Rep. Crist Slams DeSantis: We Have A Governor That's Not Leading On COVID-19 1

Rep. Crist Slams DeSantis: We Have A Governor That’s Not Leading On COVID-19


COVID-19 surging amid low vaccination rates and the particular pandemic situation in Florida are analyzed by Rep. Charlie Crist and Dr. Chris Pernell.

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  1. In any half-sane country DeSantis would have been tossed into prison long ago, on charges ranging from high treason to multiple culpable homicide … he would never get out.

    1. What about his former involvement in a nursing home fraud, in a state with so many retirees as FL??

    2. @Z Ham Because, the cases that are declared are from unvaccinated not vaccinated in vast majority 97%. The Vaccinated have their immune systeme ready to fight the virus and won’t have any complication if ever they catch the virus. Yes, just because I had the vaccine doesn’t mean I couldn’t get the delta variant and that is why I still wear a mask because I don’t trust those I meet and since I wear a mask full time I have almost no allergies symptomes a benefit for me. 99% of deaths are COVID 19 are from unvaccinated. Vaccinated have an immune sytem ready to fight the virus as long as they catch the virus after 21 days. If you wait to take the vaccine after you catch the virus it will be too late. Although they rime Vaccine is not medecine.

  2. This is America and WE Should Be standing together for each other, NOT dividing ourselves against a Health Issue affecting OUR families. WAKE UP America 😶🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. “Please! We’re Americans. “The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few” is how Commie Countries run” side note my comment was all a joke

    2. Suzanne. Oh Suzanne, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? While our leaders faux lead with vitriol and hatred, with no ethics, morals or values; where money takes the day; where truth no longer matters, and destroying one another is sport. Until those things change, our Nation will remain divided, and our democracy is in grave danger.

    1. At least describe their deaths for others as a warning on a regular basis and their realization they were duped and by who!

    2. yes and i am sick and tired of it taking up hospital beds because these idiots do not listen. I do not feel sorry for them at all my heart goes out to our 911 responders nurses doctors paramedics etc.yeah covid deathly sick and now begging the doctors for the covid shots sorry to little to late

    3. @Kar Walker theres a great covid commercial airing in Canada of a real covid patient gasping for breath until she dies, its an eye opener

    4. Stop treating in hospitals for any unvaccinated covid19 patients, They made their choice, they can die with their choice, Its a free country they claim.

    1. @Eric Duggan dont forget the 98 dead in that condo building collapse due to lack of republican regulations.

    2. @Go-go 63 … Just wait for the civil suits to start coming in for Tucker and Hannity and Ingram etc… A lot of Fox viewers have lost family because of listening to the freaks…

    3. Ha ha haaaaaaaa ha haaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha haaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa good one you jus made my day w your joke

  3. How low has America truly sunk when a politician like DeSantis is considered presidential material 🙄. I mean that is like saying that Benedict Arnold was a patriot 🤯

    1. @Doug Ohaver Why yes I have… yet I still don’t like it. Thanks for the info though!… Appreciate it!

    2. @Tiffany Lynn not a problem 🧟. If you want me to stop calling you that, actually put some content on your YouTube channel instead of those playlists about the invisible Man 🤣🤣

  4. The VA has more elderly patients than any other health care provider in the nation. Most of their patients elderly or not have serious comorbidities. The VA has more reason to mandate vaccines than any other health provider, and frankly I believe all health care providers should mandate vaccines. Do you want to be treated by someone with lethally toxic breath?

    1. Bet the hospitals and doctores will start doing it next. I heard the major companies are just waiting for vaccines to be FDA fully approved before they start mandating their employees. There are other ways around anti-vaccers

    2. All healthcare workers in Canada must be vaccinated. Don’t want it? Find another profession. It’s that simple.

    3. So considering that geriatrics is also an underserved area and you have a ton of hospital staff about to quit because they have seen people be paralyzed, lose limbs, get Bell’s palsy, get lumps under their breast. So elderly are already underserved. They’re about to be even more underserved! VA will be fine but the other elderly relying on Medicare are going to be screwed. And stuck with brain dead staff that will stick them with anything and not listen to the patient!

  5. I’m sure someone is keeping track of how many people Desantis is killing by acting like mini DT. I hope they use that info when he runs for governor again .

    1. DeSantis fired the person trying to keep a legitimate count and had her arrested. Whatever count they give for Florida we need to triple that because DeSantis is covering it all up

    2. @SandyD I was looking for this exact answer except you left out that after she was fired her house was raided and her husband and children were held at gun point. Under desatans orders but he’ll continue to deny he knew anything about it.

    3. Notice how the covid death toll left the corner of your TV when biden got into office? It didn’t restart

  6. We need a shirt that says, “Floridumb strong”. DeathSantis is clearly planning to run in 2024 and he’s the WORSE VERSION of Trump. 98% as evil and 200% more effective. I know, I live in Flori-duhh.

  7. “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” Donald Trump

    1. @TruthSeeker08, you need to go back to binge watching fox, OANN & newsmax propaganda, there they will help you catch the covid, congrats

  8. Expecting syncophantic Ron DeSantis to do the right thing when he is on a power trip galavanting around the country is useless. Instead, it should be loudly pointed out in any ad during the campaign for Governor ( and God forbid, president) that DeSantis has been missing in action when he was needed in Florida. It should also be pointed out that he has put the health of the corporate shopping countries ahead of the health of the people who will potentially take cruises on those ships. Norovirus is bad enough. Combine it with Covid and you have an exquisitely physical painful disaster that could turn deadly practically overnight. Empathy and common sense do not seem to be qualities about which DeSantis can claim to possess with any credibility.

  9. I have no problem with rep voters getting sick and perhaps dying… less of them to vote. Health insurance company should raise none vaxed peoples rates dramatically just like they do for cigarette smokers.

  10. Florida also refuses more than a year later to disperse Cares Act Rental Relief Funds. Remove de Santis as a danger to constituents.

  11. De Santis, should be accounted for the surge of the new delta variant in florida. This politician doesn’t really knows what is science. Your not going to win another election mr de santis.

  12. Remember when Desantis bragged about completely opening Florida against the advice of pandemic experts?

  13. He cares nothing about the people of FLORIDA, he only care about money, greed, and control. Dump governor of Florida.

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