Rep. Eric Swalwell: We Want The President To Win On This Issue | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Rep. Eric Swalwell: We Want The President To Win On This Issue | Deadline | MSNBC


Rep. Swalwell discusses negotiations taking place between lawmakers and the White House for a coronavirus relief package. Aired on 3/12/2020.
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Rep. Eric Swalwell: We Want The President To Win On This Issue | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. So blame, lies and excuses aren’t working for Americans any more?
    What took you all so long?

  2. Don’t worry people! The guy who went bankrupt 6 times, can’t read above a 5th grade level, thinks science is a hoax, and used to be a reality tv show host has this covered!

    1. Vice President Pence in charge of the Covid-19 task force. So far VP Pence, the doctors, nurses and scientists are doing their best to save us. You know Trump will either throw Pence under the bus if it failed or try to steal the glory from VP Pence.

    2. @M Bui Tbh I have yet to see evidence of Pence doing his “best” or, really, anything in this.

      Hopefully he knows to say nothing at all apart from “do what the experts say, ignore Trump”

    1. Let trumpists die.
      Let them believe whatever they want.
      Don’t help them.
      Don’t care for them.
      just watch them die….and laugh.

    2. LAST CALL yes he did and so did mulvaney and Fox News anchors. Last night he just used this disaster to keep foreigners out instead of the virus. Wake up

  3. I guess this is what trump running America the same way he ran his casino looks like.

    1. i learned from my past mistakes, thats why i left your freakshow mentally ill party 4 years ago. i dont know how you lunatics even take yourselves seriously. #MAGA #VOTERED #NEVERLIBERAL

    2. @Eric Graham Suuuuuuuuure. You definitely sound like someone who would have voted Dem in the past.

      Like, definitely. 100%

  4. Nothing like a plague, to highlight Trump’s incompetence.
    This election is more about shirking a president than electing one.
    If you don’t vote against Trump, you stand for Trump.
    It’s that simple…

    1. Exactly that’s why I will vote BLUE NO MATTER WHO because I care about my country, my family,the democracy and constitution of my country.

  5. It’s kind of easy to see how trump lost a billion dollars in just a decade, isn’t it.

    1. It’s easy to see how Trump is the only person on the planet to bankrupt a casino…..a literal machine that prints cash. And he did it 3 times!

    2. Well, he managed to add Trillions to the Deficit is one fell swoop and the markets hardly noticed that…

    3. @Jeremy Backup Now that’s not quite accurate.

      He ran the casino into the ground **while it was also getting regular injections of cash from Daddy Truml** .

  6. I want him to lose beautifully very bad on this , so bad that he wont recover ,So he learns not to play with peoples lives again !!!!

  7. I think that we all should be afraid that the same psycho who swindled many elderly people out of their homes during the financial crisis is anywhere near negotiations that deal with the health of the elderly. In other words, no one should be negotiating anything with Mnuchin bringer of death

  8. We don’t want Trump to “win”. We want him to get out of the way and put someone who can actually lead responsibly to take over. Trump is a loser who doesn’t know what he is doing.

  9. Sorry but Trump and the RepubliCONS can not be trusted . WE the people need to take care of ourselves .

  10. Trump, his allies and Fox news have misled the American people about the Coronavirus for political purposes. A total disregard for American Lives. The world knows it. The stock market knows it.

    1. low key your name should be low brow or low iq. There is no sense in debating you liberals anymore. Civil war is the only way to settle our differences. I can’t wait.

    2. @g a :chuckles: What a pathetically laughable attempt at trolling — utterly devoid of content or meaning, both childish and churlish in tone, and demonstrating a complete dissociation from both reality and humanity. And to make it a veritable snoozefest of predictable Trumptroll tropes, you even feature the moronic assumption of so many Trump followers that anyone who speaks against the Virus-in-Chief must be liberal. Go back to troll school – you fail.

    1. Lindalee Law um he’s a billionaire and president of the United States. You, on the other hand have abandoned child syndrome and will always be NOTHING. No one will remember you. Whether you exist makes no difference, you’ll be forgotten. Forever.

  11. people keep speaking about trump as though he can change and suddenly morph into a decent thoughtful human…HE CAN’T!

    1. Yeah.

      It’s sobering to realise that this is the best that Trump can do.

      There’s no “maybe he’ll get his act together”. He is operating at full Trump capacity……and it is totally ineffective.

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