Rep. Cori Bush Is Fighting To Protect The Eviction Moratorium | MSNBC 1

Rep. Cori Bush Is Fighting To Protect The Eviction Moratorium | MSNBC


Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO) is overjoyed by Biden’s earlier remarks that his administration will likely re-instate the eviction moratorium, ensuring that millions of Americans will not suddenly lose their homes.

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    1. Economic collapse. Kicking the can down the road will not only cause pain to the renter but ultimately the landlord as well.

    2. They are just making it worse by kicking the can down the road, if these people can’t pay now they can’t pay in two months.

    1. At least they should be given a moratorium on property taxes nor taxes in general. But no, the only people benefitting are the small renters. Many of those people will go bankrupt and big business will come and buy up those properties and after that, be sure to see the moronic dems start talking about big business having a monopoly on rental properties.

    2. Oh, why not more government intervention with money that was created out of thin air that further distorts the natural market??? Money that caused all of the money that ppl had to be less valuable when it was created, so it acts like a tax by lowering your buying power with inflation? Money that also not only is created out of thin air but goes straight on the national debt, which has gotten so out of control because of the government doing too much that it’s impossible to pay back at this point and will absolutely result in default and the total destruction of the country in the future? Why didn’t they just get that money?

    1. @chulo mudfoot I own a 3200 Sq ft house and I’m mortgage free as well as 2 commercial properties and a residential property. I’m in the same boat as most landlords dealing with a tenant that hasn’t paid in over 6 months, but has a brand new Honda Accord in the driveway. Even still, charging 3 months rent up front is a ridiculous idea. The people that could afford it would not choose to do so because for that amount of money they expect an above average living arrangement. Then there’s everyone else who just plain out wouldn’t be able to afford it. People would be pitching tents on farmland or living in tiny houses before they paid three months of rent in advance. Also, stop liking your own comments it’s lame and desperate.

    2. I used to pay rent 6 months at a time. But looking back, that was really stupid. But my landlord gave me a sweet heart deal for doing it. I was paying 585 for a 2 bedroom apt in midtown Omaha. Remember this when someone tells u that u cannot afford a good apartment on minimum wage in any part of the US

    3. @biz1boom @cholo mudfoot you are insane 😅😅 you realize these people DO pay rent. Then there was an uncontrollable global pandemic that put half of us on unemployment & reduced paychecks. People also pay taxes, which went towards the emergency $$$ that some landlords pocketed rather that put towards tenant rent that was required. We had over a billion dollars budgeted that was supposed to cover this… tenants didn’t have access to it, landlords did.

      How about we focusing on stopping the pandemic & allocating this emergency money fairly so BOTH tenants & landlords can survive??

  1. Never, ever ever become a Landlord; the game is fixed and your tenant may come to own or substantially control your building, your finances and your family’s welfare. God help the Landlords of America.
    If you do buy a building buy high end – where your tenant is rich.
    ….. Still I would probably never be a Landlord.

    1. Landlords have all the power while tenants have NONE. Tenants owning the building??? What… where has that EVER happened. With what money 🤣🤣🤣 Landlords literally take everything & charge exorbitant overhead often just to keep tenants in a verifiable slum

  2. She and the other Democrats that want an eviction moratorium can invite tenants in arrears into their OWN homes! The stupid rent relief program isn’t working at all and landlords MUST GET PAID RIGHT NOW! Only $3B of $47B allocated has been distributed because of the BUREAUCRACY!!!

  3. Yeah goodness supreme Court already issued something on this yet the Democrats just don’t care I guess none of us have to be the one anymore

  4. I love lady Corey B he is the true bombom diva for the people if you don’t know now you know

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