Rep. Eric Swalwell Reacts To Being Target Of Trump DOJ In Data Seizure 1

Rep. Eric Swalwell Reacts To Being Target Of Trump DOJ In Data Seizure

“Donald Trump in the White House again may not be as patient and may just skip the Department of Justice and its processes and just order his lieutenants to lock up his political opponents,” says Rep. Eric Swalwell on his fear if those involved in Trump data seizure don't face consequences.
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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Trump administration investigated disloyal Republicans to use the information against them.

    1. Chinese Eric had relationships with a known communist Chinese spy. This pretty spy at a very close relationship and then she fled back o Communist China when the FBI discovered her. He has not been at all transparent and we wonder what does she know about him that could compromise him. He needs to be removed from Congress.

  2. Thomas Jefferson-“The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”

  3. Wonder what Trump found on Graham and McConnell that made them such supporters of the President they both severely mocked when just a candidate.

    1. Just associate anything with the words jesus or the bible and half the planet loses all grasp with reality.

    2. @Ice 247 as would be their hypocrisy since they rally against anything outside their narrow view of acceptable.

    3. @John Yost why allow your DOJ to help 45 quash a civil defamation lawsuit? The alleged defamatory statements to E Jean Carroll had nothing to do with his role as president. Why not turn over everything 45’s DOJ collected on politicians and reporters to those people?


    2. @Antonio saxon I’ve heard that rhetoric for over 60 fnnnn years about every little and big issue…….. and gueass what the ideology… is right …..and quite frankly I agree with the ideolog……. and those ideals…….however my years of experience……..tell me that the owners of this country are gonna do whatever the “F” they wanna do …… they own you and me period…… they own all the land assets and money………. they have the lawyers judges and police in their back pockets……. and they long long ago bought and paid for the politicians the media…….and I wouldn’t be surprised to see coming’ for your fnnn social security …..for their rich corporate Wall Street Buddys….. to use…to gamble away on the “”SHORT SELL”” ….making money off projected failures!!……….yea nice idea but not fnnn practical.

    3. Yes , but now it seems when the inequities rise so the Average Citizen who sees the Country’s Federal Laws are being Blatantly Violated without Consequences , it’s time they be Held Accountable , for our Country’s Sake , Otherwise : Dictatorship II is Coming . . . .

  4. Does anybody remember Watergate? That was so ADORABLE! Compared to this stuff, Watergate was like Spanky and the Little Rascals getting into some mischief.

    1. @Lorne Myers

      But is he a public servant? Is he being paid by the taxpayers? Does he shape policy? If not, what do you care? What has he to do with anything?

    2. @Ollie Ox ……and spied on reporters, weaponized the IRS, sent out Rice to lie to the American people about an attack on an embassy, lied to us about keeping our doctors (lie of the year), stoked racial unrest, used executive orders to bypass legislation after insisting rightly for 4 years that he did not have that power, built and run detain mentioned facilities that he allowed the press to lie about during Trump’s tenure, use drone strikes to the point even liberals got upset, allowed the “JV” team of Isis flourish, and engage in unapproved military conflict….ah, good times.

    3. @Ollie Ox He and his father lied about meetings he had with Ukrainian officials in the White House, and then lied about the laptop being declared by intelligence groups as Russian disinformation, only to have to admit it was a lie along with Lafayette Square and the call to Atlanta.

    4. i remember when white liberals dems teachers from WV were voting for robert kkk byrd for 44 years until his death in 2010 even after what he did to black people – these teachers need to be outed and not teach CRt –

  5. Thank you Chris Hayes! You’re a true patriot! We need to hear about these important issues regarding OUR COUNTRY!

    1. Hungary has a reputation for producing eccentric geniuses – von Neumann, Szilard, Paul Erdos…

      I wish we were the new Hungary!

      (And yes I know what you meant with the original comment)

    1. @bubity100 I am surprised that Chinese Eric Swalwell Has not had his committee assignments taken from him. I am absolutely astonished. He had relations with them pretty young Chinese girl who turned out to be a Chinese communist spy. She fled back to China once FBI identified her. He has not been at all transparent in their relationship. I just wonder what damaging information she has on him but nevertheless, he is terribly compromised and we should even look at removing his security clearance.

    2. @toaster j No traitor is needed. I believe she has very damaging information about him and he has been compromised. I don’t know why people turn the blind eye to this because it is a serious matter.

    3. @T. R. Campbell swalwell is compromised by china- but the democrats will not admit it , it is very serious what he and fang fang did but no one cares – look robert kkk byrd democrat from WV got elected for 44 years after what he did to black people until his 2010 death a lot of those white liberal teachers who voted for him are still teaching and do not want their names to come out .

    4. @toaster j This is why I have continue to remain a Democrat. This is why I have at least half 100 clients to our state or federal office holders and pay me a substantial stipend every month to operate them sound political advice. They are however, under tremendous pressure from our leadership to tow the line. Many of them would love to stand with Senator Joe Manchin but they are terrified of our leader ship because they see what the leadership is attempting to do to him.

  6. We have much to be grateful for, things that were done in the dark are coming to the light. What we do with the knowledge we posess will determine America’s future.

    1. The Qanon morons were right bout that the evil would come to light and lo and behold its what they did what they claimed what others did but they themselves did it.. All Qanon trash in my opinion should be in camps

    2. I agree for years everything was kept behind closed doors. Keep Americans out of the loop. Now Everything is public. The public has been informed on the corruption that has gone on and who the bad players are dark money. Workers injustice. Corporate greed unfair taxes to the middle and low income.

  7. Rep. Swallwell please file suits and also name the GOP members of the same investigative committee that helped hide and coverup this conspiracy.

  8. President Biden had better be seen publicly to be doing something about this sh*t!

    Just commenting on how angry and disappointed he is in the failed blogger crashing funerals in florida is not going to do it.

    The Dems are really dropping the ball on this whole Coup.

    1. You just sound like a silly clown now. Your Russia lie failed miserably and does not work. Try again sweetheart

    2. @Joke Xiden yet Putin was praising Trump just this week, and says Bidens radical. You are the first name of your handle just like the rest of your cult!

    1. we’re not anywhere near being done….just wait! the russia russia russia scandal is waiting in the wings and it’s going to be HUUUUUGE!

    2. @René Olguín judge already read the less redacted Mueller investigation, has said straight up Barr lied to Americans. 10 counts of obstruction of justice alone. Don Mcgahn testified this week too, saying Rump asked him to fire Mueller while investigating him. So many crimes, we can’t even keep up.

  9. Sue Apple democrats! Force the legal system to deal with the corrupt subpoenas before The Big Liar’s DOJ can clean it up. Garland’s not in charge of the DOJ. The Big Liar still is.

  10. Putin claims that “Trump is an extraordinarily talented man which is why he was elected President”: that explains why he proactively helped Trump win in 2016. Putin hates the USA passionately but he wanted us to have an extraordinarily talented POTUS! That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it!!

    1. The key question of Putin is his definition of “talented” re: Pres. Trump, does he mean Trump’s predilection for subverting and ignoring our Constitution and skirting/ignoring U.S. statutory law, case law, normative and contextual governance-related practices, and relevant regulations? In my view, I do think these demonstrated ‘talents’ of Trump AND his Attorneys General, et,al. are that to which Putin, the autocrat etc., refers most likely. Good lord, I would SO enjoy having a linguistically relevantly trained ear into the upcoming meeting(s) between Putin and Biden(!!) then to have in mind’s eye hearing their subsequent, summarizing press conference(s), separately held or held together!!!

  11. Well said.
    But these things need to lead to prosecutions and convictions. Soon, and all the way up to the Supreme Court.

  12. When will those still in the DOJ under Trump term be fired, prosecuted, and in prison these Deplorables and criminals!!!!! Also go after Trump, Barr, and the Keebler elf Sessions as well!!!

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