Rep. Eric Swalwell On California's Vaccination Success, Herd Immunity | MSNBC 1

Rep. Eric Swalwell On California’s Vaccination Success, Herd Immunity | MSNBC


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) comments on California's vaccination strategy, herd immunity, and Rudy Giuliani.
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    1. @Z Ham Christine Fang was a Chinese agent who tried to get close to various Bay Area political figures. After her activities were uncovered, the FBI did a thorough investigation and concluded that neither Rep. Swalwell or any other politician was guilty of anything, and that no classified info was obtained.

    2. @Z Ham If by “penetrating” you mean hanging around a few politicians to no effect, then yeah. Hardly comparable to, for instance, Russian intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik meeting with Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to strategize “in detail” (to quote the Senate Intelligence Committee report) about ways of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016, and feeding phony dirt on Joe Biden to Trump lackey Rudy Giuliani in 2020. The U.S. intelligence community warned the White House in 2019 that Giuliani “was the target of an influence operation by Russian intelligence”, but that didn’t deter Trump and his campaign. Conversely, when Rep. Swalwell was informed by law enforcement that Christine Fang was a Chinese intelligence operative, he severed all contact (such as it was) immediately.

    3. @C.A.T. I think you’re normalizing her behavior. It is never right for a foreign agent to be involved in politics or hang around policy makers of another country. And if you’re worried about russian intelligence, try hunter biden

  1. I live here in the Bay Area. Most of us aren’t vaccine wimps and realize its importance. Nor do we politicize COVID, as many states do. And that’s why our area is the safest area against COVID in the country. Hoping that the rest of America follows suit, so that we can ALL get on with our lives for real.

    1. @Ro G: If San Francisco cared so much about health they’d clean up all the human feces and needles littering their downtown streets.

    2. Amen! it’s not about our health. These people are crazy for going along and not questioning anything.

  2. San Francisco: “We’ve hit herd immunity!”
    Maga cult in CA: “We’ve hit herd mentality!!”
    San Francisco: “I think you mean herd stupidity. Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote Jenner in the election!”
    Maga cult in CA:

  3. I had J&J……I’m great. I’m next door in Santa Cruz…..Newsom is doing just fine. Thank you, Rep. Swalwell!

    1. @Reason Not yet. They managed to get it on the ballot. As the most populous state in the union, we are doing remarkably well in terms of the virus. On other things, I don’t have a problem with how he has governed. I hate listening to him speak, though! Too many pauses, or something…..but he’s not my buddy, he’s my governor, and so far he’s good.

    2. @Elizabeth Ayres: So he’s facing a recall campaign then? Poor guy. He just watched his presidential ambitions get flushed down the toilet. Yeah, he’s doing just fine alright.

    3. @Reason He’s doing his job well. I’m not really so much concerned about his career ambitions beyond his current service.

    4. @Elizabeth Ayres: He’s OBVIOUSLY NOT doing his job well if his citizens are recalling him. Didn’t he lose like 12 billion dollars to unemployment scams?

    5. @Reason California has the 5th largest economy on Earth. We’re great. The weather is nice, the forests are still here, the beaches are amazing…..and our Governor is doing his job. They can try to recall him, and may succeed. I will vote against his recall. Period.

  4. Around 41% of Republicans, 49% of Republican men, refuse the vaccine, the messaging of the right is going to keep us mired in sickness and death far longer than need be.

    1. @Joe Who It’s pretty apparent that you RWNJs have always hated America and everybody in it. Any rational person sees how abusive you all are and wants nothing to do with you. Your hatred is an indicator of good, because you love evil.

    1. @Cristian Zaharescu Non-affiliated, actually and fully support the Gov. Republicans have tried six times to recall him, and a judge granted 100/120 days extra (due to COVID) to get requisite signatures.

  5. Maga trolls may be loud and hateful but in no way are they the majority of Americans or even Californians for that matter …

  6. What this traitor is doing on tv? He must be removed from the government. He has no right to talk about anything….

    1. Fall? Biden has done 100x better than trump in vaccinating our country and taking taking seriously. Get out here man you must not be very intelligent.

    1. @George Masters Also….Gaetz wasn’t boinking a Chinese Spy while serving on the Intelligence Committee. Get it?

    2. @George Masters You mean Andrew Cuomo?He actually kills abunch of ppl and abuses the rest!!! Don”t hear much about that. Killing 15000 seniors and covering it up must be business as usual for Demonrats.

  7. Let me take a stab at this. California is full of democrats who believe in science.

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