Rep. Demings, Former Police Chief, On Law Enforcement Response To Wednesday’s Insurrection | MSNBC 1

Rep. Demings, Former Police Chief, On Law Enforcement Response To Wednesday’s Insurrection | MSNBC


The Trump-led mob overrunning the Capitol on Wednesday, the controversial response of law enforcement, and the safety of the Biden inauguration are discussed by Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) in conversation with Tiffany Cross.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rep. Demings, Former Police Chief, On Law Enforcement Response To Wednesday’s Insurrection | MSNBC


    1. @Qcumber Bond You previously wrote that the State chose to allow the golpistas into the building, meaning arbitrary anti-democratic authority. You overlook the hypocrisy in the U.S. knocking off reformist governments worldwide to liberate those people from their resources, as it did to Guatemala, Iran, Chile, etc. It is only fitting to invoke the criticism, “Chile needs to invade the U.S. to restore democracy.”

    2. @José Duarte Miranda Two wrongs don’t make a right. Neither Chile nor the US has any business invading another country.

  1. Val Deming’s is real. Knew her and husband when they were young police officers. They were always fair and level headed. Both great police chiefs for orlando florida. Yall rock The Deming’s duo.!!!

    1. I thought y’all wanted to defund the police? Democrats are worse than trying to rationalize with a crackhead

    2. @Trap Daddy better than trying to rationalize with rioting anarchists who tried to intimidate members of congress

    3. @Trap Daddy i didnt agree with your statement. I just expressed discontent about how you try to shift the blame from the trump supporters to the democrats.

    1. @winesap2 Trump is a sociopath – always – manipulative, conning, liar, grifter conman. He knew there was no voter fraud – manipulated his base to do what they did. Tried to strong arm others, the Republican sec of state as well as Pence to undermine the Constitution, – they need to add – remove due to seditious behavior. (insanity – no he knew what he was doing) however, does not mean he is not now dangerous – he is a danger to USA and to the world.

    2. @José Duarte Miranda I agree. Impeach and charge him for all of the lawsuits against him especially SDNY

    3. @Frances Lock I say both. If Trump dies pence would be president if pence died then Pelosi. So if tRump removed them both in his idiocy would think he stays president.

    1. @DAVE MAURER Small minds are the reason this country is currently run by a con man. Good thing people with large brains can see beauty and intelligence independent of the masses… just sayin

    2. @Shaboikan Styles I suppose when Demmings is standing next to Pelosi and Maxine Watters, she looks like Miss America to BIG MINDED folks like you.

    3. @DAVE MAURER Nobody cares what you or I think Dave. So she’s unattractive to you, got it. Have a great rest of your weekend sir!

  2. They should lock up so many of those Trump Insurrectionist that a wing in the penitentiary can be named the Trump T-Block. Trump likes his name on buildings.

    1. If Trump doesn’t get impeached, there is no justice in America. At the end of the day. He is one man. Who needs to be held accountable. And this was planned. Trump knew what was going to happen. That’s why he was behind his bullet proof shield. When have you in all his rallies seen him behind a bullet proof shield.

    2. Usually presidents get a “Library” but you are right a Prison block would be more appropriate.
      Also the concept of a T**** library is just silly.

    1. @Billy Yonet More than half the country doesn’t like Kamala Harris. That doesn’t make them all bigots. I don’t like her because shes phony and a Democrat.

    2. @The Truth Is Out 777 – THAT’s the bigotry part…
      I didn’t call you a racist, but to have a totally pre-formed idea without actually knowing her is just wrong.
      But, I’ll admit that even though I voted for her, there are parts of her personality that rub me the wrong way.
      I do get that.

    3. @thetruthisout777 obviously since you only have experience of your right hand, you can’t recognize a beautiful woman..feckin gobshite.

  3. I hope she gets appointed to a higher position in Congress. She’s so vital in the reformation of the Civil servants called the Police.

    1. Thanks to everyone who voted for Biden and Harris, you guys saved our beautiful country!!!! If you see or hear anyone trying to destroy our country, please REPORT IT.

    2. When Democrats say ‘reform’ you best believe they mean defunding them and replacing them with answering machines. You defunded the police. And Muriel Bowser (Democrat) deliberately reduced the security presence around the capitol building just in time for Wednesday.

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    1. “I could stand in the middle of the Capitol Ellipse and incite an insurrection, people dead, and I can get away with it, OK? It’s, like, incredible.”
      — Idi Amin Trump

    2. @SCOTUS says BidenWon Nice dodge and assumption there. Guaranteed if this had been a BLM event there would have been self proclaimed Blue Lives activists popping up on right wing media specifically condemning Sicknick’s death nonstop and how it’s proof BLM is a hate group. I never said anything about his death being okay, just demanding consistency from Blue Lives. That’s you assuming I support the death.

    3. @hells bells He assumed libs hate police unconditionally and that pointing out Baby Cheesus’s culpability is somehow hypocritical.

    4. Monday – Raise articles of impeachment and vote
      Tuesday – Call special session of the senate
      In the morning take evidence and witnesses
      In the afternoon debate
      In the evening vote!
      Those who put personal politics above the American Constitution will be on record.
      Hopefully by Wednesday Trump can be indicted by whoever wants to.

      Every day justice is thwarted by stalwarts and miscreants the American Democratic Republic is diminished and weakens.
      Allies, Friends, Foes and Enemies all can see the internal menace and turmoil. The whole world is watching to see what the American people will do to heal their fractured heart.

  4. There is a conspiracy on why there wasn’t more safety preparation for the Capitol and federal workers!

  5. They were taking selfies with terrorists..being buddies with rioters……..only the secret service stopped complete bloodshed.

    1. I can understand. If you are about to be eaten by the natives and you can’t get away, try to make a friend.

    2. Some definitely were, and they have to be prosecuted for terrorism and treason, just like all the ither insurgents have to be.

  6. Why are folks asking if we “should” impeach! OF COURSE! And any other thing we can legally do to bring justice to the thug in chief and his followers!

    1. 5 Americans killed… AMERICAN BENGHAZI … Where is the Republican OUTRAGE !!!!! …OMG…. Where are the 7 Republican committees and subcommittees dragging Donald Trump to testify about inciting the riot… Even in red state Idaho… The newspaper says… REPUBLICAN SILENCE IS COMPLICITY …. If this had been a black… brown …. yellow …native American… or LGBT group. They would have been labeled as socialist or communist insurrectionist… But these people they’re Patriots… Talk about white privilege and white racism…

    2. They absolutely were not prepared. They failed miserably. I will have no mercy on the trump’s insurgents next time, if there were to be a “next time”! None !

    3. Agree 100 % with you !! I for one do not want to pay for his secret service protection for the rest of his life !! Impeach = He has to pay for his own protection !!

    1. @Reality Check Imagine if Pence was Ted Cruz in that scenario legal or not legal would not have mattered would it?

    2. What do you think they would have done to the rest of them? Do you think that every insurgent would have let every congress person go unmolested?

    3. @Dinah NicestI cant think of what can appropriately describe molestation than what was done verbally and physically by the insurgents in the Capitol

  7. There is NO “turning the page” for this country UNTIL this Seditious President, ALL who aided and abetted him, and those who they incited into attacking a U.S. Federal Building ARE HELD LEGALLY ACCOUNTABLE.

    1. @Jeremy Stokes what game are you talking about, and what does what you wrote have to do with what I wrote?
      Seems you’re the one playing stupid games..

    2. Yes thank you. Love from Australia. Watching this horrible nightmare for you and thinking the exact same thing, that accountability is needed.

  8. Nixon’s pardon killed President Ford’s reelection bid. America was outraged by this inaccountability.

    1. @nomans land
      Yesterday I heard a sitting senator declare that a decision by a publisher not to publish his book was a violation of his first amendment rights.
      Every congressman should be forced to take the same test given to immigrants. I have a good friend who became a citizen last year who knows more about the constitution than the average native-born. We used to have civics in school when I was a kid…too many years ago.

    2. I remember the events, though I was a teenager at the time. But the pardon itself was generally accepted, Ford didn’t get reelected for a variety of factors, and of the same applied to his successor Carter. The 70s were tough times, we had soaring inflation, high interest rates, coming out of a major war, gas crisis with rationed gas lines, etc. Voters were desperate for change.

    3. @M G no there were many who were unhappy with the pardon. The same “heal the nation” rhetoric was used and the emphasis was on all the convictions of Nixon’s staff as proof of justice. I was in D.C. in my late 20’s at the time. It was a big deal.

    1. They absolutely were not prepared. They failed miserably. I will have no mercy on the trump’s insurgents next time, if there were to be a “next time”! None !

    1. lolz democrats don’t care when violent mobs of liberals vandalize, loot and burn peoples businesses and police stations and terrorize citizens and assault police officers but they sure do get angry when a violent mob shows up at their doorstep and wrecks their place of work

    2. @frictionRx9 democrats protest was a baby walk to the park compared to this treason of Trump supporters on Wednesday

    3. Back on Dec 21, right-wing terrorists did a dry run of that on the Oregon state capitol building. Republican Mike Nearman (now under investigation) was caught on video letting them into the building. Thankfully law enforcement got on them quickly. You know the saying – “An insurrection that goes unpunished is a practice run.”

    1. @s a
      Steny Hoyer called Larry Hogan for Maryland NG to help. They couldn’t do it without federal authorization and the acting secretary of defense would not answer the phone. This was premeditated. Now it seems to be premeditated murder with the murder of Officer Brian Sicknick.

    2. And that mob was ready to take pence out ! Pence is in hiding not from trump but from his crazy base! Also the ones that have been arrested need to pay for the damages done! That includes the republican party and trump, but trump doesn’t pay his bills so no money there!

    3. Pence can try to turn improve your political future by invoking the 25th! NOW !!! Anything less is political suicide!!!
      A lot of Republicans were duped by all the lies. Many of them now have their eyes opened! And many more will follow as the trials begin. Be smart Pence. Invoke the 25th against Trump.

    1. @Jaja Jaja There are laws for that … §2384. Seditious conspiracy , thats max 20k fine and 20 years in prison , §2383. Rebellion or insurrection , thats max 10 years and lifetime ban from public offices , §2382. Misprision of treason , that fines and max 7 years … all these were overhauled in 13 September 1994 , when most originated from 1940s or earlier . §2381. Treason , Whoever, owing allegiance to the U.S. , levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the U.S. or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    2. I am Australian, The way trump and Barr acted on that day of the Bible shoot , Was Appalling, ,,! And to leave the Capitol Un secure on the day of the colage count, ? One Rule for some ,,, and a different rule for Others, ! Make America Sick Again, !!!! Step Down Donald, You are a Barnikal on the Arss of Humanity, !

    3. Twitter has actually DESTROYED or REMOVED ELECTION FRAUD EVIDENCE by banning Trump’s account, as their was A LOT of the evidence compiled on his twitter feed..
      Just sayin’..

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