Rep. Dingell: ‘The Long-Term Care System Is Broken In This Country’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Do you remember that scene in, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest with Nicholson in physciatrists

    office telling the doc, Doc you know how it is when you get that little red beaver looking

    at you straight in the face? Well, thats matt gaetz right there!

    1. Yes..Long care system in America from what little I’ve seen is horrible. And that was a good one that my friend chose for her Mom who had Alzheimer.. We will alk get old and the senior home system must be updated to modern hospitals not just for the wealthy who can afford luxury care

  2. When I hear that 40% of health care workers have refused the vaccine, I know immediately that these are long term care health workers. My mother was in long term care and the care takers are minimally educated, good hearted folk, but exceedingly ignorant. To fix long term health care we must educate these good folk for everyone’s benefit.

  3. Our “health care system” isn’t even at the level of the worst “banana republic”, thanks to capitalist, most republican influence, and YOU and I are the victims of that !

  4. When this Country was founded, there were no paved roads, bridges, highways, water suppy and sewers, gas and electrical services, infrastructure changes as technology develops, it is NOT stagnant.

  5. GM has ALREADY announced that they are going to STOP manufacturing Gasoline and Diesel powered vehicles by 2023
    those FOOLS won’t have a choice.
    WE as a Nation must deal with our own future and start repairing and upgrading the Electric Grid NOW!!!!!!!!

  6. shame people gotta rely on webster’s. used to teach our citizens latin, but the anti-catholic protestants wanted to get rid of it.
    so, now the majority of our citizenry have no idea what most of the words in the common language even mean.
    it’s a good illustration of the narrow-sightedness of the whole ideology of the majority.

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