Rep. Dean: Opposing Jan. 6 Commission Is Leadership ‘Struggling”

Rep. Dean: Opposing Jan. 6 Commission Is Leadership 'Struggling'' 1


    1. @Laura Gomez except there ARE still a few republicans (like Katko, Kinzinger, etc EIGHT others at least) that still know some reality exists.
      (fwiw, the 9/11 commission took a FULL YEAR to get authorized – nov 2012. maybe don’t clench quite yet?)

    2. Thanks for the backup on the trolls today because apparently BM had to go take a BM and before he did he deleted the comment 🤣🤣🤣.

  1. The GOP is complicit in the insurrection and they know many should be indicted. Go get them Garland!

    1. @Skankhunt36 No, 100% of the time they were violent. Stop believing people in general and use your own head to make decisions. Please and thank you.

    2. @iarocks44 They are definitely tied together. 100% of the protests over the summer were violent.
      People watched all of 2020, the daily violent protests, and nearly every single person arrested was let loose. Would this not show people on the right it is ok to be violent? After all it’s the new trend.

      This is kind of hilarious really.
      The summer riots and the January 6th riots were both equally trashy. However the 2020 set of riots was definitely worse as a whole.

      There right thinks their violence is ok.
      The left thinks their violence is ok.
      Why don’t you stop talking, left and right, since both sides are fully willing to lie for their side. And neither side is currently telling the truth.

      Pick a day, and a field, and Duke it out.

  2. In other news, my dog just issued a statement saying she’s against the Commission looking into who tore up the wife’s shoes. 🐶🐕‍🦺

    1. I heard from your dog, she unequivocally states that she has never touched a shoe (whatever that thing is), she only plays with her chew toys.

    2. Chosen One,
      King of Israel,
      Second Coming of Christ,
      Very Stable Genius,
      We worship Thee with all our hearts. May you reign on our blessed country forever.

    3. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh what a miracle, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

  3. McCarthy came to the floor and said that Trump was responsible, and should have called off the riot eailer, but now when he should have the courage to do his job, and hides in fear.

    1. Trump wasn’t responsible, nor would he have been able to call it off. I don’t think anti-fa would have listened to him.

  4. The GOP has either a huge case of Stockholm Syndrome or has finally shrugged decorum off by the grace of the one who shall not be named.

  5. D.O.J. , please prosecute all traitors that were in on the failed coup of Jan. 6 th.. No one is above the law!!!

  6. As toxic as they have made Congress, for years, it’s time they obstruct themselves. They are no profiles in courage.

    1. @K Thomas “They would embrace Tim McVeigh now.”
      this is incredibly true: “a PATRIOT!!!!!” they’d bleat/repeat all over SM
      (your point is sadly – and murderously – true)

    2. @K Thomas my point was that 9/11 commission was voted for in nov 2012
      … more than a year later.

      (it was too slow to enact, too slow to act, and too timid – but it STILL managed to show more reality than if it hadn’t existed.)

  7. Those who was there and know what happened in the inside they all need to be subpoenaed all of them even the big man dogs that’s my opinion

  8. The truth is often painful and some folks want to get away from that kind of pain. The truth can be inconvenient and lying is more convenient for some folks. The truth is real and reality is the enemy of those who have holes in their soul. Distributing untruths and rearranging facts as they see them is misguided. Let’s lower our expectations of these broken folks who cling to relevancy. Their fragile egos are being exposed to the light. The universe will deal with them.

  9. McCarthy doesn’t want to testify about his call to #45 at the height of the “Capitol tour.”

  10. Thugs and criminals when asked if they wish to investigate: “We don’t need to check what happened the day someone stole that property”

    1. Vote them OUT, that’s what we Americans can and must do. Send them all, traitors out. Democracy is demanding we stand together for USA.

  11. McCarthy should be recusing himself from decisions re. the commission, since he would be a key witness called before it. Clear conflict of interest.

  12. Can’t move on until you do what? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Yep, my sentiments exactly…

  13. McCarthy realizes it will expose their complicity and their lies, and it all go on “the record”!!! And, it may also prove alot of them to be guilty !!!

    1. And of course, if McCarthy doesn’t want to lie under oath, then he’ll have to rat out the guy that he is so afraid of (which brings to mind, what does Trump have on McCarthy?).

    2. And Nancy realizes that the American ppl can’t find out that she let them in and she didn’t call in for more cops before January 6th or the national guard since that was recommended .

  14. Have you ever had a Trump Club Sandwich?
    A trump club sandwich consists of toasted white bread, it’s full of baloney, with spam, Russian dressing and a small mushroom head on the side.

  15. I think we the people need to know exactly what happened that day and they should be held accountable for it! Everyone from the bottom up to the top. They have no future in politics if they were involved in such a horrible thing!

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