Rep. Demings: Rubio ‘Wants To Be Anywhere But Florida’ 1

Rep. Demings: Rubio ‘Wants To Be Anywhere But Florida’


Rep. Val Demings of Florida, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, speaks out against the violence erupting over mask mandates in her state and nationwide.

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    1. @Redjam Redjam This is what a FASCIST Black Lives Matter radical inept democrat looks like, Floridians. Is this what u want n ANY lawmaking position???

    2. @Whicker
      Awe my dear little recycled queen vladz troll clown
      At least ask for anew troll plantation script read
      Sheeeez Chubakov try harder Komrade

  1. The same anti-vaccine folks would be the 1st ones who will be yelling to accuse the schools for not protecting their child from Covid… Go figure!

    1. @Chris Smith So and a Dem woman murdered her husband with fish food thinking it was going to work. Your point?

    2. @Broseph Broman And which orange Republican President claimed this drug hydroxychloroquine was possibly effective against Covid?

    3. @Chris Smith I don’t care who said it. Thats an example of quit believing what people say and look it up. Also big difference between hydroxy and fish feeder. Its so dumb she was being investigated for murder.

    4. @Broseph Broman common sense tells you the earth is flat and the sun sinks beyond the rim of the flat earth every night.

  2. So every year I get a list of supplies that my step-son is required to bring on day one. Our county does not have a lot of education funds so it includes items such as dry erase markers, Kleenex and paper towels and “Clorox wipes”, and no one argues – but if you add a mask for the kids, suddenly everyone becomes violent? I don’t get it.

    1. it’s crazy and stupid. I can’t even say ignorant, because they have the true facts yet refuse to aknowledge.

    2. @Frode Aronsen this is mostly the parents fault. The schools should stop pushing them to the next grade level! If you cant pass 5th grade then you stay until you do Make the parent and that child do their do diligence and the school makes sure they have what they need by way of a good curriculum and set deadlines in advance with the syllabus, yes even in grade school. And if you drop out juvenile hall can teach you then and the parent be responsible to pay juvenile hall teacher/assistant and books/supplies! Oh and parent loses government aide. Did I get it all in?

  3. Can’t blame the anti-maskers totally, because this is the most difficult thing they’ve ever had to face in their lives…covering their mouth.

    1. @Glenn Williams
      McDonalds, NFL, KFC,
      Everything is communist /liberal left socialist, China, Chavez, Jewish cabal, bla bla bla.
      Dumb followers of Don the Con.

    1. @Jasperoni Chapalini ready freddy ,standback n standby …for the FBI to arrive. Ive no doubt your on THEIR LIST. And terrorists ,whiny punk boys ,oath breakers will be given no quarter

    2. @Jasperoni Chapalini joined 4 days ago, give the phone back to your mommy , Thats if all the johns have finished with her, TROLL

    3. @Sheila Boston they still never subpoenaed the translator that was in the room with Trump and Putin in Helsinki. That was years ago… or John Bolton. It’s slow because they’re weak and nothing is going to happen.

  4. The court ruled Deathsantis mandate on mandates unlawful, yet his ignores that and imposes penalties on School boards that are going against his unlawful measures. Why is no one talking about that?!

    1. Because he’s handing out checks to the police!!! What about the first responders, nurses, doctors???? Why the police???? They didn’t even want to hear what the police from Jan 6 had to say!!! Corruption at the highest levels!!!!

    2. @Glenn Williams absolutely. It is the biggest news story of all the mainstream media today. And they are all affronted by his actions.

    1. @Mega Fauna it’s not as easy as that, especially when gerrymandering/voter suppression is rampant. America needs to reform from top to bottom on a wide range of issues – healthcare, gun reform, voting reforms. The list could go on.

    2. Congress must pass Voting Rights Legislation & Human Infrastructure Bill ASAP to improve lives of ALL Americans & taxpaying working families. Doing that will help protect & strengthen Democracy against destructive actions by PRO-Covid Trump Cult Govenors, like *Pro-Death DeSantis* Abbot & Dan Patrick, Noem etc…

      IMO, Republicans have aligned themselves with Right-wing Extremists, neo-Nazis like January 6th “Camp-Auschwitz” guy & potential domestic terror Insurrectionists, who ADMIRE how the Taliban operated!

      *All these traitors* THRIVE off making crisis situation like Covid19 worse: So they can EXPLOIT the chaos as their EXCUSE for violence! NB: Also, they abuse the word “Patriot” because their goal is to start a Civil War/ Race War, as their excuse to murder fellow Americans and destroy the country they CLAIM to love – *Its an odious goal!* …

      But the 2020 Elections showed how AWESOME America can be when it’s *united & everyone eligible votes!* – And THAT’S exactly what the GQP fears most.

    3. @Dee Valerie, I concur, but, we’ve got to vote republicans out of their positions and vote democrats in. Now, they’re trying to take over California with the 55 electoral votes. Sad, because, they will lie, cheat and steal to stay in power. We’ve got to all stick together and fight. We did great in 2020, but, not good enough to silence them. We sat Mitch McConnell down and then inherited Sinema and Manchin. We need at least 3 more Democrats to win with Sinema and Manchin. That way we will still have the majority.

    4. There are so many psychopaths and narcissists in America, it’s never going to change for the better. It’s always been bad, too.

    1. “Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light. So it is no wonder his servants can also do it by pretending to be godly ministers” (II Corinthians 11:14-15)

  5. some who proclaim they are Christian while growling like a possessed demon ain’t fooling anyone but their self . PROVERBS 18:1-7

    1. @Sly Foxx Sorry to tell you but the face of Christianity, is starkly resembling the Taliban. The love your neighbor group seems to be losing to the do onto others before they do it to you.

  6. idea: the anti-maskers should all form their OWN private school
    anti-mask teachers in a room of 30 unmasked students who are dropped of by anti-mask parents.
    They open their OWN hospital with anti-mask nurses & doctors.

    How long will this last?

    1. That is a fantastic idea. Put all anti science people in same county. Take care of yourselves. The health care workers who are fighting getting vaccinated can be your medical care providers.

    2. You people are so scared and clueless. Its dumbfounding. Get off your facebook and mainstream media. Do some personal research.

  7. “make them feel unsafe in their homes” thats what terrorist do. this is what freedom is for americans now is it?

  8. The same ones threatening people would call the police, file a lawsuit, and be terrified if the people he threatened did the same thing to him!!!

    1. @Whicker oh your a Trump supporter without common sense, empathy or understanding of medicine and science. I’ll let you off from your loving, whimsical reply to me. Kiss kiss.

    2. @Whicker you are a clown and you better understand that no vaccine of any type is 100% perfect or without detriment. Look at the numbers and realize choices are made on which is the lesser evil. Yes some will have a poor reaction that can do harm but the majority of those who get it nothing happens. We have to do what is best for the majority. As a health care provider in the hospital I can tell you that you don’t want COVID-19.

  9. Since when is threatening violence against people representative of “The Party of Law and Order”? In civilized countries openly voicing threats like that gets you a date with a judge and then a roomie named Bubba.

  10. They could put a cannon in cowthorns lap ,and he could be like a civil war reenactment . Course first time he ” fires” he would just roll over. …traitor cowthorn done,lmfao

  11. When Trump stalked Hillary like a sexual predator on the stage of the debate in 2016, he not only gave us a glimpse of what was to come, but he gave licence to all the creeps, weirdos, and right wingers out there that your personal space is their personal space.

  12. Go, Val, Go
    Now, THERE is a woman who’s talking common sense: How about we just trust those people in the schools that we’ve trusted with our kids every day. They’ll know what’s best for our kids, not a politician looking to secure their base of voters.

    1. I know Val from my 40+ years in Orlando Florida where she was the Chief of Police and then our Representative in the House,, and I am a BIG FAN. She will make a GREAT SENATOR for the State of Florida. Can’t wait to vote for her.

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