Rep. Eric Swalwell: Congress Needs To Be Briefed On Threat To Election Security | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. The brief is this.
    Trump will cheat.
    He will get help
    Even if we try, he will only fire us and hire his dry cleaner
    No offence too any dry cleaners i love you guys…

    1. @Tyrade Shift good idea except for wage garnishment…of course with so many outta work 🤔 hhmm

    2. @Ali B oh wait ,,,silk ties …remember he has too drink with two hands because melania says hes a spiller ..or was that drooler..

    3. @Ann Owens i thought it was because they took it BEFORE we get our pay checks..oh wait thats WHY they take it first…lol

  2. Trump will do everything the GOP will allow him to do. The clear and present danger to America is not trump – it is the Republican Party.

    1. @Drought Tolerant LOL hey, twerp..? You have slogans and rhetoric. We have facts and data. Facts win. Huge landslide for Biden in November. Cool, huh..?

  3. This is insane that you have to worry that the GOO is allowing foreign interference. Putin is sure getting his money’s worth.

  4. In one breath Trump asked for foreign interference, but now that his poll numbers are down, he’s accusing foriegn nations of interference? Wait, what?

    1. @Todd Cahill You’re still dodging the questions:
      Who sent that e-mail?
      Who did they send it to?
      Why did you feel the need to lie to defend your view?

    2. @Todd Cahill who sent that e-mail, who did they send it to, and why do you feel the need to lie to defend your views?

    3. @Todd Cahill my first comment had the e-mail. You’re a shining example of why it might be a good idea to open schools asap.

  5. Mark my words, we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes Russian interference and the amount of corruption that Trump has been involved in.

    But 3 things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
    And ye shall know the TRUTH, and the truth shall make you free…

    1. one comment said by a person on the internet – was that there is one remedy for the removal of Trump.
      when he comes after his supporters as he is going after these cities and re-opening schools if that happens – it will be to late.
      no child should be used for political campaign-yet here we are.
      criminally insane.

    1. Dave Schultz only if Mitch McConnell is a Democrat now? But you must be one of those people who think shadow president Hillary Clinton has been in charge for the last four years and we’re just going from four years of shadow Democrat to another four years of actual Democratic leadership.
      Can’t blame Mitch McConnell’s constituents for recording him while he’s talking. Maybe whoever was doing security at that holiday event should have confiscated cell phones.

  6. I’m seeing a few Russian ‘bot’ comments here – don’t engage with them, just ignore them or give them the thumbs down

  7. Hes saying its rig. Well because he’s already rig it once and he’s going to do it again. He’s giving everyone a heads up for the first time in almost 4yrs.

  8. No Administration Republican or Democrat does everything by the book nor do they follow all laws precisely at times, but this is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most corrupt Administration in modern history!.! And I was a republican until Donald Trump!

    1. Trump: “Person, Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”
      Biden: “Corn pop, child, ya know the thing, Obama….😳💫

    2. @Dave Schultz Just to be clear, you’re actually toting “person, woman, man, camera, tv” as evidence that Trump is sharp mentally?

      Are you enthralled with his ability to identify an elephant? Ready to give a standing ovation at drawing a clock? Did he identify his name, his location and the time of day too?

      What a stable, freaking genius.

  9. Of course they’re interfering. Putin’s troll farm minions are all over Youtube, still trying to fart their brainless nonsense.

    1. You can easily spot the Russian Trolls and don the Impeached Traitor Bots. It would not be a Surprise If his Bots are his Grifter, Rotten Freeloading Spawns. They have Enjoyed Tax Payers Footing their Bills and their Lavish Lifestyles. They are all Street Hustling Grifter Conartists who can’t make it on their own..

    1. Trump will lose the vote but he will be handed the presidency. His administration are already working on it…. especially the DoJ.

      AG William Barr will declare the election result invalid due to Chinese interference. Trump will be declared President for a second term.

      You Americans lost your democracy at the last election. You just haven’t realized it yet.

  10. Trump doesn’t want to let out the truth about the interference of the election. It’s the only way Trump can win. Lie, steal and cheat the motto of being a Trump.

  11. What’s foolish and a shame is that the Republicans did not pass the bill to protect our election AKA Moscow Mitch

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