Rep Doggett: 'Texans Are A Paying A Terrible Toll' For Gov's, Trump's Mistakes | MSNBC 1

Rep Doggett: ‘Texans Are A Paying A Terrible Toll’ For Gov’s, Trump’s Mistakes | MSNBC


Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) joins Ayman Mohyeldin as his state is experiencing a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. Doggett places blame on Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who he says has tied the hands of local government and is in "denial" about the seriousness of the problem there. Aired on 07/03/2020.
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Rep Doggett: 'Texans Are A Paying A Terrible Toll' For Gov's, Trump's Mistakes | MSNBC


  1. Everyone should feel better when he loses in november and is arrested for his crimes in 2021!

    1. @David Carter
      The fbi and cia should not allow corrupt trump or any family members to leave the country especially after the election!

    2. @Angsty Tantrum
      Are you kidding I don’t have time to write an encyclopedia of his crimes and betrayal of this country and our allies!
      trump for federal or state prison 2021!

    3. @Bernard M. Why hello Bernard M. Thanks for your inquiry. I am a psychiatrist MD and also a Ph.D in Economics and Geopolitics. So I WORK at the institution, probably seeing TDS patients like you. Happy 4th of July!

  2. Why are there so many know all’s who know nothing running the country? Instead of listening and taking heed of doctors and professionals, you’ve got these cowboys, who are half baked on most subjects. It’s pathetic. No one wants to wear face masks, because it takes away their freedom. Well so does

    1. Ian Heron – “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” Thank you Janis Joplin. We’re not free as long as we have something or someone to protect.

  3. Unfortunately it’s more than just Texans that are suffering due to the presidents and governors decisions and actions.

    1. @Papa Valiquette Personal responsibility relies on having a clear, defined set of guidelines.
      If you believe the ‘president’ then you should not be wearing a mask, you should be going out as you normally would, and you should be taking a variety of drugs to prevent it.
      If you follow the CDC and anything but Faux news they say the polar opposite.
      Most people will follow an authority figure they trust. If you’re intelligent you’ll believe the CDC then you’re performing personal responsibility.
      Up until Trump took the White House we would have been able to follow their instructions (which, up until now, have basically mirrored that of the CDC).
      So if you follow him… are you still performing ‘personal responsibility’? He’s the authority figure.

    2. Our governor has passed ..wearing of masks to the mayor’s of each city to mandate or not…He has been on the fence the whole time …It’s doubtful he will be re-elected.

    3. This is the tragedy of Covid. Even the civilized parts of the country will be impacted by the ignorance of states like Texas and Florida.

    1. @Liberals have serious TDS you really must have something wrong with you. If you can’t see what Trump is doing to America. Then either two things. You’re not an American or you’re just like Trump. Selfish self centered that values nothing but himself and how to make a quick buck. At someone else’s expense.

    2. Liberals have serious TDS TDS Trumps Done Soon gotta love it! taking down the entire Republican Party in the process.

  4. Trump never read the brief that told him his six casinos were going bankrupt, either. because lazy and stupid doesn’t magically cure itself overnight

    1. How did we end up with a president who is so INCOMPETENT IMMORAL CORRUPT EVIL AND VINDICTIVE. Donald tDUMP is trying to remove the name of LtCol Vindman in the list so he can’t be promoted to a full Colonel.

    2. In all fairness, it was 2 casinos, one of them he bankrupted twice and 3 other businesses totaling 6 bankruptcies…. he sucks.
      Vote Byedon 2020!

    3. Trump was told by a couple of his advisors that he was going bankrupt, instead of correcting the problem he fired those advisors for telling him the truth.

    1. well…i’m from Texas….we aren’t all trump minion morons and the state is moving toward purple or even blue, so give the morons time to die off, then we’ll see!

    2. @Stiaga Crevty Yeah. He’s a racist, through and through. HIS “american dream” is to be shut of all people of color. Good thing that HE isn’t the deciding factor on who experiences “the american dream”.

    3. @Stiaga Crevty Pretty sure he has CLEARLY showed, in words AND actions, that he doesn’t give two $h*ts about People of Color in this country. Enjoy your 4th.

  5. America has never had a president FAIL so terribly and so DERELICT in his duty.

    VOTE BLUE in every election esp in November

    1. @Bill Wilson You realise the GOP is no longer the conservative party anymore right ??
      Debt Debt & more Debt is the GOP way .
      Haven’t the TOP 1% had enough Tax giveaway packages ?
      What else does the GOP CANCER PARTY Support ?
      I’d love to hear your answer .

  6. They’re going to pay a worse toll when they find out global warming is real in about 100 years

    1. In the 100 years, may their offsprings be less ignorant and recognize this, and do their due diligent to turn it around.

    2. Right now you mean. The USA only planted 46% of its corn crop this year, too much rain. Potatoes in Idaho not harvested because of early freeze. Insect apocalypse, 70% of all insects on earth dead since 1991. 7,000 individual weather stations register temperatures this year where a human could not survive for more than 4 hours. It’s 90 or 100+ across the USA Today.

    3. Nope they’re going to finally find out this year. With 100.4 degrees in Siberia. And the melt is ever so serious the ocean levels this year will increase. It’s currently too late to reverse. We will have an inhabitable earth in most places in just a couple decades. The sea level rising will shrink many miles into the coast line. Noam chomsky wrote in 50 years well be dead on this planet or something like that.

    4. In my state the effects of global warming are already evident. In a few years this place will be a climate hellhole just like Florida.

    1. That Lt gov Dan Patrick is a hard core Donald tDUMP supporter who needs to be voted out in the next election.

  7. This is what happens when you listen to idiots instead of the experts. This war on science is just plain stupid!!!

    1. Sadly, the American war on science is a longstanding policy which has spilled over into the social sciences and economics sectors too. It didn’t start with Trump, but provided fertile ground for his style of rule; unsophisticated, binary, policicised argument has become the norm, where ‘facts’ and ‘opinions’ are interchangeable terms for much of the population. Getting rid of Trump isn’t going to fix the underlying problem. That’s going to take years of hard work and soul-searching by the people who allowed the situation to develop; either through their own fundamentalist approach, or through apathy. November is only the beginning.

    2. @Anser Bauer Hard work and soul-searching by this?
      “higher levels of anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, and aggression in children” plus “attention deficits, and a heightened sensitivity to drugs of abuse”.
      To do “soul-searching”, one must have a _soul_ undestroyed by two generations of chemicals and the environment in which to flourish. How much does this neurological dysgenisis add to early childhood trauma?
      And Trump is getting rid of all those pesky scientists who ask _nasty_ questions. Just like Pol Pot, he murders not just doctors but medicine.

    3. @Dorky Mindcrust Right. Which is why the American people need to learn from this experience. It’s time to start looking outwards again. Start listening to others instead of being your own echo chamber. Start choosing leaders who will lead, not just with what’s popular, but with what’s necessary. A little self-reflection goes a long way.

    1. I honestly think the US President is the dumbest leader any industrialized nation has ever had.

      I can’t think of another that even comes close!

    2. @Fu T His uncle John G Trump, reviewed the treasures left by Nicola Tesla. He concluded: They had no Military, Strategic or scientific value. Its genetic.

    3. How dumb can one be to say that the Lone Ranger mask looks like the cloth masks people use.

      How dumb can one be to propose looking into disinfectant injections.

      Etc. etc.

  8. Trump is like that H.S teacher who tells you to not use your cell phone in class while using it at the same time

    1. How did America end up with a president who is so INCOMPETENT IMMORAL CORRUPT EVIL RACIST and a pathological liar???

    2. There are actually good reasons students shouldn’t use their phones that don’t apply to teachers.

      Trump is more like that teacher who knows there is a plot to poison him, so he makes his students taste his food.

    3. The teacher is the teacher, the student is the student. Your argument is that if the teacher can use a cell phone, students can too. Weak sauce.

  9. After watching trump pretend to be president, is it any wonder that he was such a failure as a businessman?

    1. @Robert Lee Opportunity Zones, College Funding, Reeducation Programs, TaxCut for small businesses, Skill based hiring, ease the govenment pressure on businesses, Energy Self sufficiency, (tried to do a police reform), and many other things that directly helped the bottom population of all colors with programs especially for minorities.

    2. @Robert Lee Fine, blame Trump for handling the Virus. But 1 thing has to be very clear, this was an attack.

    3. @Paul M “”Fine, blame Trump for handling the Virus. But 1 thing has to be very clear, this was an attack.” That was the *best* line _ever_ !!! Thanks for that! U just made my day!!

      (u r actually a comedian, right? u must be)

  10. The moment the President considered us expendable….I lost trust in the Presidency. The moment the Republicans in Congress turned complicit…I lost my trust in the Republican leadership….The moment the Republican National Committee promoted rallys during a PANDEMIC…I lost my trust in the Republican Party…..In November…..I vote Democrat….if I am alive.

    1. @KMA Anderson Well, if you vote him in again in November he’ll do everything he can to end it; which is exactly nothing. Because (despite popular belief) the US doesn’t dictate other countries’ border policies and doesn’t have enough international respect to be trusted to manage infection control procedures at a barbeque, let alone in international travel. Nobody is letting you guys in before November anyway, so either way, the answer is still “nothing”. It will take many months and likely a new Government before Americans are going anywhere.

    2. That’s what was done in Russia after October revolution 1917, extermination of educated people. Dark masses are easier to handle.

  11. The record will show clearly that the coronavirus raged in the U.S. with far more deadly consequences than in any other nation after we squandered valuable time by denying its existence and intensity and then, once it was conceded that the virus was real and really a threat, totally discounted the dangers of an early re-opening after a checkered response to self-quarantine in the first place, allowing the virus to spread more rapidly than ever. The truest thing that can be said about the U.S. experience with this deadly virus is that it paid an unnecessarily high price in life and suffering by electing arrogantly stupid, incompetent people to its highest state and federal government leadership positions.

    1. Plus,the U.S.rejected the only proven way to contain the outbreak:to aggressively test,trace and quarantine of even asymptomatic people.
      I remember late February early March seeing in the news that a country offered thousands of test kits as a gift.and the president turned down,because’we are doing things our way’.
      That way is doing nothing,waiting and seeing.And now we see where that strategy led.

    2. Well said! Well said! Now hoping 11/3/2020 the American people vote Trump and the republican US Senate OUT of office!

    3. I’m not going to disagree with you about the responsibility for this catastrophe sitting squarely with the leadership, though I will say the culture the leadership sits within is a big part of the problem; after all, it’s the people who voted them into power. With only a 56% voter turnout last election, it’s pretty clear that cultural apathy and an abject failure to exercise their responsibility to vote by nearly half the population contributed to this nightmare situation. If that isn’t the learning the American people take away from the last 4 years, but rather, continue to squabble over the binary ‘red’ and ‘blue’ ideology, nothings getting any better anytime soon.

    1. When the lt governor of Texas himself disregards facts and the knowledge of dr fauci who helped revolutionize medicine for HIV

    2. @ScaryEducatedChic

      MAGA logic is like this:

      Universities: liberal bastions
      Doctors: Graduated from universities
      Therefore: Doctors are liberal and not to be trusted
      Generalizing: Anyone with an education is not to be trusted

      EDIT: Oh, and Educated Chics are ESPECIALLY scary and not to be trusted. Your nom de plume is apt. 🙂

    3. @The last farewell
      and also: anyone who is/seems uneducated/cant think for themselves=liberal
      Ends all with a: ?!?!?!?

    4. because we have trump minions that dont believe anything unless their dear leader tells them what to think

  12. I ask myself: What people that voted for trump thought it will happen? They chose a FAILED “BUSSINESS MAN” with more bankruptcies declarations than the average regular citizen, more infidelities to his wives than the average citizen and more lies told than the average CRIMINAL can do for the country?

    1. Yup you are so right! I have family high up on wall street and nobody will do business with him because he is not trusted and has had so many bankruptcies. He does his business overseas. That’s why he won’t release his taxes. People who voted for him to create jobs have been fooled by the joker!

    2. Jose Robles yup your right. Just because he has daddy’s money doesn’t make him a good business man

    1. @Simone Berger do the math. The population of America is 340 million. 115,000 people have died. What is that percentage? Trump was warned upwards of two million would die. How many cases were spread by lowlife rioters and protesters? Remember when the media and some scientists said it was good people were out protesting and rioting. Yet somehow it’s Trump’s fault. You people are complete morons.

    2. olemissfan91 trump is holding rally’s with a choice of wearing a mask, so who is irresponsible. Tell your sheep to wear a mask at least so you don’t give it to the rest of us at a grocery store.

  13. There’s only two ways to judge Society how you bury the dead and how you treat the elderly. AMERICA 8S FAiLING

    1. The elderly has been treated poorly in the U.S. for many, many years. What’s so amazing so many immigrants coming from the U.S. and bringing their parents and grandparents and once they become Americanized and successful their love ones became an inconvenience and they begin putting them in Nursing homes….some of the worst facilities with the lowest paid people in the country. Greedy overtook their morals & values. A Society of Me, me me.

    1. Don’t forget Dan Patrick the Lt. Governor and take those 3 Moron Mayors from the Jacksonville Fla. communities who open the beaches and no sooner than they were making their non-sense interview with the Press here comes a family with no masks..LOL

    2. H. M.
      Hey folks y’all wrote down alot of deserving contenders for federal prison but never ever forget devin nunes!

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