Rep. Cuellar On Moderates Backing Reconciliation: ‘We’re On The Same Page’

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) joined Chris Jansing to react to House Democrats unanimously voting to advance the $3.5 trillion budget plan Tuesday. He explains why he and other moderate Democrats calling for a vote on the Senate's bipartisan infrastructure package decided to push the reconciliation bill forward and discusses voting rights legislation.

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Rep. Cuellar On Moderates Backing Reconciliation: 'We're On The Same Page'


  1. Shout out to Larry Elder on his bid for governor of California and love the GOP voting laws. Keep em coming!

    1. YouTube trolls and republicans will do anything to distract from Trump’s release of 5000 taliban militia including one of the founding members of the taliban, now set to take over the leadership of Afghanistan.

    2. @ODELLIN Always about the last guy, no other rational comeback. There are currently thousands of Americans that will probably die because the current guy is totally lost at the job.

  2. New speech by Taliban commanders to the British Queen with a laugh; Only a fool trusts a terrorist group. 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. New speech by Taliban commanders to the British Queen with a laugh; Only a fool trusts a terrorist group. 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. America needs to invest in America! The infrastructure bill is going to help American citizens, not just an elite few!

    1. Before that happens America needs to pay reparations to the descendants of those who built it for free the first time.

    1. they have tons of programs nowadays for women. they want to bring them into the workforce because not enough american men that want to do construction work.

  5. Democrats just abandoned Americans in Afghanistan while they push massive trillion dollar tax hikes on us back home

    1. Republicans started a war with Afghanistan that has cost the American tax payer trillions of dollars over a twenty year period. Republicans released 5000 taliban militia, including one of its co founders. Democrats are now faced with the largest emergency evacuation in American history, entirely because Republicans gifted the taliban Afghanistan. Democrats have not abandoned a single American – the evacuation continues and is ongoing. Learn how to understand words you use, would be my advice.

    2. @Ray Dugas Oh I see! So a predictable un winnable twenty year war with a nation on the other side of the planet, costing trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives was justified? And what was that justification on attacking Afghanistan? To bring safety to America? Because the exact opposite has occurred. So if Republicans like to pretend this was a just war, then I’d consider just what jeopardy America is now in. The taliban will want retribution, but that’s ok by you right? An eye for an eye?

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