Rep. Dan Crenshaw On Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan 1

Rep. Dan Crenshaw On Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan


Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), a former Navy SEAL who was deployed to Afghanistan, joined Stephanie Ruhle to explain why he disagrees with President Biden's decision to withdraw troops from the nation. He shares his experience serving in Afghanistan and says what's happening there after the Taliban seized Kabul is "so disappointing."

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw On Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan


  1. Listen. These people were never going to fight for themselves. Their soldiers just laid down their weapons and surrendered even president fled.

    1. @Fk Sons people like you are the reason the U.S lost the war. You basically biased against the allied forces. Look at how long it takes for south Korea to be where it is today, of course they had corruption no system is perfect but South Korea is lucky they didn’t have the Taliban around and today South Korea is one of the top rich country in the world. All this with the help of U.S in the 50s until today…20 years is short in Grand scale of time. American have no patience.

    2. @helloMr.Nguyen it seems you don’t understand basic logic. You can’t force people to accept your system. These people had 20 years to make a difference but they threw it away.

      You can’t blame the US when their army and warlords US has been paying for 20 years could not even fight for a month to defend their land. They just gave up and joined the Taliban.

      US failed to decode the cultural code of these Tribesmen and we thought they are rational beings. Once they pledge allegiance , they switch sides immediately. That’s the code. You can’t rely on them

    3. Not one American general has actually read the Quran and about the their prophet Muhammad to actually understand the ideology of these people. If you want to understand why the takeover was so swift, you need to read their Quran and see what it says about those that disbelieve in Islam

    4. @Electric Gigolo
      BS. Their government fell in a week after we left because It was nothing more then a US propped up kleptocracy. This would of happened had we left a month, a year or 10 years from now.

    1. It’s funny how a President(Biden) with over 40 years in politics could make this big a mess
      Reminiscent of a former secretary of state & presidential candidate that didn’t know how to identify classified information when it was sent to her in an email.
      What exactly are these people doing in Washington?

    2. Not one American general has actually read the Quran and about the their prophet Muhammad to actually understand the ideology of these people

    3. Not one American general has actually read the Quran and about the their prophet Muhammad to actually understand the ideology of these people. If you want to understand why the takeover was so swift, you need to read their Quran

    4. sad to see the american hatred towards Trump… as an european i can tell you: we had stability the terrorist attacks stopped under his leadership because he significantly stabilized the problematic areas in north africa and middle east. He may have flaws but he was a terrific president. It’s such a pity that the media brainwashed the people 24×7… And now you have a very incompetent and incapable president who has poor skill and discernment. Everyone can see that except a big chunk of the american population… It would be really great if americans could wake up and see truth… The world became less safe… 😔

    1. The Taliban gave them money. Afghanistan Govt was not paying their security forces. Taliban did. The Taliban won in February 2020 when the US government legitimatized them by negotiating a “peace” deal with Taliban.

  2. There were no good options stay or leave. The Afgan government made their choice of how things would end & they folded like a cheap lawn chair.

    1. @billinsf88 what planet are you living on? The Taliban have completely ignored all promises they’ve made. Within hours of the initial cease fire agreement the Taliban launched several murderous attacks on girl’s schools and a maternity ward. By anyone’s standards Biden was not beholden to any agreement made with these barbaric terrorists. Terrorists that were not living up to the bargain. You’re dealing in a circus like argument and spewing nonsense lecturing me about diplomacy with the lying, murderous monsters of the Taliban.

    2. @ST7A Bad Karma and yet Trump signed off on the agreement knowing fully what they are? So when someone express an opinion you feel you are being lectured?
      If you feel Biden is not “beholden” to the agreement, you are giving more reason for the Taliban not to as well. You don’t see your own irony?

    3. @ST7A Bad Karma They denied involvement in that attack, just for the sake of getting all the information correct.
      There are other armed groups in the area that were capable of it, it was being investigated, but I don’t know how it will go now that we are out.

    4. @Sparky’s Imagination so you’re defending the Taliban as well? You take the Taliban at their word? 👍🏻 😂🤣 Seriously the TDS and cognitive dissonance are real. Mental gymnastics involved = 10/10.

  3. 20 years Afghanistan had a chance to step up and build a nation but ultimately they did NOT want it. Sometimes you get what you ask for.

    1. @Matt L The US played both sides, after the Afghan government was less submissive to Trump than he liked he found new friends and ultimately made a deal with the Taliban and left out the Afgan government. It doesn’t change the fact that the only reason Ghani came to power and remained so was due to US support.

    2. What you don’t understand there is no “Afghanistan” as you understand a country. There was never a nation of Afghanistan.
      But there is a space between Pakistan, India, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.
      We western people call this region Afghanistan. In this region live tribes, families, warlords etc. They always struggle with each other, which makes them all a sort of “warriors”.
      In this vast region with high mountains, caves etc can hide whatever criminal organisation is strong enough to hold their space.
      And they can do a lot of harm if they want to. And they want as we can see right now.

    3. Not one American general has actually read the Quran and about the their prophet Muhammad to actually understand the ideology of these people. If you want to understand why the takeover was so swift, you need to read their Quran and see what it says about those that disbelieve in Islam

  4. Similar to when Mao defeated Chiang Kai Chek (aka Cash my Cheque) no amount of aid can prop up a corrupt regime. This tragedy was inevitable once the focus shifted to Iraq

    1. Not until its own people fight for their own rights and the country they want, just like many Taiwanese died fighting for their Democracy.

    1. This was never going to turn out good. Can’t use Biden as the only fall guy. I promise you if this had happened under Trump and supporters would be cooing, and complaining about their tax dollars having to help refugees coming from there.

  5. Yeah, that thing about trying to fight a war defending people who won’t help or fight to defend themselves is a little weak.

    1. @Bahan Simerkh lmfao that mistake was made as soon as we gave them to the afghanis we knew right then it was a matter of when not if they got into the talibans hands.

    2. @Bahan Simerkh We gave the weapons to the Afghanistan National Army. They’re the ones that gave them to the Taliban. That’s why we’re not helping them anymore.

    3. Quite a few of those who “wouldn’t defend themselves” are dead now. Plus as many each year dead as US casualties for the whole 20. We trained them to scout for air strikes. Then pulled air support.

    4. @Steven A. For 20 years, we have been paying a billion dollars a month, and all we can show for it is the remnants of a hashish army. It didn’t end well. The bigger question is why it went on this long.

  6. “We can’t fall into the sunk cost fallacy on this. Just because we spent a lot of money on this doesn’t mean we should cut and run.” That’s literally the opposite of the sunk cost fallacy which says that if you spent a lot of money on something you should spend more so as not to waste that “sunk” money.

    1. Yeah he totally has that backwards.
      Does he prepare these statements? it wasn’t a long interview.

    2. Yep. Keep pumping other peoples money into junk. They didn’t waste money. Democrats got rich. Then they have morons like yourself defending it. Never mentioned American and Afghan lives as well. Care only about yourself and the agenda huh?

    3. He’s from Texas,what do you want? Another perfect example of an Ivy League Republican who can’t think and learned little.

  7. Plenty of talk in the media about who to blame for the withdrawal… very little talk about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, The Project for a New American Century, et al. who got us into a pointless “nation-building” exercise to begin with. Every superpower leaves Afghanistan with its tail between its legs. The hubris that ‘Merica would be any different was the real strategic mistake.

    1. this guy is being too idealistic, there’s no way you can police every country in the world.

    2. Saudi Arabia is at least a stable nation state who also has the means to maintain the regime. Afghanistan has always been a failed and chaotic state even prior to American intervention. It’s not good in Saudi, but it’s far from the same.

      Also Afghanistan has been an objectively better place to live since the US took control. It was a very limited operation that wasn’t costly, and plenty sustainable with little if any casualties since the actual war ended many years ago. The US should’ve continued to stay there indefinitely.

  8. If it is true that the alleged Afghan military wasn’t being compensated, then why continue propping up such a corrupt regime?

    1. @JimBobBek So you wanna invade all the countries in the world who are not Americas friends? Sounds like a world dominating dictatorship to me.

    2. Those Afghan politicians were lining their mansions full of Gold furniture just like Trump did. If that is not the most vivid picture of corruption, then I don’t know what is.

  9. About the no casualty thing, it’s easy to keep everyone alive when your enemy isn’t actually attacking you, since you promised to leave. If they had changed their mind and was staying the Taliban would have started attacking US forces again.

    1. Even before that our casualties were in a single digits on 2018 and 2020 and 19 casualties in 2019. This is after conducting hundreds of operations supporting the Afghani army. We didn’t need to be fighting the war for them. All we needed to do is support them with logistic, supply, etc. Their Army was demoralized when they stopped receiving ammo, food, pay, etc. You can’t win without logistic support.

    1. It’s painful to accept that harsh of a truth

      But it’s the truth, to a degree

      Lets not mince words and pretend to be nice, we went to WAR in Afghanistan to avenge the atrocity of 9/11, and we did that to the best of our ability, we killed Bin Laden and most of the Al Qaeda terrorists responsible for planning these attacks

      We accomplished that many years ago, and we were never going to realistically accomplish more than that, so our continuing mission there was doomed to inevitable failure, and we should’ve left the country years ago and sacrificed fewer lives

  10. We had a chance to help the Afghans in the 80’s when Uncle Charlie Wilson helped the Mujahedeen run the Soviets out. I’m sick of our soldiers playing the State police for the world.

  11. i could never imagined the US could act with such callousness… the peace and freedom loving civilians were left on their own almost overnight…. how come the international community is not demanding for Joe Bidens resignation is… mind blowing

  12. I love how he just admitted that if it was up to him he would have never left and stayed. Btw the reason why there hasn’t been a casualty is there has been a ceasefire for 18 months

    1. @From Earth you mean the same deal that released now Taliban leader Mullah Barradar? Yeah that deal? Uh-huh….keep wondering what a great deal that was.

  13. My older brother fought in Iraq. I found him yesterday Crying. When I asked him what was wrong he said he’s just happy that it’s over, happy that no families have to live in fear of their loved ones not returning, like our once did.

    he also stated that if we stayed longer perhaps an incident might occur, and if that incident involved an American, what are we to do?

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