Rep. Crow: ‘Not Going To Be Possible’ To Get Americans, Afghan Allies Out

Congressman Jason Crow (D-CO), a member of the House Intelligence Committee and a former Army Ranger who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, tells Andrea Mitchell that based on the intelligence he's seen he believes "it is not going to be possible to get American citizens out and our Afghan partners and their families out" before the August 31 troop withdrawal deadline. "That is why there is broad and deep bipartisan support in Congress and across the country to extend the deadline, to make sure

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Rep. Crow: 'Not Going To Be Possible' To Get Americans, Afghan Allies Out


  1. The withdrawal agreement was that US forces will leave. We should get as many of our allies out of there that we can. But the 38 million Afghans are on their own against 200000 taliban.

    1. Biden administration, Liberals and MSNBC focused so much of refugees that they abandoned our own

    1. @Rhyta lol Thanks for brining up the Kurds. A successful evacuation of US troops in Syria led to Democrats crying their eyes out over what MIGHT have happened (but didn’t) when they were withdrawn Under Trump.

      Meanwhile People in Afghanistan ARE being slaughtered due to Biden’s incompetence and you guys think it is just what needed to be done and was executed flawlessly? Lol

      Which situation is worse?

    2. @Tom Who said it was flawless? And you obviously haven’t kept up with what’s happening since Trump abandoned the Kurds, lots of damage.
      At least Biden is getting some of them out. It is a no win situation and wasn’t going to end well for us no matter who was President when it happened.

    3. WHO CARES??? Not our problem. Our responsibility is to Americans and Afghan interpreters who helped the troops. FULL STOP.

  2. Well, lovely of this chap to second-guess the efforts of the military at the sharp end doing their best to make this work.

    1. Would be nice if Biden administration, Liberals and MSNBC didn’t focu so much of refugees and conspiracy theories (Jam 6) that they abandoned our own

    2. He never said anything close to that. He only criticized people here who are bashing the whole Afghan army, including low level soldiers & people who want to abandon our allies, because of xenophobia. He IS a War on Terror vet from US special forces. He’s been working with other vets to get those who helped them, out.

    3. @i dont have time 2 reply Americans have been warned & urged to leave since APRIL. They’ve been offered free plane tickets by the State Department. The ones still there are:
      US government employees, processing visas for allies
      US contractors who work for the Afghan government, many of whom planned to stay, at least a while after troops left
      NGO humanitarian workers who also planned to stay, many of whom still will, because it’s literally what they do
      US/Afghan dual citizens, waiting to get their families through the vetting process
      People are focused on our allies & their families, because they risked themselves to help us & didn’t choose to stay. Their visa processing was deliberately bottlenecked by Stephen Miller, who is now lying & claiming no US official ever offered refugee status to any translators or other allies, despite that being a thing we’ve done in every single war.

    1. Biden administration, Liberals and MSNBC focused so much of refugees that they abandoned our own

  3. Not much of anything in Afghanistan. Move the ….exit deadline. (Rep. Jason Crow of Aurora, Colorado knows that better than …any one else! He’s been there as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq.) Deadlines matter! (Let’s roll on this situation! ) President Biden needs to stand firm against the Taliban regime! Pronto! Evacuations are not easy!!

  4. Air-Dropping Supplies Into The Panjshir Valley Would Help

    The Resistance Is Called The Northern Alliance

  5. They were told all the way back in April that we were leaving. They chose to remain anyway, despite the risks. It’s on their heads, not Biden’s.

    1. Not entirely, don’t forget Kamala, General Milley, John Kerry and Lloyd Austin’s incompetence.

      Including Biden those 5 share 100% responsibility

    2. @Bay 17 Incorrect. But you go ahead and believe whatever you want to and meanwhile, you’ll never ever get anything that you want. Have a nice day!

    3. For many that’s true. Like people who refuse to evacuate before a hurricane then expecting to be rescued when they are stranded on their roof.

  6. Why can’t a volunteer force of former soldiers who are interested go in and aid the effort? They want to go.

  7. This is F#%&@n War.😠😣
    I’m sure,unfortunetly We have never n will Never Get everyone from our previous Wars,n this one now.

  8. Now We thank God Above,Our Military will come here and protect us from the “Evil Doers in our Own Land.🇺🇸”

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