions.

  4. The trove of American supplied weapons in the hands of the Afghan military has fallen totally to the Taliban. Is that a surprise?

    1. @Daisy Mae All these businesses have lobbyists providing insider tips all the time as part of their lobbying effort.

  5. Just odd. Representative name, if Afghanistan has fallen then we can assume they’ve seized weapons.

    Again, just odd. Has Afghanistan fallen or not? Get your stories straight.

    1. Yes, that is what off-set all this, he should have gone-down with the ship, more of his people would have had it easier.

  6. These people are really living in extreme fear wow this is really sad my heart hurts for these people . May God grant peace.

    1. They are different make-believe hobgoblins, I’m pretty sure they are not interchangeable, childish fool.

    2. @uncle Watt; What did I say that was over a third grader’s abilities? It is not my issue that you have trouble comprehending (understanding) REALITY!!


  8. Maybe the Afghanistan military deceived the USA just to get all the weaponry to do us more damage in the future
    Maybe that’s the reason they did not fight but surrendered to the taliban
    Woe unto us if this is true, we now must watch every move these terrorist do

  9. There’s no reason to be concerned now about taliban seizing weapons of the Afghan army. It already happened. The USA should have thought about that months ago and planned that more carefully and smartly.

  10. The US weapons are now “possibly” in the hands of the Taliban? There is someone else they could be in the hands of?

  11. Yet more reason for concern; If the Taliban only wants peace, they will surely destroy all the weapons left, no? I knew they were full of the sheet they smell like.

  12. The videos coming out of this after the fall, before they turn the lights out on the people, will be a horror.

  13. Appears that the financial cost of leaving totally safely for all would have been near the cost of having been there for 20 years.

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