1. “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it.” ~ George Orwell

    1. @Doc Equis the people dont want to work because half were being paid more off unemployment with an added bonus from covid that allowed them to make more than their regular minimum wage pay check.. YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT??

    2. @Noneofyour Damnbusiness we weren’t crying because Hillary lost we were crying because we got a piece of s*** for a president

    3. @The Body Snatcher yeah that’s how socialism starts they get you dependent on the government. Wont be long we will be in a recession you can’t just keep printing money and expect it to be a party.

    4. @Eric Gatlin Were coming off a pandemic.. Of course they’ll be a recession soon.. Just like 100 yrs ago. A teenager would know that. 🤷 Trump got a kick out of giving out taxpayers money and demanded he got his name put on the checks.. 🤔 but it wasn’t actually from him…
      He also wanted credit for the covid vaccines.. But denied covid for months and forbidded wearing a mask.. Then eventually caught covid.. Lmao and got vaccined.. In which he told ppl not to get 🤷 and that was just the last chapter.. Science Fiction

    1. That her sisters and family members. Elise is the first one in the family to graduate from college.

    2. @Snake In The Grass no, Elise is the fake. She is the most moderate republican in the House. So you see a dem in the picture and straight go to calling everyone buddies and it’s just all drama for the voters. You must not realize what so many democrats are working so hard (Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema HAS got to go though!) to do to stop the republicans from basically commercializing the country? If republicans have their way and won every election, don’t ever get sick again. Bet on paying out the azz for just one pill, insulin, or epinephrine pens! Insurance companies will have us in a stranglehold, they will somehow kill the ACA. Privatized everything, and the bottom percentage of most Americans will not be able to afford. Yeah I’m not stupid I’ve been around long enough to see this in the works and what a goddamned shame the democrats tried too many times to see the “good” in the other side. They actually thought those baztards would work with the dems, mainly because they were tricked into believing they would. How nasty and grimy do you need to be in life to survive and live your life and let your fellow neighbor live theirs however they wish? That greed will get people every time. But it doesn’t really matter in the end, does it? Because you can’t take it with you when you’re dead.

    3. @Mika Mitchell It’s is and that’s why it will fail like everything Trump is behind. I can’t wait!!!

    1. @Fire Fox Yes, they replaced Liz Cheney with 80% approval among conservative groups with Elise Stefanik with 48% approval. The GOP, party of kooks, kreeps, and konspiracy kults. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of them.

    1. @Ask Me Anything Eww she’s got more chins then a chinese phone book. You chubby chaser… 😆

    1. Yes Cheryl, it’s called KARMA. An equal opportunity player.  Need proof? Read the story of ESTHER.  A man wanted loyalty and planned to destroy a nation of people. He was the one eventually got destroyed!

  2. “Politicians are like monkeys. The higher they climb, the more revolting are the parts they expose.”
    Gwilym Lloyd George, 1st Viscount Tenby

    1. I’m a Christian and think we should talk to people we find the opportunity to share with ! This was not that time & talk about over kill . If this was a drive by , you spread she’ll casings for miles . Were to talk to people as we know them and spiritual lead , not to the WORLD .

    2. @Brother Zachary Jongejan 100% of your little manifesto was made up by an assortment of people who have a stake in perpetuating the myth. If these were the words of “God” then a bureaucracy of postulators would be unnecessary. We’d all be imbued. Proof of what I just wrote? None, same as you.

    1. @GodBless America You probably missed all the Trump banners and the unmistakably white older people wearing MAGA hats. No self-respecting ANTIFA would be caught dead in a MAGA hat – or be that old. You are definitely mistaken and probably old.

    2. @goodmanvolley I’m sensing your intolerance. Intolerance is what got six million jews murdered. You want to tone down, or are you discriminating.

    1. @H Pn sorry I think she is eyeing on Steny Hoyer’s job to become the next majority leader

  3. II feel like the comment section would reflect Twitter if I had Twitter. I’m glad I don’t have Twitter.

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