Rep. Dean Calls Trump’s Jan. 6 Behavior ‘Complicity In Action’ 1

Rep. Dean Calls Trump’s Jan. 6 Behavior ‘Complicity In Action’


The status of the Jan. 6 select committee, Speaker Pelosi barring two Republicans from the committee, and GOP reactions are discussed by Rep. Madeleine Dean and MSNBC analyst David Jolly.
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  1. Kevin McCarthy have crawled up there so far, the only thing visible from Trump’s rear if any are his shoe laces..🤪🥴

    1. @warpedjaffas1 it is a complete garbage argument but all they really need told is told what the want to here and a slogan they can grab onto
      reality and logic no longer matter to cult members

  2. Trump, McCarthy & his goons will be on the January 6th Committee, when they’re subpoenaed 🤣

    1. Don’t forget Mitch the lipless, soul-less, turtle head McConnell=) He is just as bad as trump if not worse!!

  3. Jordan and McCarthy are trying to protect themselves from prison because of their guilt in planning and/or aiding and abetting that insurrection.

    1. @Ann Onymous : What in the world does that have to do with Pelosi eliminating Jordan and Banks ?

    2. Please provide evidence that they planned and were eating and abetting the rioters. You were spreading misinformation. Please provide evidence.

    3. @T. R. Campbell – How about their extreme obstruction of the investigation. That’s plenty of evidence. Do you have a better explanation for that? I’d like to hear it.

    4. @Just Me What obstruction of an investigation? We have had several investigations of the January 6 riot. The former capital police chief who has since resigned or stated that he was never informed of the riot intelligence by the DC mayor in DC police chief. We saw the ham handed handling of the national guard being called up. We have had investigations. They’re having no obstruction. You are making unsubstantiated allegations and perhaps spreading misinformation.
      We should not be afraid of any obstructions that the Republicans made for a while yeah we have the necessary evidence. We also have Roberts rules of order and other parliamentary procedures to prevent obstruction. What we are saying is a total lack of leadership on the part of Nancy. I think she is afraid of these Republicans because they are going to ask questions that she doesn’t want people to know the answer to.

    5. @T. R. Campbell …so these rioters are just tourists on sight seeing….oh… there was lots of love in them!

  4. Putting Jordon on the 1/6 committee is like putting a fox in on a chicken committee trying to figure out who ate one of the chickens.

    1. Attempting to pull of One party rule in a Commission is unheard of. Jordon is also already qualified and was initially accepted – until he had an interview on FOX – PURELY POLITICAL REMOVAL

    2. @crxess lol. JJ isn’t qualified. Did u miss him object to the EC certification or something??? Wwwiiiccchhh decision was totally based on BS conspiracy theories. There was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. DJT’s own DOJ (Barr) said Trump’s claims were BS. Trump legal team lost over 60 court cases due to lack of merit and evidence. U *DO* know all of this don’t u??? 🤦🏽‍♂️ I hope so. U’ve been had. All u all pushing the big lie is getting old. 🙄

  5. McCarthy took a gamble and let Trump lead the GOP. That is probably the best thing McCarthy has done to help Democrats win elections FOREVER!!

    1. @your name Isn’t it great, that a dementia president runs circles around diaper donny……..tRump never got approval ratings that high…lol

    2. @LD Cheney is about to go bye bye along with all the other Republicans who collect money with democrats and lie.

    1. Mango Mussolini loves the colour orange. A prison jumpsuit would look good on him, and his coconspirators.

    2. You wouldn’t expect a Presidential candidate pulled strait out of Alex Jones’s butt crack to have been any worse would you?

  6. Well, glad you’re all calling him a crook but when will somewhen act like he’s a crook? Largest mass murderer in recent history even. Is Merrick Garland busy doing something more important?

    1. simply the real power struggles transparent for their inability to fix much .Anybody else note how things “really work” since 2016 ( or don’t)

  7. It was a lot of love there there was so much love that five people died I guess they must have suffocated them to death in hugs and kisses..

  8. Putting Jim on the 1/6 commission is like giving a fireman a bucket of petroleum to stop a building on fire.
    And McCarthy knows it better 🤔

    1. @LD folly must in itself be immeasurable thus measuring the folly of fools is in itself the folly of fools

    2. @Taga Loa E mafai ona ou faapea atu e te maasiasi ia te au, e mafai ona ou faapea atu e te maasiasi ia i matou, ae o le pagota, ua na o lou maasiasi lava oe

  9. Question to jim Jordan. Why would additional police be needed if “nothing” was going to happen at the “ love fest”???

    1. it’s exactly that double talk… from one statement to the next as well as within a single sentence that is so sickening ton watch.

    2. Their logic makes no sense. Jordan: there was a “loving crowd”, but what about the “security failures”?? And if all else fails, it’s Pelosi’s fault!!!!

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