Rep. Crow Defends Pelosi’s Wednesday Press Release: McCarthy Can't 'Put His Head In The Sand' 1

Rep. Crow Defends Pelosi’s Wednesday Press Release: McCarthy Can’t ‘Put His Head In The Sand’


Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.) defends Speaker Pelosi's news release on Wednesday which referred to Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy as (Q-Calif.) Aired on 02/04/2021.
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Rep. Crow Defends Pelosi’s Wednesday Press Release: McCarthy Can't 'Put His Head In The Sand'


  1. McCarthy’s head is up Trump’s backside. The Republican Party is over and the Q Party has taken over. McCarthy is as much an enabler of that as anyone.

    1. Work to publicly shame all republican doners, pressure & boycott them all to choke off their $$$, work to see they wear their party over country seditous stain forever, & start work now to see they are NEVER elected to ANY public office ever again! Coup attempts & sedition must have consequences or they are only dress rehearsals!

    1. Without a freaking doubt. The GOP seems to love deranged psychopaths in their party. The trump clan is seriously mentally ill

  2. No… her clap back is on point and we all understood her clap back. No one is confused about it. We all know that McCarthy lied about his acknowledgement of Qanonan and their “Hail Satan” sessions that he participates in on a daily basis.

  3. McConnell: “These crazy people are a cancer in the republican party.”
    McCarthy: “These voices need to be heard and our party is big enough for all conspiracy theories, no matter how crazy.”
    Greene: “SPACE LASERS!!

  4. Endangering the work place, is why she was elected, but they say we can’t use her words, before being elected, against her. How convenient.

  5. In a country as large as the United States how can someone as mediocre as Kevin McCarthy rise to the leadership of a major political party

  6. Pelosi being bipartisan with traditional republicans with this distinction. Is she helping them separate the wheat from the chaff?

  7. You can play devil’s advocate, at YOUR OWN PERIL. Calling a spade a spade is NOT going too far!
    The time to “accommodate” misinformation and conspiracy theories expired on 6th January 2021.
    Expose the Q-GOP for what they are and spare us the delaying tactics – world history is full of examples like this.

  8. How about Charles Manson just comes out and says that “he was lead to believe certain beliefs and that he is sorry” as he leaves prison with a standing ovation. After all he only is responsible for the death of 5 people vs an attempted seditious coup of the US government AND 5 dead people.

  9. If Kevin McCarthy is saying that he has no idea what “Q” Anon is, after everything that has gone on in the past few years, then he obviously has no right what so ever to be holding office of any kind. Since that “organization” has been spewing hate and conspiracy against an entire Party for years.
    On the other hand, if he does know about them, which he obviously does, then he feels just as free as Donald Trump does to lie to the American people, without batting an eye. Again, that should be reason enough to be ineligible for office.

  10. Greene seems to have a tight grip on the Republican Caucus, and is refusing to let go. Maybe she’s putting the squeeze on it somehow. The head of the caucus seems to be particularly sensitive to how she handles things. Democrats just don’t want all this dangling over Congress…

  11. I’ve heard from Q that Taylor Greene’s parents, one an alien male and a hairy Bigfoot female, conceived her in the back of a pinto at the trailer park while chanting “make America stupid again” during a full moon at midnight on Trumps birthday.

    1. Well if you’ve heard it, it must be true. I’ll be sure to share this “vital information” with everyone I know. (Gosh I wish there were a sarcasm font)

  12. McCarthy claims he doesn’t know what domestic terrorism platforms there are? then he really shouldn’t be in congress and he shouldn’t be allowed to vote on national security issues. And oh, yes, maybe playback some of his flip-flopping comments about January 6th.

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