Rep. Connolly Thinks We Are ‘Fracturing’ Over Jan. 6th Insurrection 1

Rep. Connolly Thinks We Are ‘Fracturing’ Over Jan. 6th Insurrection

Democratic Representative from Virginia Gerry Connolly reacts to the first sentencing of a felony defendant involved with the Capitol riot and what work the country needs to do to come together.
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    1. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL okay bonehead. First antifa is not a group. Its a philosophy. Anti fascism. Second BLM is not a group it’s a rallying cry for racial equality. The “radical left” didn’t attack our democracy. And finally have you had your bleach injection??? And don’t forget to send the orange toddler your money

    2. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Grow a backbone and own the attack on the Capitol you all were so excited about. People died because of a lie and you play whataboutism with a civil rights movement and a philosophy. Way to man up snowflake

  1. FLORIDA’s finest. Buy a DeSantis anti vaccine t shirt Get a TRUMP GRIFT of the MONTH Club Card.

    1. I bet Ron Deathsentence got his vaccine before he lies to his FL voters. SHAME ON THE PRO DEATH QPULICAN PARTY. RIH GQP.

    1. The Brothers in Prison don’t take kindly to Racists? Why do you think these racist cops need immunity? Because they know their azzes are as good as dead in prison! Won’t be surprised if this joker is mysteriously found murdered in Prison!

  2. Fracturing, No. Play stupid games, Breech the U.S. Capitol Building, break windows trash it, harm capitol law enforcement, a U.S. federal building, win stupid prizes JAIL TIME.

    1. @Romeo old ladies??? Okay, I have to ask… does it hurt to have to warp reality in your head to be this clueless?

  3. “History does not always repeat itself. Sometimes it just yells, ‘Can’t
    you remember anything I told you?’ and lets fly with a club.” John W. Campbell

    1. “It doesn’t repeat itself, but many times it rhymes.” -Some important guy I forgot the name of

    1. @Jarry Sciligo Its interesting to me that Trump/Republicans/Flags are many times linked to something of Nazi Germany. With some research, the 25 point platform of the nazi lines up with both sides in ways, do Republicans or Democrats fit into more if the points?

  4. Those MAGA insurrectionists are probably teaching their kids that this was the most recent and justified patriotic uprising. This is a cold civil war right now.

    1. Let’s learn from our mistakes this time, let’s take everything from the south, land, money, even heritage….remind them it was our grace and humanity that spared them, instead of gratitude they show disdain and ignorance. They won’t be happy until they’re put down.

    2. well they keep telling their kids that the South won. Must be a shocker when they realize Santa ain’t real either.

    3. After the Civil War, when Reconstruction began, a lot of white people in the South said the same thing, that political violence would be necessary to protect the white race from being “taken over” by black people. That America was going to collapse because black people were equals. 150 years later, they’re making the same claims, and black people are just out here trying to live their lives.

  5. McCarthy will never nominate anyone who will look for the truth! His nominees will only be a megaphone for Donald Trump!

  6. Well maybe somebody shouldn’t have had an Insurrection and tried to overthrow democracy

  7. Short tour boy whines about losing his job; Brian Sicknick lost his life protecting the U.S. Capitol from short tour boy.

    1. About 40% of the Proud Boys are under 5’6″, and the rest are either unshaggable or the son’s of disappointed alcoholics. Some of the sets overlap….

  8. Accountability he was caught on tape he didn’t turn his self in they went and arrest him. And cost over $1 million in damages eight months.

  9. Yet he got a sentence that was 7 months shorter than the Federal sentencing guidelines called for. He got off too easy. People convicted of misdemeanors have gotten harsher sentences.

    1. People have gotten YEARS for having a bit of weed on them, attacking our nation’s Capitol gets someone only a few months.

  10. McCarthy will obstruct, that’s why he picked key obstructionist to be a part of this commission.

    1. Maybe so, but you need to cite an actual case of that to have any credibility. This is the problem on all sides; people just state unsupported facts and no one asks for proof; I’m asking.

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