Rep. Dingell: I Think Dems Will Move Forward With Another Impeachment | Way Too Early | MSNBC 1

Rep. Dingell: I Think Dems Will Move Forward With Another Impeachment | Way Too Early | MSNBC


Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., says she believes I think Democrats will move forward with another impeachment. Aired on 01/08/2021.
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Rep. Dingell: I Think Dems Will Move Forward With Another Impeachment | Way Too Early | MSNBC


  1. Another impeachment sounds good, whatever it takes to remove Adolf Benedict Trump from power as soon as possible.

    1. Lol, legal is an unlawful crime. Professional thieves stealing everyones bonds of equity to hurt children and make homeless for profit WORLDWIDE. Cestui que vie 1666, commonly known as strawman.

    1. @Wally Censorship Annnnd from your comment I can see that you don’t even know what “fascism” is..
      You should get your definitions correct before you shoot off your cake hole…
      Just a thought…

    2. @Wally Censorship You do realize that those two terms are diametrically apposed to each other right?
      You have only proven my point, have a nice day…
      You’re not worth the bandwidth to argue the point!

  2. The case for impeachment is very strong. However, ask yourself if you have ever seen congress get anything accomplished in 13 days.

  3. Pence and McConnell need to force him to either resign or pull out the 25th Amendment to have him removed. Stop the madness!

    1. @Janet Browning Exactly. If they wait any longer, he’ll pardon himself, leave, and then keep plotting on how to gain power again or just overthrow the government. I can’t believe Mitch McConnell is still blocking this from happening.

    2. @Yolanda Carrillo They are letting down this country, if they DO NOT take him out, that’s for sure. I’m tired of them talking about it…they just need to do it. Take care & stay safe & stay well.

  4. Impeach him and remove him from office so he has no power to pardon before he can do more damage then he has already done, not just to America but the world

  5. Republicans are once again not doing anything. Democrats must step forward and clean up another republican mess.

    1. @Wally Censorship post your proof cause the last church that was involved with anything political was the one trump had protesters cleared out to take a photo op with the bible held upside down … so let’s get real here .. stop being sheep and think for yourself

    2. @Nick hahahaha. I never said anything bout a church did I ?
      And so you’re crying bout that. But seem to be ok with police killing four protesters here.
      Once again another example of two faced stupidity from you leftist.
      It’s a horrible crime if police force is used against you. But it’s ok for police force to be used against those you disagree with.
      Oh man you people are ridiculous two faced cowards.

    1. You do know that the house already voted to impeach Trump? It didn’t happen because the Republican controlled Senate voted no.

    2. @Tre Flips 21 Republicans only care to get these savages to vote from them in two years . That is why everyone who does not want Republican control again to come out and vote in every election from now on .

    3. @Tre Flips 21 And there’s a new reason for impeachment and a new impeachment. CNN is showing all four pages of it, word for word. Short and sweet.

    4. @Joe Zamecki Yes, I know. trump needs to be removed now. We have already seen how dangerous he can be when his followers will do anything he asks. These are scary and uncertain times.

    5. @louis vicroy Yes, those politicians that are still backing up the lies must go with trump. Hopefully to prison.

    1. how do you “freedom fighters” feel this morning? after being tossed under the bus by your messiah?
      Being labeled as antifa by YOUR right wing media? you’re not – right. Do any of you have a clue yet.
      now, go back to your lives, and have a nice day. and hope that the FBI doesn’t come.

    2. Did you feel this strongly about left wing groups rioting and causing violence last year? Be consistent and don’t be a hypocrite.

    3. @Bishop Walters while there was some violence this summer as Americans marched for racial justice, the issue at hand is trump inciting a treasonous act on our government.

    4. @Laura Troxel What did rioting, looting, burning down businesses, Trying to take over city blocks, Causing over 2 billion in property damage and causing the death of innocent people have to do with racial justice as you say?
      Why didn’t Democrats and the Left wing media call out garbage groups like Antifa and BLM? The Democratic Party ignored or encouraged the violence last year.

    1. Yes..absolutely!
      Investigate the security and arrest or hold them accountable but it starts at the top. We must not let trump get away with this intentional coup d’etat

    2. A resignation is not a shield against being investigated or prosecuted. They think we are stupid and will somehow see their cowardice as courage LOL!

    1. @Socrates ExplainsEverything I honestly don’t think so. He will say anything to get out of the mess he has created. He will not change. Too far gone now imo.

    2. Deborah Ross the lesson he learned is that Republicans won’t hold him accountable for any of his continued crimes .

    1. Hey Susan (Collins)! Have you learned anything yet?
      (BTW Susan, since you’re so good at assessing learning (lurning)… Betsy fled the mess… there’s room for an incompetent education director…)

    2. @Center for Heart Conscious Living That is the truth. Trump has escalated his lawlessness, unopposed, for the last four years. Each act was ignored by the GOP. The trajectory of Trump’s behavior was clear. He was headed towards dictatorship from the day he was sworn in. If fascism is not opposed at every step, it succeeds. Maybe, finally, that lesson will be learned now, when it’s almost too late.

    3. @saj103, OK, I bit on this. This is not reportage. This is a woman spinning a wacky hearsay tale about remote voting machine tampering enabled by Italian intelligence services, the end product is one of Giuliani’s affidavits, and by the way she spent $500.000 of her own money to obtain this information and would like some contributions to help make up that expense. The Obama part is more hearsay, unnamed Italian judge opening an undefined investigation “Obama is part of it”

      Old nonsense

  6. At least the Dems can say someone tried to stop this out of control President no one else would stand up to.

  7. ted cruse is right he does have some responsibility in what happened along with several others. they should all be charged with sedition or more.

  8. The historical records must show that Trump was an anti American seditionist. A president attacking his own country.

    1. @Dustin Caso Huh? Nice try. Google both issues, Lazy Thumbs! Am not carrying your H2O for you further! Felix Sater; laundromats. Next: 34 indictments. D-.

  9. I like the idea of impeachment. Trump should have been impeached several times. Getting double impeached is a great way for him to leave office.

  10. The world is watching, every hour goes by with no action from Congress is a disappointment and disgrace. IMPEACH IMMEDIATELY

    1. I know, what’s the hold up? Dems have the senate and house. It doesn’t matter it they finish by the 20th. The point is to make sure the nutcase never holds office again. They now have the votes to do it.

    2. @seer16 The new members haven’t been sworn in yet, so they don’t have the senate just yet. I think he should be impeached, but if the goal is safety then he could be removed much quicker with the 25th amendment. I think for a moment they thought the 25th amendment was a real pathway.

      Of course if the senate could approve a Supreme Court judge quickly they could impeach Trump if they wanted to. Most likely they will drag their heels because of the power Trump supporters still have.

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