Rep. Demings: We Have To Stop Doing Nothing To Address Gun Violence 1

Rep. Demings: We Have To Stop Doing Nothing To Address Gun Violence


Rep. Val Demings, who served in law enforcement for 27 years, including as the Orlando police chief, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that she favors Pres. Biden's plan to reduce gun violence because investing in communities and holding gun sellers accountable "clearly makes a difference." 
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  1. 👈 *कलयुग है साहेब*
    *यहां “झूठे” को स्वीकार*
    *”सच्चे” का शिकार किया जाता है* 😇⚠️

  2. Address violent criminals and mentally illness as seperate issues.Then those who need help can get it and criminals wouldn’t have an easy excuse. Leave otherwise law abiding people alone.

    1. @Cassandra Rose 🎀 thank you my dear I appreciate that, people need to look past what the media just tells them and start thinking for themselves. Be safe out there.

    2. @chavo 426 RIGHT! that’s why they wrote a bill of rights that can change when needed! there is a process in place to repeal amendments and it’s been used before very successfully. the 2nd amendment is now outdated and holding back progress by not advancing with technology and keeping up with current reality, and it needs to be repealed. you just made my case for me! THANKS!

    3. @mrbubetube NOPE, you missed the part where I told you that Democratic ran cities and states have the gun control you’re asking for already in place and it’s failing miserably. They don’t care about our life’s what so ever, it’s all a political agenda and they ignore the root problem.

    1. @Serron Serron No, it’s fact. Your opinion is obviously garbage. It’s ok though, I’m sure you’re used to being wrong all the time.

    2. @Tim McInerney LMAO
      Hilarious you say that, because I’m originally from a rough neighborhood in Cicero. I wasn’t gonna do that to my kids, so now we live off dirt roads in the middle of the woods not far from Tulsa. Kids school staff are armed, and they still sing Grand Ol FLag. We have never worn a mask , never will. I get my kicks watching Chi news 😆🍻

  3. Start issuing death sentences for violent gun crimes. They’ll stop real quick.

    1. Crime worshipping culture is dictated by evil government. It isn’t going to address anything baby. You are wasted.

    2. @Gray Goddess im presenting a hypothetical because i know the government wont do anything. they want this country to fall apart so they can have the spoils.

    3. @MilktotheShake ok. Sometimes it seems like we all woke up one day in a world of evil. & no one else noticed but me. I tried to get people to see things & they all wanted to be owned by msm. Why don’t people in the US want anything but evil government? I’ll never figure it out. Oh well. Thank you for the reply. I hope some of us survive, but I’m not even sure that a good idea.

    4. @Gray Goddess lets hope for the best outcome we can have. we still have time, so lets hope for something better and the truth to be revealed.

    1. Not going to happen. US government is evil. It isn’t here to help anyone but itself to the lives of innocents.

  4. Wow! Zero tolerance and holding criminals accountable—what a concept. Oh, she said dealers, not criminals. Never mind.

  5. “I’m not aware of the particulars of where they are”….so you have no idea what’s actually going on but MSNBC thought you were a viable guest to speak on such things…absolute clown show. 🤣🤣🤣

  6. How’s about getting to the root causes that drive people to use a weapon, any weapon? Drugs, broken homes, gangs, mental health.

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