Rep. Dingell On Democrats’ Chances To Win Back Michigan | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rep. Dingell On Democrats’ Chances To Win Back Michigan | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Rep. Debbie Dingell, who warned Democrats about Trump’s support among Michigan voters in 2016, tells Lawrence O’Donnell that Biden has done a much better job appealing to workers in Michigan, but she says the race is competitive even though Biden is leading and urges voters not to take their vote for granted because “that vote is the biggest voice we have.” Aired on 10/27/2020.
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Rep. Dingell On Democrats’ Chances To Win Back Michigan | The Last Word | MSNBC

54 Comments on "Rep. Dingell On Democrats’ Chances To Win Back Michigan | The Last Word | MSNBC"


    • That is not quite accurate –
      polls very much matter, in the moment they are cast. If you think about it – the election itself is just one glorified poll.. though it is the only one we keep for real.

      Polls though do give those who are running or watching an idea of how people feel on certain topics, and so they very much do matter overall. Democracy only works over decades and centuries right – so it is important to track our changes of thought over time (not just once every four years_).

      Statistically, there is something called a degree of error that should be built into any experiment’s results; if our population understood what that meant – I would rather our reporters could share that information, yet few would know what to do with it ~ I’d imagine about 5%-15 potential swing overall from polls.. but yeah – vote (and sign your name like an adult citizen of a free nation), that’s what counts.


    • Christine King | October 28, 2020 at 2:06 AM | Reply

      @ScootMagoot46 Rep. Dingell shined here, and she is spot on about polls.

    • I’m Trump 2020 cuz Who Built the Cages Joe??? Who wants to shutdown the energy industry in Pennsylvania Joe? Who wants unlimited jobs going back to China Joe?

    • I live in Michigan under Nazi Whitmer. I’m voting for Trump because of her & I’m not even a Republican.

    • @ScootMagoot46 Progressive =Communist. They used to call themselves progressives. Read history.

  2. Reminder: t’rump called his own supporters “disgusting people” and they still are too dumb to realize he’s not joking. 😅😂

    • @Cort I employee myself. Im not that pathetic.

    • Priscilla Robb | October 28, 2020 at 11:46 AM | Reply

      @TrumpVirus-19 thank you then. I am also independent voter but I look like so Blue this year. I voted blue all the way in person in the name of my nurse friends who died of covid last May and June. 🙏
      And for my little part, I keep on sewing face masks and give them away free.

    • @Priscilla Robb My condolences

    • Priscilla Robb | October 28, 2020 at 12:17 PM | Reply

      @TrumpVirus-19 I am still in pain every time I remember them. 😢 My sister, my niece, so many cousins, and friends are front line workers. I am always in panic every time I heard that their hospitals are in full capacity. Prayed hard every single day for their safety and no more pain Please, no more. 🙏🙏🙏

    • @Cort Oh look, Democrats can’t handle a taste of their own medicine. Goodluck the next 4 years with Trump

  3. Vote the con man out

  4. Keith Soderlund | October 28, 2020 at 12:48 AM | Reply

    Americans: Our Vote is the Biggest Voice We Have! Stay safe America.

  5. Oct 27 don’t use post office.. It will not get there on time, Too late. Vote in person or hand deliver ballot now

  6. Vote Trump out

    • I’m Trump 2020 cuz Who Built the Cages Joe??? Who wants to shutdown the energy industry in Pennsylvania Joe? Who wants to thank China by sending them more of our jobs Joe?

  7. Michigan needs to be liberated from domestic terrorists.

  8. Trump thrives on division and there’s no way that’s good for any of us.

  9. It’s a poll. It isn’t a vote!
    Drop it off asap. Vote Joe.

    • It’s now to late to mail in your ballot in 29 states. If you have not done so already then go to the Polls Nov 3rd. This is the most IMPORTANT Vote of our lives! Our democracy depends on it! trump and fox propaganda preach Hate and Racism!
      trump is an evil ugly orange Clown of Hate. He is an authoritarian fascist wannabe dictator. and he will destroy our democracy. VOTE THE BIG BLUE WAVE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. BECAUSE IT DOES.

  10. She is one of the few really good establishment democrats. She is populist-progressive.

    • No she’s a disgusting communist!

    • @Jasen That word does not mean what you think it does if you are citing her as an example.
      A mind is a terrible thing to waste. If you are young enough (or if others judge you not to be tell them to pound sand and prove them wrong), seek an education. Words have meanings beyond just being random “cuss words”. There is a world of knowledge about political theory just waiting for you to discover and put to use, but if you simply use words randomly as insults, you will find they carry very little weight at all, either in meaning, or as a means to convince others.

      Also, there is no guarantee, but often a furthered education can lead to earning more money for one’s family and or future goals in life. I worked in the trades, gathered three decades of trade knowledge that has served me well as a skilled worker, yet sought the furtherance of my education simply to grow and understand more of the world.
      It has taken 13 years (full time work meant less classes less often) yet I am one semester away from a masters in engineering. My career is already set as a tradesman, I’m ready to retire in fact, but the education has opened up a world of understanding I would lack without it (point being learning is or can be about more than simply “getting paper” to hang on the wall for a career in a field of study).

      Good luck and God bless

  11. Russell Peterson | October 28, 2020 at 1:04 AM | Reply

    ⊹⊱⋛⋋💙 I V0TED FOR BIDEN AND HARRIS! 💙⋌⋚⊰⊹

  12. How do people think God feels about how we are acting! Whatever we do God said we should do in love! It seems like not many are listening! To much hate! Where are we without Love?

    • @K. McKee Your the only one here acting like satan. This lady said something that is not divisive whatsoever. Before you accuse me I dont believe in god but her saying this does no one harm and only offends those with little intelligence like yourself.

    • Well, I believe God gave us free will to choose our actions, and everyone answers for those actions whether they believe in God or not. I also believe people have moved away from God, to the point of looking at government as their true savior here on Earth. It’s all in The Rules For Radicals instructional book, and is being played out before our very eyes. Wasn’t the left’s mantra back in the Obama years “love trumps hate”? That changed Nov 8, 2016, and we see them for who they really are….hateful, oppressive, power hungry, petulant, history-hating, science manipulating, racist, sexist, unborn human killers with zero morality. We should love them, I agree.

    • @Arcadian Duke I agree with everything you said, up to the point where you blamed the left for everything that the right represents. I believe that republicans are, hateful, oppressive, power hungry, petulant, history hating, science manipulating, born human killers (covid) with zero morality, or ethics.

    • This isn’t God’s fight, it ours. I will litter the battlefield with the presumed ‘RIGHT’

    • @E Hole I feel God makes it clear he does not help those who do not help themselves. And I would be littering the battlefield with the left.

  13. You won’t win if you don’t vote.

  14. God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her thru the nigth with a ligth from above.. God bless America, my home sweet home 💖🇺🇸🌊

  15. Darryl English | October 28, 2020 at 1:32 AM | Reply

    Vote early to avoid GOP corruption. Vote blue in staggering numbers too large to contest. Vote blue 2020.

    • Will you be wanting tissues after November 3rd when you see you have lost?

    • Darryl English | October 28, 2020 at 3:47 AM | Reply

      @Saiyan Seeds I do marvel at the colorfully creative ever so imaginative comment that flowed from your razor like wit. Do tell, were you born with such an incisive intellect? Or did you study under the auspices of the geniuses in the trailer park where you obviously grew up? Don’t you think it would be better to remain silent and merely allow others to assume you are stupid rather than open your mouth and thereby remove all doubt?

    • Democrats are done for, congratulations.

    • Copy that!

    • Too big to rig, too real to steal

  16. She’s right on the money. People need to go out and vote like their life depends on it.

    • I’m Trump 2020 cuz Who Built the Cages Joe??? Who wants to shutdown the energy industry in Pennsylvania Joe? Who wants unlimited jobs going back to China Joe?

  17. We can do this.. bring love not hate. Blue all the way. Let’s get all republicans out of office for defending this kind of Dictator wanna be.


    Spread the word

  19. I love this woman – clearly headed and pragmatic!

  20. Kind of Smooth | October 28, 2020 at 2:54 AM | Reply

    The People of the United States Vs Trump, the Russian Asset.

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